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[15] SDW HEROES CLEOPATRA Qubeley Dark Mask Ver.

  • From SD Gundam World Heroes, Cleopatra Qubeley Dark Mask Ver. Wrapped in clear purple is now available!
  • A dark mask, which is a key item, is included.

  • Cane x 1
  • Mask x 1
  • Effect x 1 set
  • Stand x 1
  • Foil sticker x 1


[14] SDW Heroes Qiongqi Strike Freedom Gundam

-From [SD Gundam World Heroes], [Qiongqi Strike Freedom Gundam] is now available!

-Parts are divided in pursuit of [density] and [lamination], which is one of the commitments throughout the series.
-Features a voluminous backpack.
-A total of 7 molding colors are used: clear yellow, clear purple, black, red, dark blue, light gold, and dark gold.
-Eyes can be selected from two types of foil stickers.

? Clear parts x 1 set
? Foil seal x 1


Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products