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[333] SDBB 00 0 Gundam (Type A.C.D)

00 mobile soldier Gundam last battle. It appears in 0 BB soldier Gundam final decisive battle specification. The play inside image display is reproduced with the GN particle effect parts. 

A feature GN particle is reproduced by the effect with MS of mobile soldier Gundam 00. "SD0 Gundam", "SD double organ dam", "SD [daburuo-raiza-]", and synchronization. SD original gimmick. The effect parts can be connected with each MS. 

The outlook on the world of MS of 00 SD mobile soldier Gundam series extends further. 

 Accessory: 1 and 1 and 1 and GN particle effect display base x Gundam shield x 1 beam saber x beam cancer x Copyright [tsukutsuu] agency sunrise

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[BB340] Taishiji Dom

Inspired by Taishi Ci from the Chinese literary classic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," Taishiji Dom is now a nicely detailed snap-fit plastic kit! He wields a spiked iron rod, and comes with a support mecha that can be attached to his body to provide additional armor and claw hands; they can also combine together to form a flight unit. Weight: 150g


[203] SDBB Gundam Wing Zero Custom

BB-203 Wing Zero Gundam Custom Simple instruction included in a box. Weight: 500g Rare BB Gundam, hurry grab it while stock limited

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[288] SDBB Strike Freedom Gundam

  • BB-288 Strike Freedom Gundam Simple instruction included in a box. 
  • Weight: 500g The Strike Freedom Gundam gets the SD treatment; with gold-colored polycaps and bright foil stickers for detail, its pre-colored parts all snap together, so no glue or paint is required to finish it. 
  • A great kit for beginners, or an evening project for more experienced modellers who just want to have some fun!

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[BB326] Sonshoko Gerbera

Inspired by Sun Shangxiang from the Chinese literary classic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," Sonshoukou Gerbera is now a nicely detailed snap-fit plastic kit! She wields a naginata weapon, and the bow on her back can be detached for use as an actual bow weapon! Includes two types of paper cut-out aprons. Part of Bandai's "BB Senshi Sangokuden Senjin Kettou Hen" ("BB Warrior Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Battle of the War Gods Chapter") line, this simple kit is molded in color and features polycap joints, detachable armor parts, and heel stamps with his name etched into both heels for you to stamp on anything you like when stamp dye (not included) is applied to the heels! Foil stickers are provided for detail so painting is not required, but would add a more realistic appearance to the final product. A full-color manga chapter drawn by PLEX Tatsuhiko Shimoda is also included (printed on the assembly instructions sheet). Although the assembly instructions are in Japanese, they are extremely well illustrated so anyone can follow them.

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[BB356] Kakuka Virsago

Part of Bandai's BBSenshi Sangokuden comes #356, the Kakuka Virsago. Simple assembly and the use of polycaps means you can construct this cute little guy quickly and pose him in a variety of stances. He comes with Hyouran ken and can transform between Bushou and Masou modes. The instruction booklet even contains a mini comic strip featuring this character. - Equip parts of BB soldier No.352 game god combination. - Accessory: sword × fan.

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[BB327] Souhi Gundam

- A huge mantle by which the inside becomes a wing is attached. Arms with the blade of two [takaratsurugi] and the lacquer black are attached. - Two [takaratsurugi] and the armor parts of the arm unite and are transformed into large-scale arms. [**] [honootenma]" ..killer shot ".. is reproduced.

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[365] SDBB Sinanju

- SD weight of the volume while Shinanju appeared very suitable for MS! - SD in if you are a full Pureibaryu! - Moving from side to side mono eye look and move! - SD original! Respectively variations in upper and lower body Bisutomodo! - Parts Weapon rich! - SD completely reproduce patterns while the combination of weapons. - Accessories: Axe beams × 2, beam rifle, grenade launchers, shields, Beam saber, pedestal

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[334] SDBB 00 Gundam Exia Repair II

  • 00 mobile soldier Gundam final hero it is MS, it is soldier of BB, and solidification.  
  • An impressive development version is attached to the GN drive by the final episode.  
  • SD Gundam original gimmick. An original weapon bundles it. To an original weapon bringing parts only for [gandamuekushia] together.

