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NG 1/100 GN-007 Arios Gundam

Item Size 31 x 20 x 11.3 cm

  • 1/100 series that reproduce the maximum feature of MS. The part composition assembled easily more while reproducing "Transformation" mechanism of the ant male Gundam is achieved.
  • It is possible to transform it into the flight form. The point divides and it to Crowe. The transformation is also easy in various lock mechanisms.
  • Lock after it transforms it considering how to play. Powerful Porgeng using the transformation mechanism can be expressed.
  • accessory: Collaboration parts (for MS and two kinds for flight form) for grasp person × two (right and left) action base for GN beam saber x 2, GN twin beam rifle x 1, GN beam shield, and arms * Copyright Tsccayo agency Sunrise
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    [018] NG 1/100 Hail Buster Gundam

    Copyright Sotsu Agency / Sunrize Weight : 466g One of the new machines developed by Librarian Works in the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS ASTRAY" manga, the Hail Buster Gundam is an upgraded version of the Buster Gundam with additional firepower and sporting a different color scheme. The Mobile Suit piloted by Finis Socius is now offered as this sharply detailed snap-fit plastic kit that will be fully articulated with polycapped joints upon completion. Its weapon loadouts consist of a 350mm gun-launcher, a 94mm high-energy beam rifle, and two shoulder-mounted 120mm anti-vessel mlti-barrel guns. Hail Buster Gundam can also be equipped with the Shield Striker unit from the Aile Strike Gundam. Foil stickers and marking stickers are provided. "Hail" refers to hailstones. This mecha gets its name from the countless bullets it spray out from every part of its form. This version has seen various upgrades to improve its firing accuracy over the Buster, which was originally specialized for artillery battles, and it has dramatically enhanced precision firing capabilities from short to long ranges. Also, in order to act as a sniping mecha, it uses Mirage Colloid along with its armouring so it can collect large amounts of data from enemies without them realizing it, then eliminate them with a single strike.

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    1/100 Gundam 00 Raiser Designer Color Ver.

    This item is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of an item from the Gundam universe.  

    Not just a recolor of the 2008 1/100 GN-0000 + GNR-010 00 Raiser Special Set, this excellent release offers a third light-up LED for the Mobile Suit's head, a brand new weapon, and all parts come molded in the same light-toned color scheme as mecha designer Kanetake Ebikawa's concept illustration of 00 Raiser!

    Upon completion, the star Mobile Suit from the second season of "Gundam 00" will feature not only polycap-jointed limbs, but also a flexible Twin Drive System (GN Drives on each shoulder) with light-up LEDs, plus another LED in its head that lights up the camera eyes and lens! Setsuna's personal Mobile Suit can be equipped with the included pair of GN Sword IIs that switch from Sword to Rifle Mode, a pair of GN Beam Sabers, and two GN Shield IIs. In addition to that, the GN Sword III seen used in the show's final battle is also provided. The powerful weapon can switch between its GN Sword and GN Rifle modes, plus a beam effect part is included for realizing its destructive Raiser Sword mode! Combine 0 Raiser with 00 Gundam by folding down its main nozzle, separating its Side Binders and attaching them to the Mobile Suit's GN Drives, and then connecting the spacecraft to the back of the mecha to complete the powered-up 00 Raiser!

    A sheet of foil stickers and a sheet of designer's marking stickers are provided.

    Three LED button light are included without batteries.

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    GN-003 Gundam Kyrios

    GN-003 Gundam Kyrios MG 1/100. History of GN-003 Gundam Kyrios: Most of GN-003 Gundam Kyrios's history and exploits can be found on Allelujah Haptism's page. UN Forces Capture & Experimentation After the battle against the UN Army ended, Allelujah ejected the unit's GN Drive before it came into the hands of the UN Army. The GN Drive was recovered by Fon Spaak for Fereshte, and after Celestial Being negotiated for its return along with 0 Gundam's GN Drive. Kyrios was then used by the Human Reform League as an experiment with a Tieren arm and a GN-X hand using a GN Drive Tau. This specific experiment failed due to the GN Particles from the Drive having difficulty transferring power to the end of the experimented arm. Data gathered in these experiments was eventually used in development of the GNX-704T Ahead.What has happened to the Kyios after the expreiment remains unknown Sources:

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    Aegis Gundam

    Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 11.2 cm / 518g

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    NG 1/100 Gundam Astray Goldframe Amatsu

    (BOX)Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 13.4 cm / 615g

    Kit is 1/100 in scale, Gundam will stand around 18cm(7 1/2 inches) tall.

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    [002] HG 1/100 Gundam F90-P Type

    • The F90P Gundam F90 Plunge Type is the Gundam F90 equipped with the Plunge Type equipment. The Plunge Type equipment is designed to allow the Gundam F90 to reenter the Earth's atmosphere and allow for high mobility aerial combat.

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    NG 1/100 MRC-F20 Mobile Sumo (Gold Type)

    Bandai's third kit from the new Gundam TV-series, despite its name, has nothing to do with traditional Japanese wrestling! Interestingly, this mecha was the original proposal for the Turn-A Gundam, but somebody (wisely) decided to go with the now well-known "moustache" design. This version of the kit is molded almost entirely in gold-colored (not plated!) plastic. Snap-fit, easy assembly, and full-posability.

