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ONE PIECE Monkey D. Luffy

- Luffy Monkey D have appeared in Plastic! Luffy one piece that appeared 1 / 8 scale plastic model of the ultimate figure! - Facial expressions can be replaced in match play. - Can wear a hat. - Appeared in a number of optional parts in the play. Can take off your clothes. - Includes long arms extended. - The ass is moving, destroy the form of a person. - The toes are moving, excellent stability of the rubber material. - The movable parts, can pose vibrantly. - Built-in mechanism that extends the uplifting stage. [Then, if a little longer! ] Secret trick to achieve.

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ONE PIECE Going Merry

  • Nobody can stop this momentum! From the super popular anime "One Piece", here is a plastic model kit of Going Merry Sailing Ship!
  • A great display model for the One Piece fans, as well as sail boat model kit fans too!!
  • By using different maretials for the ropes of each area, both gimmick and ease of assembling has been achieved! The ropes has been reproduced in its tied state, and even the shape of the knot has been pursued. Nylon string has been used for the rope of the anchor. The anchor can be reproduced at its released state and can also be attached to the ship body as well.
  • The creases of the mast and the Pirate Symbol have been reproduced! The mast has been made with translucent polystyrene plastic, and even the creases had been reproduced. The Pirate Symbol can be reproduced by either marking sticker or water transfer decal.
  • The Straw Hat Crew figures are included! The crew had been reproduced to match the scene. Included Nami, Chopper, Ussopp, Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro.
  • Even the orange trees have been reproduced!
  • Filled with little parts that can't be missed for a pirate ship! Cannon, Rope ladder, Barrel, Wooden box, Anchor
  • Accessories: Anchor, Figure x6 (Nami, Chopper, Ussopp, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro), Barrel, Wooden Box, Rope Ladder, Cannon, Orange Tree x3, Display Stand

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[002] LBX Deqoo

Bandai's newest line of plastic model kits comes from the series Danball Senki and like most Bandai kits are snap-fit and molded in color. The Deqoo comes with foil marking stickers, full color, easy-to-follow instructions and clear parts. Check out the other plastic kits in the Danball Senki line, too!

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[Dragon Ball Kai] 1/8 Super Saiyan Son Goku Kai (MG)

Limited edition bonuses is only included while supplies last, and may end without nofitication.

- As the 2nd vol. of MG FIGURE-RISE, [Super Saiyan Son Goku] has arrived!!
- The torn outfit has been realistically reproduced. The wristband that could give you
  goosebumps, the stretched and torn belt, even the inners seen beyond the ripped 
  outfit has been reproduced.
- You can change the expression by swapping the hand and face parts.
- With the overwhelming poseability, you will be able to create a great range of poses from 
  the animation! Comes with a custom display stand, allowing you to create poses in mid-air.
- Accessories: Facial Expression parts x2, Hand parts x2, Display Stand x1

Copyright Bird Studio/Shueisha/Fuji Television/Toei Animation
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 13.3 cm / 575g

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Youkai Watch - Usapyon Emperor Mode

Youkai Watch - Usapyon Emperor Mode

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[Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball GT Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

The ultimate Super Saiyan 4 warriors have exploded onto the scene! Recreate impressive scenes from the TV anime opening sequence! The incredible dynamics of this kit allows the warrior to recreate the infamous fusion pose in a natural manner. The elbow joints feature a drawer-type structure and the waist parts are structured to enable the upper body to move significantly in both the left and right directions. Fans will without a doubt want to collect both model kits! Each sold separately. 

Set includes:
- Final Shine Attack effect (charge) x 1
- Final Shine Attack effect (release) x 1
- Effect stand,
- Replacement face part (angry)
- Replacement open hand wrist part (left and right)
- Replacement fusion wrist part (left and right) 
- Runner x7
- Sticker x1
- Instruction manual x1

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1/1000 U.N.C.F. AAA-3 Apollo Norm

The U.N.C.F AAA-3 Apollo Norm has take-off zone intricately recreated with exquisite detailing and highly detailed marking stickers. Display it beside the Mecha Collection Andromeda to recreate iconic scenes from the anime!

-Shipborne Cosmo Falcon x 2
-Shipborne Cosmo Tiger II x 4
-Display base x 1

-Runners x16
-Foil stickers x1
-Water-slide decals x1
-Instruction paper x1

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[Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball Z Android #18

[Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball Z Android #18

Irregular occurrence in Muscle build system guys now, wake up ... !!!!!

- The long-awaited female characters in Figure-riseStandard is the first race!
Three-dimensional in the charming proportions the Android 18 hugely popular as a female character in the Dragon Ball].
Feminine gesture that showed in moving performance in the original of the preeminent also be reproduced!

