December 2021 Release

PO Price 30.00
Deposit: RM 30.00 143.80
PO Price 50.00
Deposit: RM 50.00 239.60

January 2022 Release

February 2022 Release

PO Price 50.00
Deposit: RM 50.00 299.50

March 2022 Release

PO Price 50.00
Deposit: RM 50.00 299.50
PO Price 50.00
Deposit: RM 50.00 209.70
PO Price 50.00
Deposit: RM 50.00 269.60

April 2022 Release

May 2022 Release

Customer Reviews

Everything is good but seller might consider to use complete box to cover the item as protection. During delivery for this order my packaging got torn up, luckily all item remain intact and nothing is missing. Just my suggestion for future improvement. Keep up the good work.
Second purchase, all items received in good condition and speedy delivery too. RE-STOCK please! Thanks.
TPH on 2021-11-15
Fast delivery and items received in good condition! Packing is excellent and seller left a note to inform you about the items purchased. Thanks! Will be back for more.
TPH on 2021-10-29
Thank you for getting my pre-order to me so quickly My RG Hi-Nu arrived not long after Japan got it, so trust if you want to get your pre-orders.
Red on 2021-10-23
Customer service was great, preorder went smoothly and arrives 1 day after i made full payment! cant wait to build!
Razin Badrul Hisham on 2021-09-25
Thank you very much !! Very good service!! I was looking for this kit everywhere ,and thankfully when i requested at your site, i thought it would never restocked cause this is an old kit , i really appreciate that your site to respond to my request !! And the packaging and system is very good ! Will buy more in the future , thanks !!
Hedzry Shafry on 2021-09-22
As usual, items received within 2 days after payment made. Good service and speedy delivery from seller and Courier agent. TQ
Nick W on 2021-09-14
A very good product to help you with a ventilation problem for spray painting. Working as intended and advertised. Seller response and delivery is fast. Definitely will choose GUNDAM.MY again!
Muhamad Aiman on 2021-09-04