    • Mobile Sumo from Gundam Turn A series!
    • parts are molded in gold chrome coating!
    • Set include: Beam gun accessories.

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    [001] NG 1/100 AWS-G-08 Gundam Barbatos

    • 1/100 grade 
    • The Gundam Barbatos from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans arrives as a 1/100 scale kit! 
    • The full details of its internal frame are recreated in a kit that's still easy to build due to a focus on simplifying parts count! 
    • Weapon features include sliding parts which allow for its smoothbore cannon to be stowed or raised, as well as joints allowing its sword to be stowed on its backpack. 

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    [002] NG 1/100 Graze Standard / Commander Type

    • The Graze from Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS is here in 1/100! Its 180mm body contains a fully-detailed frame with removable armor. 
    • Parts arranged on runners by body segment make it easier to build, and part segmentation and foil stickers help recreate the original colors! 
    • Along with the Graze's rifle and axe, arm parts for a new form of the 1/100 Gundam Barbatos are also included. 

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    [003] NG 1/100 Mcgillis Schwalbe Graze

    • Orufenzu 1/100 series line up 3rd Blood and iron!
    • Custom machine was high mobility of and renovate the glaze of the prototype, Shuvu~arube Grays (McGillis machine) appeared in 1/100 series!
    • 1/100 and easy to set a scale specification!
    • - The number of parts is small, to set easy to specifications runner arrangement that has been organized by the site. Reproduction of setting color combination of the parts division and a foil seal is also pursuing.
    • - Similarly set to reproduce the internal frame shape. It can be the frame state when removing the exterior.
    • Various armed also included!
    • - Rifles and Battle Axe is included. Battle Axe is mountable to the waist.
    • - The claw injection gimmick can reproduce!
    • Conjunction with 1/100 Gundam Barbatos!
    • - Claw unit of this product is 1/100 Gundam Barbados, 1/100 Grays (general machine / commander machine) and can be customized for Gundam Barbados in combination!

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    [001] NG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos Lupus (Full Mechanics)

    - 1/100 series further evolution [1/100 FULL MECHANICS] reproduce the starting Gundam Barbados Alps to mechanical!

    Reproduced in density some detail the Gundam Barbados Alps from the face portion up to the extremities. Tetsuhanadan mark of the shoulder portion is reproduced in the parts division.

    Reproduce the various armed with a variety of gimmick. Posing was poised armed also, by the breadth of the movable range, looking determined well. Arms 200mm gun is equipped with a rail slide gimmick. Reproduced in the rotation mechanism mechanical of the gun barrel.

    Exterior is removable. Reproduce the setting as a new frame of Gundam Barbados Lupus is inside. Support the foundation of a movable.

    - Accessories: Sodomeisu, arms 200mm gun × 2, open hand (left and right), grip hand (left and right)

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    [002] NG 1/100 Gundam Vidar (Full Mechanics)

    - 1/100 series further evolution [1/100 FULL MECHANICS] new aircraft of the second series Gundam frame appeared!

    - REALIZE DETAIL: 1/100 High Detail drawn to scale
    MS designer in charge of the official set to draw down the detail. Not be drawn in the anime, three-dimensional subjected to mechanical realism detail closer to the real machine.

    - MOVIE ACTION: 1/100 gimmick that can be realized because the scale
    Achieve a movable body that can be easily reproduced in the play scene. Further equipped with the mechanical gimmick with high reproducibility degree.

    - REALISM FRAME: Gundam frame reproduction
    Reproduce the Gundam frame down to the smallest detail. Gundam frame of mechanical brave figure is show up at 1/100!

    - Reproduced in detail with a density of the new aircraft from the face portion limb, up to the armed.
    - Exterior removable. Reproduce the setting as a new frame of Gundam Vie Dahl (provisional) in the interior. Support the foundation of a movable.
    - Reproduce the various armed with a variety of gimmick. Six of the blade is possible Sashikaeru. Implement the rail slide gimmick, enjoy a mechanical mechanism. Furthermore Posing that he set the action and armed of the sword also, by the breadth of the movable range, looking determined well.
    - Blade Besides that came six, it comes with a handgun 2-chome.

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    [003] HG 1/100 XM-07G Vigna Zirah


    • The XM-07G Vigna Zirah is a variant of XM-07 Vigna Ghina that appears in the manga/model kit series Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula 91 in UC 0123.

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    [007] NG 1/100 Grimgerde

    • The newest Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is the Grimgerde! 
    • Its internal frame recreates the look of the Valkyrie Frame. 
    • On the outside, its armor is up-detailed for 1/100! 
    • Its head opens, and of course, it’s armed with a rifle and two blades!

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    Infinite Justice Gundam

    Infinite Justice Gundam

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    Buster Gundam

    • Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 10 cm / 444g

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    NG Providence Gundam

    Raww Le Klueze (we prefer to think of him as Char, Junior), pilots the impressive Providence Gundam. This 1/100 scale kit of the Providence Gundam is just as impressive, with fantastic detail and lots of spiky things (the Dragoon System), as well as Beam Sabres and a Beam Rifle for weaponry. Molded in colour and featuring snap-fit assembly, so no glue or paint are required; polycaps for the joints assure that it's posable when finished. A little 1/20 unpainted PVC figure of Char I mean Raww is included as well.

