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[007] Haropla Ball Haro

This special kit of Haro is made to look like the RB-79 Ball from "Mobile Suit Gundam"! It features the Ball's iconic cannon and manipulator claws, and the inside has been given a mechanical designs so you can see Haro's inner workings.

- Display base x 1

Product Content:
- Molded parts x 5
- Instruction manual x 1


[018] HGBD 1/144 Impulse Gundam Lancier

[018] HGBD 1/144 Impulse Gundam Ransche

The Impulse Gundam Lancier from "Gundam Build Divers" and you can order it now! Supremely posable for maximum action after assembly, it's armed with its distinctive lance and shield, and it comes with a booster for underwater navigation which can be mounted on its back. 

- Lance  x 1
- Shield  x 1
- Booster for underwater navigation x 1
- Joint parts for deformation x 1 formula

Product content:
- Runners x 12
- Foil Stickers x 1
- Instruction manual x 1


[016] HGBD Figure-rise Standard Build Divers Diver Nami

This fun kit from "Gundam Build Divers" builds into a new character in the series! She features three cute expressions to choose from, as well as a rifle and lead and other optional parts. 

- Expression parts x 3 
Optional right and left hands x 3 side left and right
Shield (provisional) x 2 kinds
Rifle (temporary) x 2 kinds

Product content:
Runners x 8
Foil sticker x1
Instruction manual x 1
- Lead wire x1
Standard Display base x1


[023] HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah

The Mobile Doll Sarah from "Gundam Build Divers" gets a plastic kit release from Bandai! She comes with parts so you can display her more human form, or her MS mode with a more robotic appearance. Her skirt features two layers which are both posable for plenty of display options!

Includes a replacement head, a set of shoulder joints, and a base for display. Foil stickers are included for the markings. 


- Interchangeable head
- Interchangeable shoulder joint set
- Display base


[013] HGBD:R 1/144 Jupitive Gundam

-From [Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE], the hero machine enhanced type appeared in Core Gundam & Unit!

- New color of the main machine. Core Gundam has also been redesigned with some molding colors.
- You can equip your arm with a backpack and use it as a weapon or shield.
- The backpack can be displayed as a funnel bit.
- The armor unit is transformed into two forms: [Normal form] and [High speed form].
- Equipped with a beam gatling gun.

* Beam rifle x 1
* Beam saber x 2
*  Effect parts x 4
*  Base x 1


[022] Petitgguy Charagguy Sarah

The heroine of "Gundam Build Divers" has been turned into a Petit'gguy Chara'gguy kit! She comes with both the normal bear head, as well as a head featuring Sarah's sweet and gentle smile. There are also back hair parts to make it look even more like Sarah in a Beargguy costume. A puzzle-piece shaped base is included, which you can connect to other Petit'gguy bases. Order today!

Plastic Model
Scale: 1/144

Set Contents:
-Runner x5
-Foil sticker x1
-Instruction paper x1

-Sara head x1
-Alternative face part x1
-Petit'GGuy head x1
-Joint part x1
-Display base x1


[038] HGBD:R 1/144 Load Astray Double Rebake Gundam / Gunpla

  • Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE - second Season - Gundam Astray New Aircraft (Tentative) is here!
  • Beam parts can be attached to the armor of both arms.
  • Equipped with weapons using the attached lead wires.
  • The rifle can be detached from the main body.
  • Equipped with a hidden transformation function.

Pedestal x1
Lead wire x2
Beam parts (large and small) x?2
Foil seal x1


[005] HGBD:R 1/144 Nu-Zeon Gundam

Release Date: Nov 2019
Estimate Delivery : Dec 2019

-From [Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE], a red ? Gundam with a large sword imitating the emblem of the Zion army appears!

-Equipped with four Cape thrusters on the back.
-Geonic Sword transforms from Normal mode to Bowgun mode and Beamsword mode.
-A floating display is possible with an optional stand.

* Geonic Sword x 1
Beam blade x 1
Thruster x 4
* Foil seal x 1
Dedicated pedestal (for geonic sword) x 1

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[009] HGBD:R 1/144 Gundam Seltsam

Model is based on Gundam Mk-III from Zeta Gundam Mobile Suit Variations (Z-MSV).

The model features a large right arm which provided an asymmetrical design to the mobile suit itself, it also helps Gundam Seltsam balances its movement when battling other mobile suits by delivering devastating attacks by waving its large lance against its enemies.

Even though Seltsam has an asymmetrical design, the large shield attached on its left side balances its movement and weight on both ends of its body, it can still provide a strong defense as it performs strong offensive attacks.

Large Lance
Shield Launcher


[012] HGBC:R 1/144 Mass Production Type Zeonic Sword

A gigantic sword that can be used as a custom weapon for your "ZEON" model kits. This kit shares some of its mold from the HG Astray Blue Frame Second L's Tactical Arm unit. The sword also has some transformation gimmick that deploys some of its forms for different weapon use.

