Photo Gallery: HG 1/144 Moon Gundam

Today, we proudly present to you the best HG Gunpla that released in 2018 – HG 1/144 Moon Gundam. This kit features awesome articulation and amazing level of detail in 1/144 scale, which can be well-matched to the RG series kits.

Unlike the standard HG kits, this Moon Gundam doesn’t feature any polycaps. However, it does feature a pretty decent inner frame at the leg. Which make a great double separation at the knee.

With a little touch up of additional painting, water decal and panel lining, we make this kit looks even awesome and striking.


Without further ado, let’s check out the photo gallery and the 360° video of HG 1/144 Moon Gundam. Please enjoy 🙂


To purchase this kit, kindly visit here.

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