Photo Gallery: SD Sangoku Soketsuden – Lyu Bu (Sinanju) & Diao Chan (Kshatriya)

Wish you all have a great day! Now, allow us to present you, SD Sangoku Soketsuden – Lyu Bu (Sinanju) & Diao Chan (Kshatriya)

Lyu Bu Sinanju is a being obsessed with combat who only finds meaning in life through battles against strong opponents. He has no interest at all in justice, politics at all.

Diao Chan Kshatriya is a female mercenary who operated with Lyu Bu. She is breathtakingly beautiful and has high combat capabilities.

With a touch up of painting and panel lining, we make them look even awesome and striking.

Wasting no at all, let’s us check out the photo gallery and  Please enjoy 🙂

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