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[379] SDBB Delta Plus

  • It can be transformed into WR form from MS form by replacing the parts. 
  • The eye expressions can be chosen from two types. 
  • The base jabber type stand is included. 
  • Includes a clear stand to display Delta Plus alone. 
  • runner x8, foil sticker x1, instruction manual x1
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20.2 x 5.7 cm / 262g

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[380] SDBB Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee

  • Accessories: Armed Armor BS, Armed armor VN, beam saber

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[382] SDBB Sazabi

  • Designed after the modern version of the iconic Sazabi, this eagerly-awaited BB kit is renewed for the first time in 25 years!
  • Detail reproduction escape pod!
  • Includes funnel ejection effect parts!
  • Comes with Tomahawk beam effects!
  • Gimmick allows mono eye to move from side to side!
  • Funnel container recreated.
  • Includes huge beam-Shot rifle!
  • Beam tomahawk mounts to shield!!
  • Accessories: Beam-Shot Rifle, Shield, Beam Tomahawk (with Beam Effect),
  • Three Ejected Funnels, Funnel Ejection Effect Parts
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20.2 x 5.7 cm / 240g

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[381] Legend BB Zakuto, Yami Shogun (SD)

  • Accessories: armor sword (circle lightning), Artillery dark, dark sword, the darkness

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[384] SDBB Hi-Nu Gundam

Cute small version of the hi nu gundam reproduced in elegant super deformed appearance features switchable Eye part's beam rifle hyper bazooka, 2 removable funnels with shooting effect part, beam saber and also display stand.

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[390] SDBB Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

  • Protagonist Mobile Suit from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 is reimagined for the BB
  • Senshi line!
  • Armed with an overwhelming amount of weaponry, this Suit earns the name Full Armor! Equipped with everything from Anti-Ship Missiles and boosters to Grenade Launchers and the Hyper Bazooka!
  • Choose between Gundam Visor or BB Senshi Pupils! 
  • Transformation from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode transforms head, chest, arms, legs, shoulder, and waist using deployment gimmick!
  • Head, chest, shoulder, lumbar variations! To Destroy Mode from Unicorn mode transformation gimmick deployment!
  • Psycho Frame extends into arms and legs, and the elbow joint has been recreated to enable movement! 
  • Accessories: Beam Magnum, Beam Saber, Beam Gatling Gun x3, Shield x3,
  • Hyper Bazooka/Grenade Launcher x2, Hand Grenade x4, Anti-Ship Missile
  • Launcher x2, Additional Mount Frame, Large Booster x2

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[392] SDBB Neo Zeong

  • from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode 7", neo-nemesis Zeong the largest kit. 
  • overwhelming size of 190mm in height. Size of approximately 2-fold compared with the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam. 
  • addition pedestal parts-adjustable angle, the armed part of "Sinanju body", bazooka Add New armed is also included.

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[394] SDBB Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex

The gold Phenex comes as a BB Senshi. - The 2 Armed Armor DEs, which are the chief distinction of Phenex, have openable gimmicks and can be equipped with a backpack through joint parts. - Has gimmicks to transform from the Unicorn mode into the destroying mode. - Includes two kinds of stickers for the camera eyes besides marking stickers. - Its distinctive gold appearance is reproduced with molded color. The blue of Psycho Frame is reproduced with blue clear parts. - Kit includes runner x9, foil sticker x1 & instruction manual x1.

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[397] Legend BB Musha Victory (SD)

  • - Warrior Fei Khatri appeared to LEGENDBB!
  • - BB Senshi No.397 [LEGENDBB] Series No. 11 bullets to No.377 warrior 號斗 round of the elder brother, warrior Fei Khatri appeared. Flying along with the voice of [divine protean] [steel 迦楼 Luo] is also included.
  • - [Steel 迦楼 Luo] is attached also possible as [golden plumage] by recombinant. Tsubasa is also reproduced the unfolded state in replacement. Mekiba flash 爆星 and Mekiba flash gun is also possible to have on hand.
  • - By combining the various parts diatomaceous mode, and can reproduce the respective embodiments.
  • - Yeol 旋丸 and flash wing is reproduced with clear parts of lame.
  • - To achieve a free movable joints throughout, including a golden robe.
  • - Accessories: - Yeol 旋丸, steel 迦楼 Luo (metal Garuda), flash wing (beam wing)

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[396] SDBB Build Burning Gundam

  • Accessories: effect parts (punch, back, vernier injection parts), chop hand (left and right)

