Wish you all have a great day! Now, allow us to present you, HGBD 1/144 GBN-Base Gundam.

The GBN-Base Gundam is mainly used by Game Master-class members and other similar high-class GBN administration members to directly intervene in GBN, and is capable of superhuman feats and strengths as displayed by Amuro Ray in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime, impressing and exciting all Divers. Beside this RX-78 type, there exist other Gain Armors compatible with the GBN-Guard Frame that are based on various Gundam-types and rival Mobile suits from different series.

With a little touch up of additional painting, water decal and panel lining, we make this kit looks even awesome and striking.

Wasting no at all, let’s us check out the photo gallery and  Please enjoy 🙂


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