- Face parts are three (usually / expressionless / anger) Accessories
When the angry face is put a painting of pink on the cheek can also [shy expression], No. 18 kit that charm is jammed in!

- Play meet perfect score gimmick
Skirt part is molded in the soft material. Instinctively want to touch!?
Jacket also is possible. Remove, display can be in your favorite situations.

- Accessories: effect parts (Qigong wave) x 1, facial expression x 3 (usually, anger, expressionless), grip hand (left and right) x 1 each, open hand (left and right) x 1 each

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[Kamen Rider] 02 Mecha Collection Hurricane

- Mecha Collection Hamasaki Hurricane appears in the second volume of the Kamen Rider series!

- Masked Rider Series Hurricane appeared from the Mecha collection of precision details with palm size!
- Faithful reproduction of hurricanes with precision details unique to Mechokore!
- Reproduce machine marking with water transfer type decal!
- Masked Rider V3 straddling the hurricane is also included in single color molding! Rider belt and mask are faithfully reproduced.
- Package turns easily into a display pedestal by turning it over!

- Accessories: Masked Rider V 3 x 1

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[Dragon Ball] Mecha Collection Son Goku's Jet Buggy

-   Toriyama mecha appeared in the collection easy to palm-sized! Mecha Collection Dragon Ball

Plastic model of the Dragon Ball Mecha cute palm-sized!

Assembly easy! Only fitting the adhesive unnecessary and parts! Color is lucky to parts originally!

While mini-sized, finely thorough modeling the structure of the mechanism!

- Assembled by the [2-color shading parts division of the body] only in a reproducible high degree of mechanical is finished!
Parts that make up the body of each mechanism adopts a multi-color molding. Nearly reproduced in only basic color-coded image is assembled. In addition, the part that becomes the main color of the body is a two-tone color molding with contrast, the accent of the three-dimensional feeling more enhance the specifications!

- Want to seven complete!
Package to the comics and housewives, are seven types side by side want to become design! Furthermore, when aligned to Volume 1 to 7 volumes there is a [good thing], it comes with a romantic benefits!

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Youkai Watch - Digital Watch

Youkai Watch - Digital Watch

BANDAI Yo-Kai Watch Zero Shiki designed Digital Watch. 
Comes with a Watch(body) and 2 Replica Mini Medal ( 2 picture each side). 
Use battery: LR41(1x1.5V) x1 (included)

Suitable for age 6 and above. 
Wrist Length around 14 - 17cm.

** This is "Digital Wristwatch". This item does not function glowing or ringing sound.**

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[Dragon Ball] Mecha Collection Vol 5 Yamcha's Mighty Mouse

- The fifth Toriyama mecha mechanic size of the palm!

- A chunk of functionality chosen by a man who uses the wilderness as a root.
- Yamucha's car nicknamed Mighty Mouse.

- accessories
-  · Yamcha x 1
-  · Pu'er x 1

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[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Trunks

- Figure-rise Standard first-ever! Normal state, two of the Super Saiyan state can enjoy at the same time!

- Whether Build Muscle!

-1. Trunks of the normal state, comes with two head parts of the Super Saiyan state. -
- Four of the trunks can enjoy one of the items in the two types of facial expression parts are included.

-2. Burning attack is in effect parts, two accessories of magic flash. -
- In addition, a symbol of the trunks, sword also included. Various battle scenes can be reproduced in a variety of hand parts!

-3.Figure-rise Mechanics trunks of time machine (sold separately) to allow boarding! -
- in combination with a time machine, play in the scene can be reproduced!

- accessories
- Special Moves effect two (burning attack, magic flash) x each 1
And facial expression parts two (usually, anger) x each 1
Ken x 1
Normal state head x 1
· Wrist parts seven (left and right grip hand, left and right smack, possession right sword, left and right sword served with hand) x each 1

- The contents of goods
- molded products x 10
Seal x 1
Instruction Manual x 1

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[Battleship Yamato] 1/1000 U.N.C.F AAA-1 Andromeda Movie Effect Ver.

- [Warriors of Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Love] 2017.2.25 theatrical start !!

- Kit in finally 1/1000 scale appeared long-awaited Andromeda is as state-of-the-art ship in the Yamato 2202]!

- Control the LED and sound in the pedestal!

- By the LED & SE unit, enjoy the excitement and excitement never before blowing soul into 1/1000 Andromeda!

- Wave Cannon -
Emission and discharge sound!
Wave Cannon uses a multi-LED, [red → blue → white] and change, reproduced in realistic blinking and sound.

- Wave engine -
Emission & ignition sound!
Wave engine exudes the atmosphere in the play along with the sound in the dark and the fluctuation flashing.

- Carrier-based aircraft accessories -
Carrier-based aircraft Cosmo Tiger II is possible to display on the display base.

