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[313] SDBB 00 Gundam Exia

  • GN drive deployment! Change to the Trans-Am mode!
  • New generation real SD pose is decided! ! Action is perfect!
  • It can be equipped with all weapons! !


[239] SDBB Shining Gundam

BB-239 Shining Gundam Simple instruction included in a box Weight: 500g


[203] SDBB Gundam Wing Zero Custom

BB-203 Wing Zero Gundam Custom Simple instruction included in a box. Weight: 500g Rare BB Gundam, hurry grab it while stock limited


[288] SDBB Strike Freedom Gundam

  • BB-288 Strike Freedom Gundam Simple instruction included in a box. 
  • Weight: 500g The Strike Freedom Gundam gets the SD treatment; with gold-colored polycaps and bright foil stickers for detail, its pre-colored parts all snap together, so no glue or paint is required to finish it. 
  • A great kit for beginners, or an evening project for more experienced modellers who just want to have some fun!


[290] SDBB Destiny Gundam

- Also included is a pair of Palma Faciona hands [Shining Finger], comes in white color! - The best thing is the inclusion of transparent pink parts for the wings for its volture lumiere (however you spell it). BB-290 Destiny Gundam Simple instruction included in a box. Weight; 162g


[293] SDBB Strike Noir Gundam

BB-293 Strike Noir Gundam Simple instruction available in a box. Weight: 169g


[364] SDBB 00 Qan[T]

  • Lens is reproduced with clear parts! 
  • GN shield can be attached to the back! 
  • Accessories: GN Sword V, GN Sword GN Sword V for the union point of a sword-bit, BB322 Raiser particles for storage tank, grain storage tank, seat.



Bandai's "BB Senshi" line of "SD" Gundam kits (SD stands for "Super Deformed") are cute little comic interpretations of machines from the original Gundam series. Kits are molded in color and feature easy snap-assembly, suitable for young kids. Many also have little spring-loaded missile shooters that launch plastic projectiles (hands, bombs, etc.). Stickers included, too. Finished kits stand about 5-6cm high.


[322] SDBB 00 Raiser

  • Play value packed with a large number of the original gimmick.
  • To Raiser in Gundam + Raiser.
  • Saber mode of GN Sword II is reproduced in clear plastic.
  • It is equipped with an SD of original gimmick (Bird mode Fighter mode Rider mode) three
  • Width of play further expand!
  • Accessories: GN Sword II × 2, GN shield × 2, GN Sword II beam saber mode for parts × 2


[334] SDBB 00 Gundam Exia Repair II

  • 00 mobile soldier Gundam final hero it is MS, it is soldier of BB, and solidification.  
  • An impressive development version is attached to the GN drive by the final episode.  
  • SD Gundam original gimmick. An original weapon bundles it. To an original weapon bringing parts only for [gandamuekushia] together.


[207] SDBB Gundam GP03D

The massive weapons Gundam featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory has joined the SD model kit series. The GP03 Stamen is removable from the huge burner setup, and it also comes with two beam sabers, beam rifle, bazooka and shield. 


[299] SDBB Gundam Astray Goldframe

SD Gundam Astray Goldframe


[374] SDBB Gundam Legilis

- Accessories: Les Gills rifle, which Gills shield, beam saber - Item Size : 31 x 20 x 5.5 cm


[382] SDBB Sazabi

  • Designed after the modern version of the iconic Sazabi, this eagerly-awaited BB kit is renewed for the first time in 25 years!
  • Detail reproduction escape pod!
  • Includes funnel ejection effect parts!
  • Comes with Tomahawk beam effects!
  • Gimmick allows mono eye to move from side to side!
  • Funnel container recreated.
  • Includes huge beam-Shot rifle!
  • Beam tomahawk mounts to shield!!
  • Accessories: Beam-Shot Rifle, Shield, Beam Tomahawk (with Beam Effect),
  • Three Ejected Funnels, Funnel Ejection Effect Parts
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20.2 x 5.7 cm / 240g


[387] SDBB Nu Gundam

This item is limited to 3 per household.
Copyright Sotsu Agency / Sunrize

  • Appearance protagonist MS renews it to BB Senshi than [Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack]!
  • [Mobile Suit Gundam UC] Universal Century late such as Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack] in the BB Senshi
  • Expand the lineup at the center of the aircraft!
  • Hitomi parts replaceable! Selectable or without the pupil by changing the front and back parts.
  • Type 89 base Jabbar attached! Also possible to boarding ? Gundam the base jabber.
  • Fin funnel full of gimmick. Injection scene and funnel mobile is reproducible
  • Effect parts are included!
  • New hyper bazooka, beam rifle, such as a beam saber is attached to the other.
  • Accessories: beam rifle, New hyper bazooka, beam saber, shield, Fin funnel (moveable fin funnel x? 2 groups), fin funnel effect parts injection, 89 expression-based Jabbar

Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 5.5 cm / 247g


[386] SDBB RX-105 Xi Gundam

Expand the line followed from char's counterattack, Gundam UC Gundam universal century series lineup! And from the popular "Hathaway's Flash" Finally, hero machine!

  • minovsky craft unit deployment
    Open and close the shoulder and chest armor!
    Flight form can be reproduced by minovsky craft unit deployment gimmick!

  • major armed base addition is also included!
    Also comes with a display base, beam rifle, beam Saber, and shield as well as the body and garsezon mountable.

  • Messer, garsezon included!
    Comes with MS manipulates the hero companions "Messer", save flight system 'garsezon'! You can be boarding!

  • eyes switched gimmicks
    By switching the eyes part sides, can be selected without eyes!

