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[007] HGUC 1/144 RX-75 Guntank

Driven by the pudgy Hayato, and almost as regular a fixture in the original anime as Amuro and the Gundam, the Guntank has languished for years with only a sub-par kit to represent it. Bandai has now corrected this injustice with a top-quality HG rendering of this long-time favorite! Tracks are made of flexible, easy to assemble plastic strips, but they don't move on the completed kit. Arms, back cannons and cockpit/head are posable. Molded in the final colors and featuring snap-fit assembly.

Item Size/Weight : 25.5 x 19 x 5.5 cm / 218g


[050] HGUC 1/144 G-Armor Gundam

Two kits in one, this HG G Armor kit comes with parts to build the G Fighter and the RX-78-2 Gundam! Not a speck of detail is lost, even in this fairly small scale; The G Fighter can transform into the G Blue, G Blue E-z, G Sky, and G Sky E-z, when completed. The RX-78-2 is transformable, too (well, its lower half comes off!) to allow you to build the Gundam Sky. Neat PVC caterpillar tracks are included for the G Blue and G Blue E-z (the tracks can also be retracted into the body of the main machine), and an unbuilt display base allows you to show off the various modes to their very best effect! Of course all the parts are molded in coloured plastic, and snap together, so no paint or glue are required. Polycaps are included for all the movable joints; foil stickers are included for detail. Don't miss out on this terrific set!

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PG Unleashed 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam

Product Detail

Bandai Spirits has revealed the design of the new Perfect Grade Unleased RX-78-2 Gundam during their VR presentation in October. The teaser video reveals the concept of the upcoming kit, showing some never-before-seen features in any GunPla to date.

The kit showcases some open hatch gimmicks, also including some LED features. The modernized design of the RX-78-2 Gundam celebrates the evolution of GunPla through 40 years of its existence.

More images and details will be added once Bandai Hobby starts the full prototype reveal.

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MG 1/100 MSM-04 Acguy

  • Advanced gimmicks enable for arm extension and pop-out claw attack! 
  • Clear effect parts included for underwater torpedo attack and propellers.
  • Unique display stand is modeled after the deck of a submarine and can mount the Acguy in a variety of poses. 
  • Features various scale figures.
  • Accessories: Water Effect x6, Display Stand x1, 1/100 Figure x6

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[006] HGUC 1/144 MSM-07 ZGok Mass Production Type

[006] HGUC 1/144 MSM-07 ZGok Mass Production Type


[008] HGUC 1/144 MSM-03 Gogg

An aquatic mobile suit used by Zeon from Mobile Suit Gundam with its trade mark sharp claws. Arms can detach to recreate appearance while cruising through the ocean waters.


[020] HGUC 1/144 RGM-79 GM

[020] HGUC 1/144 RGM-79 GM


[035] HGUC 1/144 RX-178+FXA-05D Super Gundam

Coalescence of deformable Gundam Mk-II.

- Flight mode can be replicated only G-Defensor.
- Reproduce the transformation gimmick of the street setting.

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 8 cm / 421g


MG 1/100 MS-07B Gouf Ver. 2.0

This item is a posable, Master-Grade injection-plastic kit of an item from the Gundam universe.  

A Mobile Suit made famous at the hands of ace pilot Lieutenant Ramba Ral, the MS-07B Gouf is a high-performance machine that strikes fear in its opponents with its powerful Heat Saber and Heat Rod at its disposal. This much-anticipated "Version 2.0" update to its 2000-released Master Grade kit not only utilizes the same amazingly detailed and super-poseable inner frame from MG MS-06J Zaku II Ver. 2.0, Bandai went a step further in enhancing the inner frame to allow for wider range of posing possibilities and smoother movements! Both the front and side skirt armor parts are linked together so that the side skirt armor will slide back when the front skirt armor is moved upwards so as to not restrict the Mobile Suit's movements.

