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Articles > PG Strike Freedom WIP 8

Gaijin Gundam

PG Strike Freedom WIP 8
April 12th, 2011
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I was organizing, or reorganizing as it were, Gunpla related picture piled up on my computer when I realized that I hadn’t yet written about the Dragoons on the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom.  The date on the photographs said Feb 28th.  Wow.  Did I ever let the ball drop on this one.  My apologies to all. I won’t let it happen again, I promise. Unless another disaster of epic proportions alters my life again. heh.

I last wrote about this on March 7th, so to pick up where I left off…

Here’s the pile. I made sure to organize them neatly before starting. There are a lot of pieces to one dragoon and I had to build eight of them. I wanted to be efficient as I was running out of gas at this point in the build. A Perfect Grade kit is a task in itself but the Dragoons are almost as large as the suit itself.

The Dragoons or designed with a ‘gimmick’ which allows them to spring open at the touch of the button (in theory) so for that you need springs.

One thing I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention is the size of these things. Here’s just one runner of armor pieces.

The first thing you actually assemble is the piece which handles the spring and makes the gimmick function yet as I assembled it I wasn’t sure how it would work.

It lays inside of the dragoon along the many grooves that are molded in the design.

You can see where the spring goes.

At the end of each Dragoon is a small gold piece. I was grateful it was the cool gold and not the lame gold.

With eight of those finished you move onto the frame. As you need to assemble basically the same thing four times I will just show one.

There are several colors of gold used here and for the most part the lame color is hidden. For the most part. There’s just enough showing to be tacky and annoying, I feel. Must do something
about that.

You can see how it has some range of motion.

Add some more pieces (of course).

It’s at this point where you start using those monstrous armour pieces I showed previously.

You can see how the frame will open up when the gimmick is activated.

But that is only half of one wing. You now have to do the opposite side.

I want to mention here that, although these pieces are long, or maybe because these pieces are long, they feel quite flimsy. When I was constructing the frame of the suit everything felt hefty and
sturdy. I wasn’t worried about breaking anything. When I got to the Dragoons and backpack that all changed. I was very worried I might stress or twist something and had to take my time.

With both sides assembled the next step bring them together.

For that you get to use a nice and sturdy armour piece.
Inside of this armour piece (all four of them) you first insert this small gold piece and then fit the grooves of the frame into place

Once that is done you attach one of two types of connectors to the small gold piece that you have just put in.
These connectors will be what you used to connect to the opposite wing through the mount on the backpack.

Here’s what a (nearly completed) wing looks like. Only three more to go!

And on my last one, I made a mistake.

Always look where you are cutting.

It was here that I stopped my work on the Dragoons leaving the rest for their appearance on Gunpla TV, which I am sure everyone has seen by now because I am very late with this post.  I will be doing a review of this kit and have most of the pictures ready that I need for it. I just need to find some time to put it all together. Youtube Video Listing

Updated: 1525 days ago.

More Video..
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