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    Strike Freedom Gundam (1/100)

    At last, the Strike Freedom Gundam arrives in 1/100 scale, molded in colour and with snap-fit assembly so you can get it ready to display in no time! Polycaps are included for the joints; stickers are included for extra detail. A clear "info card" shows off Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne as well as their vital statistics. (A bonus stand and "action parts" were included in the first production run of this kit. As always, HobbyLink Japan cannot promise you that you will receive a kit from the first production run. Please do not ask for one. We appreciate your understanding!)

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    Destiny Gundam (1/100)

    Here's the very colourful Destiny Gundam in 1/100 scale, featuring snap-fit assembly, and lots of optional weapons and multiple hands for various poses. Polycaps ensure smooth movement at the joints. A clear plastic "character plate" features a picture of Shinn Asuka and Stellar Loussier, as well as their vital statistics.

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    Force Impulse Gundam (1/100)

    - Upper body, lower body is completely transformed, realized the first variant of the Core Fighter series. - Moving up and down the wing on the back pack. Can also fold down to tail. - Adopt a stopper mechanism of deformation at each point, a solid form after deformation decorating You can.

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    Blitz Gundam (1/100)

    • Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 10.2 cm / 450g
    • For more explanation on the gundam modelling kits you may check out the master grade Blitz Gundam 1/100 here
    • Personal comment: Modelling kits Waist mobility can be improve, the rest is fine ~
    • Weapons in this modelling kits were standards : "Gleipnir" Anchor,50mm High-energy Beam Rifle,"Trikeros" Offense/Defense System, Lancer Darts, Beam Saber
    • Recommend to buy an action base for this.

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    Duel Gundam Assault Shroud (1/100)

    Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 11.2 cm / 499g

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    [004] NG 1/100 Gusion / Gusion Rebake

    • A new Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 1/100 kit can be built as either the Gundam Gusion or the Gundam Gusion Rebake! 
    • Choose which set of armor parts to build onto its frame! 
    • The Gusion armor features opening hatches and hardpoints for the Gusion Hammer. 
    • The Rebake includes a hidden arm in its backpack and an alternate jaw for targeting mode! 
    • Weapons for both forms are also included!

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    [006] NG 1/100 Kimaris Booster

    • The 1/100 Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans line adds another Gundam frame, the Kimaris! Free posability combines with in-show proportions. 
    • The armor features the detailed molding you've come to expect from the 1/100 lineup, and its frame is also modeled in detail. 
    • Plus, its leg and shoulder armor opens! 
    • This complete set even includes its Gungnir and booster!

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    [008] NG 1/100 Graze Custom

    • The Graze Custom from Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS is here in 1/100 scale! 
    • Re-blueprinted in the larger scale, this suit is packed with details. 
    • The included bazooka can be mounted to recreate its clash with the Hyakuren in episode 7. 
    • You can also swap its blade and booster with parts from the 1/100 Graze (sold separately) to recreate its surface mode!

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    [020] NG 1/100 Nix Providence Gundam

    - Appearing in the official Versus Gaiden Gundam SEED Astray
    Commercialization of electronics Providence Gundam!
    - Enhanced Mobile Suit Gundam based on Providence.
    - Dragoon with the body of the aircraft systems are those that are joined with the rear,
    Has been enhanced to all 12 machines.
    - Providence Gundam's backpack electronics simultaneous release
    Relay can be connected to the rear of Gen Duel Gundam.
    - Providence Gundam is on the back of electronics
    Hail can be connected Buster Gundam's backpack.

    - Accessories: Backpack Dragoon type (type key with Judith lithium beam rifle) × 1,
    Complex weapon systems shields × 1, × 1 system with Dragoon

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    NG 1/100 MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type

    • A kit in 1/100 scale to appeal the mechanical detail the type Tieren the ground.
    • Incorporating a new shield is movable up and down shoulder, a more robust representation of the MS. On the surface of the tank aircraft
    • Enforcement of texturing to the image.
    • Step and use the aircraft surface, the bottom of shoes.
    • Comes with a new bazooka. Sensor can be mounted at the bottom of the box. The image of the structure parameters weapon
    • By dividing ー star, directing further reality real weapon. Dedicated to the arm can be mounted in the joint.
    • For the foot takes the mold from real weapons, represent a mold in the ground type. Mono
    • Is reproduced in clear plastic. Under the clear plastic mold is adopted aware of the camera.
    • Movable joint of the arm is aware of the double joint, can be reproduced to smooth the stance of each weapon. Holding the weapon or
    • Comes with a certain facial expression are indispensable to posing palm.

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    [001] HG 1/100 RGM-111 Hardygun

    The RGM-111 Hardygun is a mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics as part of its "Silhouette Formula Project". The suit appears in the manga series Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Silhouette Formula.
    • Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula 91
    • NG 1/100 Scale


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