- Retractable armament is reproduced in the open or closed

- Wave Cannon part is reproduced with clear parts.

- accessories
- Carrier-based aircraft Cosmo Tiger II x 4
Display-based x 1

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[Battleship Yamato] 1/1000 U.N.C.F Dreadnought Class Dreadnought

- [Space Battleship Yamato 2202] Earth Federation flagship battleship Dreadnought, which forms the core of the Earth fleet appeared in shining specifications LED unit!

- Reproduce the precise detail.
- It can reproduce the bridge emission in bundled LED unit (green).
- Reproduce the wave motion gun fire in bundled LED unit (blue).
- Cosmo Tiger II (tridentate) of the new shape is four aircraft included!
- Reproduce the light emission of the engine and the sub-engine in the optional light-emitting unit (white).

- Accessories: a dedicated display-based x 1, carrier-based aircraft Cosmo Tiger II (tridentate) x 4

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- Figure-rise Standard appeared legendary Super Saiyan person's blog !!!

- Legendary Super Saiyan Brolly who struggled Goku with overwhelming power! Build Muscle!
- Muscle build system powers up! Thoroughly shaping the strong muscles of Brolly! Volume of muscles is masterpiece!
- In addition to muscles, sticking to parts around joints, more natural posing possible!
- New parts [Dramatic parts] that will expand the range of play further with other characters is included!
- Goku and Vegeta suffering overwhelming power Dramatic parts of face are included with 2 kinds! The battle scene in the play is reproducible!
- Two facial expression parts are included, [normal] and [scream]! Reproduce the eerie and evil expression unique to Brolly!

- accessories
· 2 kinds of expression parts (normal, cry) x 1 each
· Two types of wrist parts (left and right grip hands, right and left hands) x 1 each
· Super Saiyan Damage Face for Son Goku x 1
· Super Saiyan Damage Face for Vegeta x 1

- Product content
· Molded article x 9 . Seal x 1 . Instruction manual x 1

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[Kamen Rider] 06 Mecha Collection Kamen Rider Series Acrobatter


The 6th addition to the "Kamen Rider" Mecha Collection series is the revived version of the Battle Hopper, the Acrobatter! The Acrobatter is faithful to the original, with each detail precisely recreated in this small but easy to build kit. Water-slide decals are provided to recreate the bike's markings, and parts to build a figure of Kamen Rider Black RX are even included!

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[Kamen Rider] 05 Mecha Collection New Cyclone & Masked Rider 2

Masked Rider Series New Cyclone Series appeared from the Mecha collection of precision details with palm size! Faithful reproduction of the new cyclone with detailed precision unique to Mecha Collection! Masked Rider New 1 straddling the new cyclone is also included in single color molding! The package turns easily into a display pedestal by turning it over! 

- Masked Rider New 1 No.1 x 1 [Product content] 
- Molded product x 3 
- Marking seal x 1 
- Instruction Manual (printed on the back of the box)

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[Dr.Slump] Arale-Chan Ribugigo

Arale-Chan Ribugigo

- Dr.Slump series kit.
- 1/144 scale
- Kit that required assembly & painting. 
- Comes with sticker sheet
- Feature simple articulation

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[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Vegetto [New Box Art]

[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Vegito

- Dragon Ball Z] Three-dimensional figure with Son Goku and Vegeta using Potara and fusing (fusion) with Figure-rise Standard.

- Big scale up to about 450 mm!
- Approximately 65 mm penetrated buo and vegetable sword are included.
- Characteristic color scheme of bodice and gloves and shoes are reproduced in molded color.
- The ability to reproduce the battle scene in the play by the movement of each joint, the pulling out of the shoulder, and the bending of the waist.
- Veget sword can be adjusted in length with 4 parts.

- accessories
- 2 kinds of expression parts (normal, cry) x 1 each
- 7 wrist parts x 1 each
- Special Moves Effect x 1 each

- Product content
- Molded article x 10
- Foil seal x 1
- Instruction manual x 1
- Instruction manual x 1

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ONE PIECE [14] Grand Ship Collection Ark Maxim

ONE PIECE Grand Ship Collection Ark Maxim

- Great ship collection The first flying type ship appears!

- Enel's ship [One - Piece Magim] that appears in One Piece Vol. 30 is three - dimensional.
- Each propeller beside the hull can rotate independently, and it is possible to reproduce the flight for the first time in the series!
- The distinctive facial part is gloss injection and surprisingly glossy feeling.
- New display parts for reproducing Maxim that floats in the sky and Cloud effect of white molding color are attached.

