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The Japanese are known all over the world as the original Gods of anime—- short of animation. Coming from a nation suppressed for years together & deprived of food & oil after the World War-II, the Japanese had brought out their desire to be challengers of the world, & their anime series of Gundam Toys or giant robots, created to create destruction & dehumanization of all evil forces in the world, mirrors this sentiment to a large extent. An official Gundam variant, Bandai features the full mecha at 5 ?’ & accompanied by assorted accessories as part of its Gundam Toys Fix Figuration Figure line.

The obsession for the anime series Gundam instigates from the highly admired TV serial “Mobile Suit Gundam” metaseries produced way back in 1979. The imaginary series expected exceptional success after Bandai attained the permit to market toys & accessories based on Gundam’s mecha, or giant war robots. Set up in a story bound universe in the Universal Century 0079, the Zeons come into a complete year war of freedom with the Earth Federation & organize their advanced intentional humanoid weapons, the Mobile suits, against the rivals.

Shaking on the brink of total obliteration, the Federation forces unite under Citizen boy Amur Ray & find out the Federation’s new armory-the RX-78 Gundam, & destroy the Zeons. After their success, the Earth Federation sustained to make their RX-78 more powerful by accumulating extra armor. Gundam is a joint name used for the Universal Century (UC) series similar to Mobile Suit Gundam and series in various timelines, such as Gundam Wing, equipped by Sunrise Inc.
At their full life-like sizes, various Gundam toys are drawn from “Mobile Suit Gundam” meta-series & the subsequent “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam”, “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny” & a host of other anime sequels, prequel, & side stories produced on the same theme & distributed on TV & home-video formats. When you go close to the toy’s segment in a departmental store, you will be astonished by the ample range of toys obtainable.

At this time, Gundam toys are a most amazing collection. Unlike the super-robots, the Gundams are able to give that realistic touch; realistic science has been used to design the weapon systems & ammunition. In a Gundam-designing competition, students participated against each other to formulate a new pattern of the PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam.

It is intended to use high quality plastic links molded in attractive colors; construction of the Gundam toys is free from glue & come along with assorted levels of building techniques. Intended for 18+ adults, astonishing weaponry systems of the space period, similar to long-distance radar guided cruise missiles, anti-aircraft guns, early warning systems are identified along with as accessories. With additional artillery like cannon beam, rocket packs, reaction tank among others, this Gundam toy plunk tall at 5 ?” & can be renovated according to the choice.

Robot lovers across the world crave for their exclusive collection of Bandai-branded Gundam toys. They can be renovated at various poses & can hold various branded weapon systems from the featured “Mobile Suit Gundam” series. The well-researched & scientifically based Gundam gizmos even locate the position in different space research studies; the “Bio-Suit” for astronauts developed in MIT was named the “Mobile Suit Gundam’s Normal Suit”, while NASA measured the design of Nuclear Thermal Rocket engines on mobile suits in Gundam Universe while carrying out research on them.

Gundam toys are one of the longest consecutively meta-series versions of anime featuring life-sized robots. Scoring 30 years of the Gundam toys authorization, toy-maker Bandai has installed a gigantic 59 foot replica of the RX-78 Mobile Suit Gundam mecha at Tokyo’s Odaiba Shiokaze Park. It has formed a series of one of the most winning brands in the television, novels, video-games & the toys’ segment. Youtube Video Listing

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