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[01] Gundam AGE-1 Normal (HG)
[01] Gundam AGE-1 Normal (HG)
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Release Date
Oct., 2011


  • Accessories: beam saber, shield, hand grip with arms (left), flat hand (left hand only)

According to wikipedia
The AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal is one of three titular mobile suits featured in the Flit Arc and Asemu Arc of the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime series. The unit was mainly piloted by Flit Asuno and later, it was temporary piloted by Asemu Asuno.
The Gundam AGE-1 Normal is the prized possession of the Asuno Family which incorporates a special OS to counter the Vagan. Since its development, the mobile suit was designed as a legendary savior, holder of the mobile suit name "Gundam".
Developed through the data retrieved from the AGE device passed down from the Asuno family, the mobile suit has become pivotal in the fight against the Vagan. One of the unit's strengths is its OS, the AGE System, which allows the Mobile Suit to gather data and come up with equipment or wear designs to counter a specific enemy. Its "spoiler-like" device at its back is actually a broad antenna that serves to collect data for the AGE System to analyze. Its basic weaponry includes beam sabers/daggers, a shield and a new weapon called the DODS Rifle that was developed by the AGE System during one of the Gundam's earlier battles against the UE. Using "wear parts" created by the AGE System through the AGE Builder, the Gundam can also can also take two other forms: the faster Spallow form and the heavier Titus form. In these forms, the arms, legs, and skirt armor of the Gundam AGE-1 are changed. Unlike other mass produced mobile suits of the Earth Federation Forces in AG 114, the armor of the Gundam is strong enough to withstand attacks from a Gafran's beam vulcan and its diffuse beam cannon with no apparent damage.
AGE-1 uses independently developed plasma control technology and has a higher output than Earth Federation Forces’ Genoace. The core component of the AGE System is located in the MS’s chest. By linking up with the antenna on the backpack and the various sensors in the head unit, the AGE System is able to collect and analyze data during combat. The limbs of the AGE-1 are designed with independent power units to mitigate maintenance issues related to working with the parts.
By the year AG 140, the AGE-1's overall performance had been upgraded to a higher level to keep up with the other Earth Federation Forces mobile suits. Its combat data proved invaluable to the Earth Federation Forces, as they were able to create newer weaponry for their mobile suits, and created a mass production version of the Gundam. The following year, AGE-1 was sent to the Big Ring for upgrades so it can be used without the AGE System. The resulting form of this was known as the AGE-1F Gundam AGE-1 Flat.

The basic long ranged armament of the AGE-1 Normal. The DODS Rifle was created by the AGE system after the Genoace's beam spray gun proved ineffective against the UE's mobile suits. It was designed as a multipurpose weapon, with both normal and sniping modes. The DODS Rifle could pierce through the UE's heavy mobile suit armor by spinning the beam like a powerful drill, generating enough force to destroy the Vagan's mass-production mobile suits such as Gafran, Baqto and Dorado with one shot.
The DODS rifle has a limited number of shots, enough to keep a running battle going for some time but eventually repeated use without resupply will render the weapon empty. The DODS Rifle can be stored on rear waist when not in use. The rifle has two configurations, a one-handed more where the barrel is rotated so that the secondary grip is pointing downwards, and a two-handed mode where the barrel is rotated so that the secondary grip is horizontally aligned. The sights on this two-handed configuration are aligned, and the weapon can fire a higher-powered shot.[citation needed] The word DODS is an acronym that means "Drill-Orbital Discharge System". 
  • Beam Saber/Dagger: The AGE-1's close combat armament. The Beam Saber can adjust its length for different combat situations and is also strong enough to pierce and destroy the Vagan's mass-production mobile suits such as Gafran, Baqto and Dorado. 
  • Beam Rolling Lance: A Weapon derived from the AGE-1 Beelzerga, the Beam Rolling Lance is a powerful beam lance with a rolling beam cutter on its tip. With it, it can slice down Vagan Suits far better than regular beam sabers. 
  • Shield: The AGE-1's defensive armament. It's made much thicker and sturdier than the Genoace's shield. 
  • Marker Shot: A pistol-like weapon with non-lethal ammo used during the mock battle in episode 4.


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1.) Where is your shop that I can view the products? is presently an pure Internet retailer without a physical store. We do however have a counter for self collection (after customer order online) around Klang Valley. 



1.) How do I build the gundam?

A Before InstallationBefore Installation, please prepare the toolkit and read the image friendly manual book for easier installation later.
B Cut down the PartsFollow the instruction on the manual book, cut down the necessary parts.
C InstallationAfter cutting down the parts, please follow the instruction manual book to install the part, make sure the attachment point of each part match.
D StickersUsing the pliers can ensure the easier sticker process.
E CompletionTry different posing on the gundam, refer to the manual book picture as a reference. Take Picture.



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