The mold of the same weapon also appeared in HGBD:R 1/144 nu-ZEON Gundam which is molded in red and gold, and embedded with a Zeon sigil in the middle part

-Pieces to build Zeonic Sword
-2 Support arms
*Gundam is not included


[011] Haropla Zakrello Haro

Haro returns in its another cute form! This time, Haro cosplays as a Zakrello, a prototype mobile armor from the Mobile Suit Gundam TV series which was used by the Zeon forces during the One Year War.

This Haro is equipped with Zakrello's Sickle weapon on both of its arms, and installed with a booster pod for space use mobility.

-As a halo custom variation following [Ball Halo], [Zacero Halo] has appeared!

-Equipped with a sickle and booster inspired by the Zion army's large MA Zacero.

* Exclusive pedestal x 1
* Foil seal x 1


[020] HGBD:R 1/144 Gundam G-Else

The Gundam G-Else from Gundam Build Divers Break series joins the HGBD kit lineup with its "After ver." colors. This kit also offers variety of gimmicks, from head to toe!

This custom GunPla is based on the Gundam G-Self from Gundam G no Reconguista and is built and piloted by Zen. The G-Else also made a cameo in the 25th episode of Gundam Build Divers!


[OP-08] SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Silhouette Booster [Green]

-Green lineup in [Expansion parts set] of SDCS that expands the range of play!
-High and low head can be customized by assembling to existing frame!

  • Hand parts x 1 set
  • Frame custom parts x 1 set
  • Gym parts x 1 set
  • Foil seal x 1


[012] Haropla Haro Basic Green [Gundam]

- That 'Hello' appeared in the plastic model!

- It is popular not even Gundam fans, [Gundam Build Divers] In the play, halo that appears as an avatar of the initial diver kitizes with Gundam!
- Affordable size, collection items that you can enjoy easily with ease of assembly.
- The ears are opened and closed, and the state where the limbs are put out is reproduced by replacement.
- Inner machinery is also modeling sticking!

- accessories
  • Display base x 1

- Product content
  • Molded product x 3
  • Instruction manual x 1


[015] SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Earthree Gundam (SD)

Earthtree Gundam from "Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE," gets an SD Gundam Cross Silhouette kit from Bandai! He features a core Gundam form and external armor parts that attach easily. Get yours today!


  • Rifle
  • Shield
  • Foil stickers for markings


[014] HGBD:R 1/144 Mobile Doll May

-From [Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE], [Mobile Build May] appears!

-It is possible to rearrange the MS state where May is boarded in GBN and the real appearance of May!
-The beam handgun suspended on the thigh can be held in both hands to reproduce the battle scene!
-Comes with a beam saber and beam shield, so you can take powerful action poses!
-Three types of facial parts included

* Expression parts x 3 types
Head part x 1
MS head part x 1

Rifle x 2
* Beam shield x 1
Beam saber ? 2
Display base x 1
Foil seal x 1
* Water transfer decal x 1


[037] HGBD:R Re:Rising Gundam

- From Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE, which is currently being distributed by 2nd Season on the Gundam Channel, the protagonist team appears in a special color!

- A set of four main character teams.
- Reproduce the final battle version.
- With a dedicated pedestal.

[Accessories included]
- HGBD: R Euraven Gundam x 1
- HGBD: R Gundam Aegis Night x 1
- SDBD: R Exvar Kiranda x 1
- HGBD: R Wodom pod x 1
- Exclusive pedestal x 1
- Foil seal x 1

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[028] HGBD:R 1/144 Wodom Pod

  • 2nd Seasons Wandom Pod is finally available from Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE scheduled to be distributed from April 9, 2020!
  • The form of the high-speed flight in the play can be reproduced!
  • Includes reinforced parts that can recreate the 2nd Season Wodom Pod!

[Accessories included]
  • Reinforcement parts for 2nd Season x1 type
  • Display base x1
  • Foil seal x1


HaroPla Hello Kitty x Haro [Harokitty]

HaroPla collaborates with the Gundam & Hello Kitty Love and Peace project to release a super adorable Haro with a Hello Kitty color schematics. This Haro kit is provided with newly molded parts and gimmicks, including the opening Haro mouth where you can see its keyboard and monitor modules installed, the kit is also provided with newly molded parts for the hello kitty ribbon for the ear parts!

The shirt styling for the blue part of the kit is realized by the provided stickers, that also includes the stickers for Hello Kitty\'s whiskers. A dedicated puzzle piece display base is also included also to provide storage for its arms and legs when not in use!

* Limb parts x 1
* Pedestal x 1
* Foil seal x 1


[021] HGBD:R 1/144 Gundam GP-Rasetsuten / GP-Rase-Two-Ten

-A new aircraft [Gundam GP-Rashaten] has arrived!
-The [GP-Rasha] that appeared in [Gundam Build Divers] can also be assembled as a selection.

