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MG 1/100 Gundam Age Series - Titus

SUNDAY 25/3/2012 - Hi fans, good evening, Johnny here, rocking cool at Sunday? For gundam age series fans, here's the chance to grab another MG series Titus 1/100.

The uniquely built red-rounded armor shines from inside out, superb body articulation, nice clean box (among the other series, this are certainly the best designed), and I really love them just like SEED Destiny's Sword Impulse Gundam 1/100.

It's a nice gundam modelling kits to have on your shelf. Welcome to our shop to look for Bandai home made Gundam Age Titus made in Japan for 3500 YEN, have a nice day fans.

This week's featured product!!

Age 1 SD 3-IN-1 custom
Gundam AGE-1 (SD)
6 in 1 Solar Robot DIY Toy Kit
6 in 1 Solar Robot DIY Toy Kit
Bandai Action Base (Anznoble Color)
Bandai Action Base (Anznoble Color)

You may check these restocked gundam out too!!

Restock Product Name Market Price Our Price
2012-03-24Bandai Action Base (Anznoble Color)MYR 33.90MYR 29.00
2012-03-24ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (HGMYR 89.90MYR 59.00
2012-03-24[04] HG GN-003 Gundam KyriosMYR 89.90MYR 60.00
2012-03-24[38] 00 Raiser (00 Gundam + 0 Raiser) Designer`s Color Ver. (HG)MYR 107.90MYR 72.00
2012-03-24GN-000 0 Gundam (HG)MYR 71.90MYR 48.00
2012-03-24Sinanju (HGUC)MYR 155.90MYR 103.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age [1] - Gundam AGE-1 Normal (HG)MYR 71.90MYR 48.00
2012-03-24Gundam AGE [5] Titus (HG) [AVAILABLE NOW]MYR 71.90MYR 48.00
2012-03-24Zee Zulu (HGUC)MYR 131.90MYR 88.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age [9] - G Exes (HG)MYR 71.90MYR 48.00
2012-03-24Gundam AGE [7] - 1 Spallow (HG)MYR 71.90MYR 48.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age [8] Baqto (HG)MYR 89.90MYR 60.00
2012-03-24R01 Aile Strike Gundam (HG)MYR 71.90MYR 48.00
2012-03-24Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee (Destroy Mode) (HGUC)MYR 107.90MYR 70.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age [10] - Gundam AGE-2 NormalMYR 89.90MYR 60.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age [12] - Zedas RMYR 89.90MYR 60.00
2012-03-24R09 Forbidden Gundam (HG)MYR 88.90MYR 59.00
2012-03-24R10 Raider Gundam (HG)MYR 89.90MYR 59.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age [13] Adele (HG)MYR 71.90MYR 48.00
2012-03-24R12 Mobile BuCUE [AVAILABLE]MYR 83.90MYR 55.00
2012-03-24R13 Providence GundamMYR 88.90MYR 59.00
2012-03-24R14 Justice Gundam (HG)MYR 88.90MYR 59.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age Series - Genoace II [AVAILABLE]MYR 71.90MYR 48.00
2012-03-24GAT-X105 Aile Strike GundamMYR 227.90MYR 150.00
2012-03-24ZGMF-Z10A Freedom GundamMYR 227.90MYR 160.00
2012-03-24GAT-X105 Strike Gundam IWSPMYR 251.90MYR 166.00
2012-03-24ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom GundamMYR 292.90MYR 192.00
2012-03-24SHIN MUSHA GUNDAMMYR 299.90MYR 199.00
2012-03-24Gundam Exia (MG)MYR 227.90MYR 160.00
2012-03-24MG 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam (with Bazooka)MYR 244.90MYR 160.00
2012-03-24Gundam Deathscythe-Hell EW Ver. (MG)MYR 269.90MYR 178.00
2012-03-24XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam EW Ver.MYR 227.90MYR 150.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age Normal (MG)MYR 209.90MYR 138.00
2012-03-24Gundam AGE-1 Titus (MG) [AVAILABLE]MYR 209.90MYR 138.00
2012-03-24Gundam Astray Red FrameMYR 119.90MYR 79.00
2012-03-24NG Providence GundamMYR 155.90MYR 103.00
2012-03-24Force Impulse Gundam (1/100)MYR 131.90MYR 87.00
2012-03-24Gundam Age Marker Set (Paint)MYR 69.90MYR 55.00
2012-03-24OZ-00MS2B Gundam Tallgeese IIIMYR 149.90MYR 99.00

Product Pre-Order; Esimated Arrival by 26-30 March 2012

Date Order Product Name Market Price Our Price
2012-03-24Senjin Gasshin Shu GundamMYR 227.90MYR 160.00
2012-03-24HGUC MSZ-006 Zeta GundamMYR 95.90MYR 63.00
2012-03-24ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam HGMYR 95.90MYR 63.00
2012-03-24HG Destiny GundamMYR 95.90MYR 63.00
2012-03-24MG 1/100 MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus Test Color TypeMYR 179.90MYR 118.00
2012-03-24GAT-X105 STRIKE E+Integrated Weapon Striker Pack (Rukas Ornel Use)MYR 269.90MYR 178.00
2012-03-24Gundam Astray Red Frame (without clear Armor)MYR 299.90MYR 199.00
2012-03-24SWORD IMPULSE GUNDAMMYR 137.90MYR 91.00
2012-03-24OZ-00MS2B Gundam Tallgeese IIIMYR 149.90MYR 99.00
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