  • funnelmisail
    Funnelmisail injection effect parts! Can reproduce the firing scenes!


[396] SDBB Build Burning Gundam

  • Accessories: effect parts (punch, back, vernier injection parts), chop hand (left and right)


[030] SDBF Star Winning Gundam

  • Accessories: beam machine gun mega blade (replacement), effect parts (large) x 2, effect parts (small) x 2


[013] SDBD RX-Zeromaru

SDBD RX-Zeromaru

- [Gundam Build Divers] appeared! Mysterious ninja type SD aircraft as soon as possible kit!

- The CS frame of the SD cross silhouette series is adopted as the internal frame.
- Flying type support mechanism is included.

* Knai x 2
* Sword x 1
* Shield x 1
* Rifle x 1
* Effect x 1
* 2 wrists (left and right) x 1 each

[Product content]
* Molded parts x 6
* Foil seal x1
* Instruction manual x 1


SD Unicorn Mecha Perfectibility SD Gundam Unicorn Perfectibility

QY SD Unicorn Mecha Perfectibility

Brand: QY/Mecha Unicorn (China Brand)
Grade: SD
Series: SD Gundam

Kindly note that this is NON-BANDAI product and action base/stand is not included.


SDW Heroes Wukong Impulse Gundam (SD)

Goku Impulse Gundam will be released from SD Gundam World Heroes, which is scheduled to start anime worldwide from April 2021!

?? Arrival: (Malaysia) - May/June 2021
?? Silhouette changes in 3 stages by rearrangement! A special kit with movable legs for bold action!
?? A large number of clear effect parts are included, allowing for recombination.
?? Goku silhouette, Gomon monkey form, and Guren claw are reproduced by rearranging clear parts and equipment.
?? Ankle joint parts that enhance the kicking action of Goku Impulse are included!
?? "Masked" parts are included with clear molding.

?? Ruyi stick x 1
?? Clear effect parts (mask / Guren claw, etc.) x 1 set
?? Foil sticker x 1


SDW Heroes Nobunaga Gundam Epyon (SD)

From SD Gundam World Heroes, which is scheduled to start anime all over the world from April 2021, Nobunaga Gundam Epyon, a hero named after Nobunaga, has appeared!

?? Arrival: (Malaysia) - May/June 2021
?? Nobunaga Gundam Epion\'s armament and heat rod are reproduced with freely movable clear parts!
?? The elbow of the right arm is movable, reproducing the stance of the famous sword "Heshikiri Hasebe".
?? Clear parts can be layered on the blade and used as a swashbuckler effect.
?? The cloak is composed of 3 pieces, and creates a pose that makes you feel courageous.
?? "Masked" parts are included with clear molding.

?? Sword (Heshikiri Hasebe) x 1
?? Clear effect parts (mask / heat rod) x 1
?? Foil seal x 1


SDW Heroes Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam (SD)

From SD Gundam World Heroes, which is scheduled to start anime all over the world from April 2021, Sargent Verde Buster Gundam with a distinctive face design is now available!

?? Arrival: (Malaysia) - May/June 2021
?? Clear parts and masks with slits are reproduced by combining color-coded parts and stickers.
?? Justice Lock (handcuffs) is always available on the front armor, and can be removed to become a hand-held weapon.
?? EXT-Magnum LB (gun) can be equipped on the left hip.
?? You can board the \"SD Sangoku Sojuden Trinity Bike (sold separately)\"! The L-shaped parts inside the frame correspond to the riding posture of the motorcycle.

?? Handgun (EXT-Magnum LB) x 1
?? Handcuffs (Justice Lock) x 1
?? Foil sticker x 1


SDW Heroes Benjamin V2 Gundam (SD)

Benjamin V2 Gundam, a marine adventurer who goes to the ocean from SD Gundam World Heroes, whose animation is scheduled to start worldwide from April 2021, will participate!

?? Arrival: (Malaysia) - June/July 2021
?? Equipped with a large hook on the left hand that makes clear parts stand out.
?? A mask of characteristic clear parts is included.
?? Equipped with various weapons such as carrying a knife on the chest and holding a gun in both hands.
?? It is possible to hold the gun beautifully with the right hand for holding an angled weapon.

?? Saber x 1
?? Gun x 2
?? Large hook x 1
?? Mask x 1
?? Weapon holder (right) x 1
?? Foil sticker x 1


SDW Heroes Sasuke Delta Gundam (SD)

From SD Gundam World Heroes, which is scheduled to start anime all over the world from April 2021, Shinobu, Sasuke Delta Gundam, who is loyal to Nobunaga, has appeared!

?? Arrival: (Malaysia) - Aug /Sept 2021
?? Parts composition that wears clear parts all over the body.
?? Includes fingertips to connect the marks that are characteristic of Shinobi.
?? The back is a design that wears Shinobi equipment all over.
?? Wear a bewitching fox mask.

?? Sword x 1
?? Mask x 1
?? Foil sticker x 1


SDW Heroes War Horse (SD)

From SD Gundam World Heroes, whose animation is scheduled to start worldwide from April 2021, a highly versatile war horse has appeared throughout the series!

?? Arrival: (Malaysia) - Aug /Sept 2021
?? The joints of the legs are movable, allowing facial expressions such as walking.
?? The back is expanded so that the heroes sold separately can ride stably.
?? 3mm diameter holes are placed in various places on the body. Armor parts of heroes sold separately can be attached via joint parts.
?? Built-in shaft compatible with action base in the fuselage.

?? Joint parts x 1


Showing 1 - 30 of 224 products