In pursuit of easing the assembly process for modelers, Bandai came up with an ingenious method of molding each individual section of the pipe cover in straight rows on the plastic runner so you can easily insert the power pipe through each row of pipe covers and snap each of them off without having to individually cut and slide each piece to the power pipe! That'll shave off at least a few minutes of assembly time!

Its signature weaponry includes a shield, a Heat Saber, a Heat Rod, and a Finger Vulcan for its left hand. A regular manipulator left hand is also included to replace the Finger Vulcan if you so desire. Each section of the Heat Rod is ball-jointed so you can bend it into any shape you want! The blade part of the Heat Saber is made of clear orange, and the Mobile Suit's cockpit can slide open to reveal a sitting-pose pilot figure (molded in light blue). Also packed in the set are in-scale figures (molded in light blue) of Ramba Ral and his aide Crowley Hamon. A sheet of stickers and dry-transfer markings are included.

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[190] HG REVIVE 1/144 Guncannon

  • Through the time 35 years, and sends to all Gundam fans! HG is `Shinsei -REVIVE-`

  • Respond to a number of requests, REVIVE START! HGUC cancer Cannon appeared in the latest format!

  • REVIVE1: characteristic proportions
    By with the curve of was released HGUC series first series the gun Cannon] Shinsei `-REVIVE-` sharp in May 1999, the expression characteristic and massive proportions.

  • REVIVE2: can be bold poses
    You can expand the range of movement, elbow, in addition to knee is in double joint, and forward bending of the waist, also, such as heel angle adjustment realized. Anime Geki-chu can be just like the poses.

  • REVIVE3: the ease of set and pursue
    Parts adopt the cut easy wedge gate from the runner. Further consolidate parts for each part, by a runner arranged more easily assembled design.

  • REVIVE4: also included parts enhance
    Other beam rifle of the main equipment, comes with the open hand to be able to fire posture at low attitude (upward) parts.
Accessories: 240mm low recoil Cannon × set, beam rifle, grip hand (left and right), upward smack (left and right)


[Daban] 6641 MG 1/100 Jesta Canon (Clear Version)

[Daban] 1/100 Jesta (MG) Clear Version

Series: Gundam UC
Grade:Master Grade (MG)
Manufacturer: Daban

Type : Clear Version

Please note that this is not Bandai product

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P-Bandai MG 1/100 Crossbone Gundam X-3 Ver. Ka

P-Bandai Exclusive: MG 1/100 Crossbone Gundam X-3 Ver.KA

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Daban 6628 MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.3.0.

Daban MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.3.0.

Brand : Daban
Code : 6628
Model : RX-78-2
Scale : 1/100
Grade : Master Grade

Please note that this is not Bandai product


P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 MS-08TX (Exam) Efreet Custom

P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 MS-08TX Efreet

Release Date: July, 2018
Estimate Delivery Date: August, 2018

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[Tamashii Nations] Robot Spirits Side MS - FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

The Heavy Gundam was the second design in the legendary FSWS Project series. Now a highly posable action figure of this classic character joins the Robot Spirits ver. A.N.I.M.E line! Developed as a more powerful version of the RX-78-2 Gundam, it features additional armor and weaponry, plus greatly enhanced propulsion to make up for the weight of all the extra equipment. In addition to its added fixed weaponry, it can deploy carrying a custom beam gun, bazooka, or flame launcher.

Set Contents:
- Body
- Frame launcher
- Dedicated beam rifle
- Dedicated bazooka
- Dedicated shield
- Various joint set
- Beam Rifle Effect
- Beam saber effect (straight)
- Beam saber effect (curved)
- Frame Launcher Gatling Effect
- Frame launcher missile effect 2 types
- Vernier effect (curved axis) x 3
- 4 types of wrist left and right for replacement
- Wrist storage deck

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SD Ex-Standard Gundam Cross Silhouette Hello Kitty / Zaku

- Hello Kitty and Gundam, the second dream collaboration project
- A set of Zaku II and Hello Kitty comes up from the SDCS series

- Easy assembly without adhesive.
- The combined form of Zaku II and Hello Kitty can be reproduced.
- Abundant items for Zaku are included.
- It is possible to have the small apple parts included in the hand of Kitty.
- Kitty can also sit and pose.
- With apple parts and apple-shaped pedestal.

