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HG 1/300 Gran-Saurer

Release Date : Jul 2020
Estimate Delivery : Aug 2020

-Gran Zaurer from [Hot Blood Strongest Gozaurer] to HG!

-Gozaurer Design Works\'s supervised by Mr. Takahiro Yamada recreates Gozaurer\'s male form just by assembling.
-Includes King Blade (approximately 300mm in length), Big Lancer, and Tricera Shield.
-[King Gozaurer] can be reproduced by combining with [HG 1/300 Gozaurer] and [HG 1/300 Magna Saurer] (both sold separately).


* Big Lancer x 1
* Tricera shield x 1
* King blade x 1
* Combined parts for King Gozauler x 1 set
* Foil seal x 1

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HG 1/300 Go-Saurer

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Nekeetsu Saikyo Go-Saurer," Bandai releases its outstanding HG Go-Saurer! The kit snaps together so glue is not necessary, and it's molded in color so paint isn't needed either (although, as with many model kits, it'll look even more awesome with some paint)! The three robot dinosaurs Mech Ptera, Land Stego and Thunder Brachio are also included; they combine into the Saurer Jet! Go-Saurer is armed with his Saurer Blade and Saurer Shield.

- Sauer blade x 1
Sauer shield x 1

Product Content:
Molded article x 20
Foil seal x 1
Instruction manual x 1


HG 1/300 Magnasaurer

-Magnusauler appears from [Hot Blood Strongest Gouzaur] !

-It is possible to reproduce the transformation from Magnatyranno form to Magnasaurer form by replacing some parts.
-Reproduce the force of the Magnatirano form of the proportion while carrying a modified gimmick.
-Articulated structure corresponding to action pose in Magnusauler form.
-By combining with HG 1/300 Gowzaurer (sold separately), reproduce the Super-Sauler jet and the hot-blooded armed Magna Buster!

・ Magna blade x 1
・ Gousauer parts for deformation x 1 type
・ Deformed parts storage part x 1

[Item content]
・ Molded product x 19
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Instruction manual x 1


Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products