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[Figure-Rise Standard] Strike Interceptor

- Release Date: Aug.,2016

It can reproduce an impressive scene of the anime! Plastic the hero strike interceptor !!
Enhancement of accessories<...more>>

RRP: RM149.80
Now: RM120.00
Offer : RM 85.00
(including 6% GST)
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Reconguista in G [10] - Mack Knife (Mask Use) (HG)
RM53.20 for 1 box

[Star Wars] TIE Fighter 1/72 scale
RM98.40 for 1 box

[038] HGBF Gundam Tryon 3 (HGBF)
RM85.00 for 1 box

[STAR WARS] 1/48 Snowspeeder
RM98.40 for 1 box

[STAR WARS] 1/144 Slave I
RM152.00 for 1 box

[Iron Blooded Orphans 03] Schwalbe Graze (Mcgillis Type) (1/100)
RM117.00 for 1 box

[Iron Blooded Orphans 011] Gundam Kimaris (HG)
RM50.40 for 1 box

[Iron Blooded Orphans 02] Graze (Standard Type/Commander Type) (1/100)
RM117.00 for 1 box

[Iron Blooded Orphans 04] Gundam Gusion/Gusion Rebake (1/100)
RM190.00 for 1 box

[Iron Blooded Orphans 06] Gundam Kimaris Booster Unit Type (1/100)
RM117.00 for 1 box

Youkai Watch - Jibanyan
RM31.90 for 1 box

[Iron Blooded-Orphans 07] Grimgerde (1/100)
RM100.00 for 1 box

(RE/100) MS-08TX [EXAM] Efreet Custom
RM140.00 for 1 box

Character Stand Plate Iron Blooded Orphans [02] Orga Itsuka (Display)
RM20.00 for 1 box

[08] Graze Custom (1/100)
RM120.00 for 1 box

Rubies Kid Costume: Avengers Age of Ultron Classic Thor
RM70.00 for 1 box

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