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[023] SDBF Winning Gundam

  • The original SD Gundam build by Fumina Hoshino appears as SDBF. 
  • Transforms from "SD Gundam Mode" into the Flight Mode. 
  • The main body can be separated to become "Core Fighter" and "Core Booster". Various forms such as "Winning Knuckle" and "Winning Launcher" can be recreated by changing parts. 
  • Weapons such as a beam bowgun and optional parts for transformation are included. 
  • Runner x6, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1 

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[032] SDBF SxDxG Gundam

  • Despite the small body, dynamic action can be made with its moving parts. 
  • The spike and shield can be combined. 
  • The claws can be attached to the many parts on the body. 
  • The rifle can be fit on the head. 
  • Four kinds of eye stickers are included. 
  • Using three S×D×G GUNDAM, you can recreate the "Snibal Drago Gira" configuration. 
  • Runner x5, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1 
Item Size/Weight : 30 x 19 x 5.9 cm / 219g

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[399] Legend BB Versal Knight Gundam (SD)

  • Accessories: electromagnetic lance, Basarusodo, sheath, Night Flyer, cloak

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[401] SDBB Gundam Barbatos DX

  • The first to the sixth form Gundam Barbados appeared !! at BB warrior
  • Reproduce all the 6 form of Gundam Barbados in the BB warrior !!
  • Octane participation forms are also included! Reproducibly each form a recombinant of abundant optional parts!
  • Possible recombinant play of the HG! Or the blade portion to the weapon, play in the recombination with the HG series!
  • Accessories: Mace, glide guns, large special Mace, arms mortars, arms cannon × 2, the chest reaction armor, octane participation type

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[SunToys] SD MG BLACK RX-78-2 Gundam

[Sun Toys] SD MG Black RX-78-2

This is a SD with skeleton! Full details.
And this little giant has a new brand:SUNTOYS! 
High mobility and playability!
With various weapons.

Height: 14cm

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[BB411] HuangGai Gouf and Six Combining Weapons Set B

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of BB Senshi San-Goku-Den with the HuangGai Gouf & Six Combining Weapons Set B kit! The main kit's parts have been changed to a richer shade. A Six Combining Weapons Set B made of metallic-colored parts is included. 

  • Tiger nail shield x 1
  • Iron Breach x 1
  • Fen Goto blade five tiger blade x 1
  • Rokkusoku Rokudo saw x 1
  • Tenonoka Shichibu x 1
  • Hachinohe Kaku x 1 staff x 1
  • Tenonoko 11 kaiba x 1
  • Twelve shield twelve shield x 1

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[BB410] DianWei Asshimar , JiaXu Ashtaron, Siege Weapon & Six Combining Weapons Set A

To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "BB Senshi Sangokuden" lineup, here's BB DianWei Asshimar and JiaXu Ashtaron with their Siege Weapon & Six Combining Weapons Set! DianWei Asshimar and JiaXu Ashtaron are both molded in new luxurious colors; JiaXu Ashtaron has new eyes too, and the box lid features new artwork.  The siege weapon also features new colors, and two JiJia Forces are also included.

  • HaoDaFu weapon
  • Stand for HaoDaFu
  • ZhenXingZhang weapon
  • BuDuiBing (JiJia Forces) (x2)
  • Siege weapon
  • Lance of One YiFanQiang
  • Spear of Two ErQiaoMao
  • Sword of Three SanGuoJian
  • Blade of Four SiTianDao
  • Fork of Nine JiuWangCha
  • Clae of Ten ShiChangZhua

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[BB409] YuanShao Bawoo & YuXi

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "BB Senshi Sangokuden" lineup, here's BB YuanShao Bawoo and YuXi!  YuanShao Bawoo is molded in new luxurious colors, and the box lid features new artwork.

  • Hikouken Sword
  • Ryuushio -- staff with tassel
  • YuXi dragon

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[BB406] GongSun Zan Ez-8 & Four Symbols Ogre Armor Chariot

To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "BB Senshi Sangokuden" lineup, here's BB GongSun Zan EZ-8 and the Four Symbols Ogre Armor Chariot!  GongSun Zan EZ-8 is a new kit, and the box lid features new artwork.  He also comes with the Four Symbols Ogre Armor Chariot, molded in silvery gray, with two armored horses to draw it! 

  • White sword x 1
  • Musk Tail x 1
  • Shikinoseki tank x 1


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