- accessories
- Cloud effect x 1 formula
- Flying pedestal x 1

- Product content
- Molded product x 4
- Foil seal x1
- Marking stick x 1
- Instruction manual x 1

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[Armored Trooper Votoms] 1/20 Scope Dog Red Shoulder Custom

[Armored Trooper Votoms] 1/20 Scope Dog Red Shoulder Custom

Extremely --1/20 Scopedog!

- Votoms appeared in the Red Shoulder Episode 10], the main character has custom
Commercialized in 1/20 the variation of aircraft Scope Dog!
- Reproducible pose accretion. Cockpit hatch, hatch head, chest forward hatch open.
- Precisely reproduced inside the cockpit. Inside, seated pilot figure of the same scale allowed
- Pod / solid shooter / SMM heavy machine gun bullet unpaid / shoulder rocket
Backpack set for completion firearms / gun control / Gatling
- Standing Pose Figure comes with vanilla and Batora Chirico Kyubi of the same scale. (
Also comes with a ladder pause / immediately after the painted red on the shoulder Scope Dog)
- Adopted (bolt-on snap) method assembled using parts bolt type.

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Figure-rise Standard Uzumaki Naruto

Figure-rise Standard Uzumaki Naruto

The latest addition to the Figure-rise Standard series will be featuring the fan-favorite character Uzumaki Naruto! Superior tooling in the joints of this kit allow you to achieve various action poses and signature attacks such as "Rasen Gan", "Rasen Shuriken", and "Shadow Clone Jutsu"! Clear chakra effect parts are included along with a designated joint that can be used to support the kit to recreate iconic scenes from the anime. Additionally, this is the first model kit from Bandai Hobby to feature built-in magnets allowing this kit to be displayed by sticking it on walls – just like a ninja! With the use of color division in the parts you can recreate two facial expressions including a "posed look" and "smiling face". Set includes Chakra effects (with magnets) x2, Jutsu effects x1 set, hand parts x6 (clenched left and right, hand seal left and right, and open left and right hands), and display base. Runner x7, stickers, instruction manual. Product size: Approx 5"

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[Dr.Slump] Arale-Chan Fantasy Lion

Arale-Chan Ribugigo

- Dr.Slump series kit.
- 1/144 scale
- Kit that required assembly & painting. 
- Comes with sticker sheet
- Feature simple articulation

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[Dr.Slump] Arale-Chan Fantasy Dragon

Arale-Chan Ribugigo

- Dr.Slump series kit.
- 1/144 scale
- Kit that required assembly & painting. 
- Comes with sticker sheet
- Feature simple articulation

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Bandai Double Mazinger

  • Bandai Double Mazinger
  • A set of Mazinger Z and Great mazinger of OVA (Original Video Animation).

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SD Cross Silhouette Mazinger Z

  • Various hand parts and effect parts are included.
  • Recompatible to enjoy two heads of low head and high head.

  • Hand parts x 4 (both hands and two handles)
  • Rocket punch effect parts x 1
  • Jet Scrander x 1
  • Abdominal parts for Jet Scrander installation x 1
  • Low head head facial parts x 1 formula
  • Base connection part x 1

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HG 1/20 Kobu-kai (Sumire Kanzaki Type)

-From [Sakura Wars 2] released in 1998, Hanagumi Top Star Sumire Kanzaki\'s Mitsutake and Kai appeared in HG!

- equipped with a gimmick that can open and close the boarding hatch. It is possible to board the included figure in the cockpit.
-A gimmick that can move the eye camera to the left and right to express a natural line-of-sight movement that matches the posing.
- the original of the internal structure is publisher supervision, adding a new interpretation of the plastic model unique.
-Reproduce details such as details and gimmicks.


* Foil seal x 1
* Jewel seal x 1
* Nylon tube x 1
* Lead wire x 1
* Tetron seal x 1

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[Battleship Yamato] Space Battleship Yamato 2202 (Final Battle Ver.) (High Deimension Clear)

-From [Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi], the final battle type Yamato appears in precise detail of 1/1000 scale!

-Adopt clear yellow molding color to reproduce the light emission state. It is a selection formula of recombination with normal version Yamato.
-Reproduce the aircraft line with precise details and water transfer type decals, such as the bridge and the mold of each part.
-Dedicated display base included.


* Display base x 1
* Cosmo Tiger II x 2
* Cosmo Tiger II Triza x 2
* Action base 1 x 1
* Foil seal x 1
* Water transfer decal x 1
* Screw x 1
* Nut x 1

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[Dimension Studio x Eastern Model] Ultraman Ace ver 1/6 Plastic Model Kit

* [Dimension Studio x Eastern Model] Ultraman Ace ver 1/6 Plastic Model Kit
* Scale: 1/6
* Height: 31cm
* Content: Water decal, effect parts and LED (LED still pending information)
* The Painted images are for reference purposes only.

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