Making Payment with Boost

1. First, checkout shopping cart and select Boost as the payment method.

2. Once selected Boost as the payment method, it will direct you to the transaction summary page. Click on the proceed button to proceed with the payment.

3. Next, open your boost app in mobile. Then tap ‘Pay with QR’ and scan the code display at the right hand side to complete the payment.

4. Verify the payment amount and click next to proceed in mobile.

5. Enter the pin number to confirm the transaction and submit.

6. Tada~~ Your payment has been successfully processed.

7. And now the web page should display the same message on the mobile.

8. After click on the ‘OK’ button, the page will be direct to the order summary and your order is now completed.

Additional : Alternatively, you can opt to desktop to proceed with the payment by click on the Sign in to Pay at the top.