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[378] Legend BB Devil Dragon Blade Zero Gundam (SD)

  • Accessories: Sword Thunder Dragon, Falcon Sword, Faith Dorango emissions (ver.I · ver.II),Royalty Earth Light (ver.I · ver.II), Dragon Brest (ver.I · ver.II)
  • Item Size : 31 x 20 x 5.5 cm

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[385] Legend BB Knight Unicorn Gundam (SD)

  • Accessories: Magnum Sword, Akashic da Vine, has included other parts

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[400] Legend BB Knight Superior Dragon (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)

  • Accessories: Double Sword, Dragon shield, display base

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[404] Legend BB Musha Gundam Mk-III (Mark Three) (SD)

- The ancestor of Masuzuke Shoguni General made LEGENDBB.

- A new form of the hidden treasure troops [silver shields] and [silver giant swords] that the truth bad participants brought in.
- [Silver Lizard] can be stored in [silver shield].
- [Trigger's Spear] is also included, allowing characteristic posing in a wide range of movement.

- Accessories: Silver Wolf Sword x 1, Silver Shield x 1, Trinity Spear x 1

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[013] SDBD RX-Zeromaru

SDBD RX-Zeromaru

- [Gundam Build Divers] appeared! Mysterious ninja type SD aircraft as soon as possible kit!

- The CS frame of the SD cross silhouette series is adopted as the internal frame.
- Flying type support mechanism is included.

* Knai x 2
* Sword x 1
* Shield x 1
* Rifle x 1
* Effect x 1
* 2 wrists (left and right) x 1 each

[Product content]
* Molded parts x 6
* Foil seal x1
* Instruction manual x 1

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[375] Legend BB Commando Gundam

- Accessories: Heavy cannon, laser machine gun with grenade launcher, missile launcher, Pineapple ball × 2, command knife, Vulcan pod, target scopes, gun case. - Item Size : 31 x 20 x 5.5 cm

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[373] Legend BB Musha Gundam

  • An updated design of the SD Musha Gundam from many years ago, this old SD designed with new technology now carries a gold electroplated V fin along with posability enhancements found in newer model kits!
  • Accessories: Round Takehisa, thunder Tanegashima gun threats, Naginata, head for 璽武 Ashigaru, double-empty triangle.
  • Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20.2 x 5.7 cm / 226g

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[370] Legend BB Knight Gundam

  • Knight Gundam appears as the first "Legend BB". 
  • Plated parts and transparent parts are used for a gorgeous finish. 
  • It can be transformed into Centaur form by replacing its ankles and waist parts. 
  • Many expressions can be recreated by using the selective and movable parts. 
  • The armor can be taken off to express the light-armed model. 
  • runner x4, foil sticker x1, instruction manual x1

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[377] Legend BB Musha Godmaru

  • Accessories: Katana sword Bakuretsu break, heat
  • Item Size/Weight : 31.3 x 20.2 x 5.7 cm / 234g

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[383] Legend BB Strike Ryubi Gundam

  • New version of Ryubi Gundam a SD based on the popular Romance of the 3 Kingdoms series, with Strike Gundam as the base. 3 different treasure armor packs are included which resemble the Strike Gundam's Striker Weapon System, but in fantastic mythological form.
  • Accessories: × 2 steel sword dragon, flame firebird sacred treasures, sacred treasures of Soryu

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[381] Legend BB Zakuto, Yami Shogun (SD)

  • Accessories: armor sword (circle lightning), Artillery dark, dark sword, the darkness

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[397] Legend BB Musha Victory (SD)

  • - Warrior Fei Khatri appeared to LEGENDBB!
  • - BB Senshi No.397 [LEGENDBB] Series No. 11 bullets to No.377 warrior 號斗 round of the elder brother, warrior Fei Khatri appeared. Flying along with the voice of [divine protean] [steel 迦楼 Luo] is also included.
  • - [Steel 迦楼 Luo] is attached also possible as [golden plumage] by recombinant. Tsubasa is also reproduced the unfolded state in replacement. Mekiba flash 爆星 and Mekiba flash gun is also possible to have on hand.
  • - By combining the various parts diatomaceous mode, and can reproduce the respective embodiments.
  • - Yeol 旋丸 and flash wing is reproduced with clear parts of lame.
  • - To achieve a free movable joints throughout, including a golden robe.
  • - Accessories: - Yeol 旋丸, steel 迦楼 Luo (metal Garuda), flash wing (beam wing)

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[399] Legend BB Versal Knight Gundam (SD)

  • Accessories: electromagnetic lance, Basarusodo, sheath, Night Flyer, cloak

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P-Bandai Exclusive: SD Legend BB Musha Victory Gundam Super Steel Ver.

P-Bandai Exclusive: SD Legend BB Musha Victory Gundam Super Steel Ver. 

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P-Bandai Exclusive: Legend BB Musha Godmaru Final Decisive Battle Ver.

Musha Godmaru, most popular in all BB Warrior generations, is appearing in the latest "LEGEND BB" series as Musha Godmaru "FINAL DECISIVE BATTLE Ver."!!

The form of the final battle is faithfully reproduced by brand new design and gold/silver plating! This is a gorgeous final edition for Godmaru!!

"Neo Flaming Formation (Shin Bakunetsu no Jin)" completely reappears!!

- Comes with the Sword of Sekihatenkyo!!

The Sword of Sekihatenkyo is included with new design, enhanced with silver plating. The pommel is recreated by green clear parts.

- The Sword of Sekihatenkyo, the Holy Artifacts of Ten(Ten no Shingu), the Sign of Tenkou(Tenkou no Akashi), and the Crest of Phoenix(Houou no Mon) are all reproduced with new parts! Renewed with gold/silver plating and clear molding!

The 110mm big sword, the Sword of Sekihatenkyo, Holy Artifacts of Ten equipped to the chest & body, the Sign of Tenkou appearing above the horns, and the Crest of Phoenix on the shoulders are all reproduced by new designs and plated with gold & silver. Foil stickers are included to recreate details. Clear molded parts are applied on the center part of the Holy Artifacts of Ten and the Sign of Tenkou.

- Both Musha Form and the Super Mode "Flaming Formation (Bakunetsu no Jin)" are recreated gorgeously!

Gold plating are used in normal horn decorations and various parts of the Bakunetsu Armor.

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[403] Legend BB MK-III Daishogun

Estimate Arrival July 2017 
- Enormous power of the imperator is he too much for me!

- Important generals of vision through the time of the quarter-century is finally here !!

- Comes with the armor of the ancestors!
Original setting - reproduce the figure wearing the armor of the ancestors!
Compatibility with LEGEND BB Knight Gundam too!

- Yin ball is reproduced in Jewel seal!

- Tolerate Fang destruction cannon (omega Buster) mobile!

- accessories
· Bi-blade sword × 1
· Kiotori sword × 1
Of-the trigeminal spear × 1
Of-warrior Maaku participation armor × 1

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[024] BB Shin Enjyutsu Zssa

BB Shin Shin Enjyutsu Zssa

- Accessories: Sickle


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