* Gold bar type beam bazooka x 1
* GN Auger Sword x 2
* GP-Rakshasa parts x 1
* Bazooka x 2
* Foil seal x 1

RM106.40 Add to cart

[026] SDBD:R EX Valkylander

-A Valky Lander power-up machine [Ex Valky Lander] has appeared from [Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE], which is scheduled to be released on Gundam Channel on April 9, 2020!
-Sword and shield included.

* Sword x 1
* Shield x 1
* Foil seal x 1


[023] HGBD:R 1/144 Uraven Gundam

-New protagonist [Euraven Gundam] appears from [Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE] 2nd Season scheduled to be distributed on Gundam Channel from April 9, 2020!

-Core Gundam II can be transformed into a core flyer by itself.
-You can also enjoy customizing with existing armor with co-adding custom support!


* Shield x 1
* Beam saber x 2
* Sniper rifle x 1
* Bit x 3
* Weapon handle (left and right) x 1 each
* Side (left) x 1
* Pedestal x 1
* Display base x 1
* Foil seal x 1


[29] HGBD:R 1/144 Fake Nu / v Unit

-New exterior items of the enemy Gundam will appear from [Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE] 2nd Season scheduled to be distributed on Gundam Channel from April 9, 2020!

-Compatible with core docking custom and can be installed on enemy core gundam (provisional) sold separately.
-Comes with a special pedestal for decorating armor.

* Exterior parts x 1
* Exclusive pedestal x 1
* Foil seal x 1


[017] HGBD:R 1/144 Mercuone Unit

-From [Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE], the main battle machine local battle type support unit appears!

-New form of armor parts to be installed on Core Gundam.
-Supports custom code docking.

* Exterior parts x 1 set
* Frame parts x 1 set
* Base x 1


[033] HGBD:R 1/144 Gundam Aegis Knight

-From the [Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE] 2nd Season scheduled to be distributed on the Gundam Channel from April 9, 2020, Gundam Aegis Knight, the successor of Justice Knight, appears!

-In addition to the mobile suit form, it can be transformed into a flight form, assault form, and a combined weapon.
-In Assault mode, a beam effect can be connected to the end of the arm.

* Lance x 1
* Shield x 1
* Beam saber x 1
* Beam effect x 1 set
* Foil seal x 1


[035] HGBD:R 1/144 Aun[Rize] Armor

- New optional armor is here! Use abilities depending on how you equip!
- Supports core docking custom. Can be combined with an optional Core Gundam to be recombined into a speed booster type or power arm type.
- With pedestal for display.

[Accessories included]
- Armor x 1 set
- Pedestal x 1
- Foil seal x 1


[014] Haropla Haro Fitter

Release Date : August 2020
Estimate Delivery : September 2020

- From the Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE, which is being popularly distributed by 2nd Season on the Gundam Channel, the work machine is reproduced with Haropla!

- Equipped with folding ear opening and closing gimmick.
- A renewed version of Haro is included in a new color.
- The included options can be stored in a backpack.

[Accessories included]
- Halo x 1
- Paint roller x 1
- Caulking gun x 1
- Foil seal x 1


[043] HGBD:R 1/144 Core Gundam II (Titans Color)

- All 26 episodes are being distributed on Gundam official YouTube channel [Gundam channel] 
From [Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE], Core Gundam II is now available!

- Adopt a new mechanism [core docking custom] that goes beyond build custom!
- Combine colors and weapons to create your own original Gundam!

- Coloring is Titans specification.
- Includes shield and rifle.
- Can be transformed into a core flyer.

- Shield x 1
- Rifle x 1
- Foil seal x 1


[041] HGBD:R 1/144 Try Slash Blade

- All 26 episodes are being distributed on Gundam official YouTube channel [Gundam channel] 

From [Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE], another color version of the equipment of [HGBD:R 1/144 Gundam TRYAGE Magnum] is now available

- Upgrade the aircraft by combining with the HG series! Expand the range of customization
- Can be transformed into a cloak state and a large sword state
- Includes beam effect and HG general-purpose grip

- Effect for big sword x 1 set
- Effect for cloak x 1
- Joint parts for cloak x 1
- HG universal grip compatible grip x 1



  • The beloved mechanical mascot Haro appears in \"Gundam Build Divers\" as the Diver\'s avatar character, and now you can recreate it as a Gunpla kit in its variant color! 
  • It\'s palm-sized, fun to build, and features opening/closing ears, and replacement parts to display his arms and legs popped out. 
  • Bandai has even included parts to recreate its inner mechanical workings.
  • The ears are opened and closed, and the state where the limbs are put out is reproduced by replacement. 
  • Inner machinery is also a model of sticking!
  • Accessories?
    Dedicated pedestal × 1 
    • Product content?
    • Molded article × 3
    • Instruction manual × 1


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