- Set of equipment
- Apple x 1
- Apple pedestal x 1
- Foil seal x 1
- Tetron seal x 1

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[238] HGUC 1/144 XI Gundam

Following the release of the RX-104FF Penelope and to celebrate GunPla's 40th anniversary, announced is the launching of the massive Mobile Suit, RX-105 Xi Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam Hathatway's Flash OVA series that starts in May 7th 2021!

The kit's massive feature is supported with durable and high quality joint parts, that would stabilize the kit's structure while in free pose or even in standing position. The kit is also provided with effect parts for its missile equipment to perform some dramatic display presentation.

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MG 1/100 DOM Ver. 2020

From Mobile Suit Gundam, the popular MG 1/100 Dom has been upgraded with new molds and parts updates!
Improved exterior parts such as the waist and arms with a new mold. In particular, the shape of the arm has been modified so that the connection between the shoulder and forearm looks natural, and the joint structure of the elbow has also been redesigned.
A forward swing mechanism is mounted on the connection between the shoulder and the torso. The impressive pose of holding the giant buzz reduces the interference of each part and is decided smoothly.
A swing movable structure is newly adopted for the hip joint. In addition, the range of motion of the legs has been greatly expanded by adding movable axes to the thigh connection and updating the waist side armor.
The internal frame of the ankle has been changed to reproduce Dom\'s characteristic crouched pose.
A wealth of weapons such as Giant Buzz, Raketen Buzz, and Sturm Faust are included.

  • Heat Saber x 1
  • Giant Buzz x 1
  • Raketen Buzz x 1
  • Sturm Faust x 2
  • 90mm Machine Gun x 1
  • Water slide decal x 1

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P-Bandai : HGAC 1/144 Gundam Aesculapius

From "New Mobile Report Gundam W Dual Story G-Unit" 

- The newly designed Gundam Aesculapius joined the High Grade GunPla series! 

The kit shares some of its molds from HG 1/144 Gundam Geminass with of course, updated parts to represent the Aesculapius.

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SNAA Model (Super Nova) MG 1/100 Hunt and Kill Air Combat enhanced weapon Mobile Armor XH-01 Gundam

[Product Overview]
- Brand : SNAA a.k.a Supernova
- Type : Plastic Model Kit
- Size : 20cm (Approx.)
- Scale : 1/100 
- Grade : Master Grade

[Product Content]
- MG Scale Main Body x1
- Water Decal x 1set
- Dedicated Action Base x 1 (Support Fin Funnel Effect)
- Fin Funnel Effect x 1set

Please note that this is NOT BANDAI products

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DABAN 6628 MG 1/100 RX-78/C.A. VER 3.0 Casval Gundam

DABAN 6628 MG 1/100 RX-78/C.A. VER 3.0 Casval Ver.

Brand : Daban
Code : 6628 (Casval Ver.)
Grade : MG
Scale : 1/100
Water Decal is included

Please note that this is not Bandai product


ROBOT SPIRITS (SIDE MS) Gundam Aerial ver. A.N.I.M.E.

As seen in the latest TV animation "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury," the Gundam Aerial joins the Robot Damashii ver. A.N.I.M.E. lineup from Bandai! Its advanced jointing system gives it supple posability while preserving its characteristic silhouette. The roll axis of its thighs are movable for supreme posability, and clear parts are used for the head, chest, thighs and back; the details of its complex back structure are carefully reproduced. It's equipped with its rifle and shield. Order it for your own collection today!

[Figure Size]: Approximately 12.5cm tall
[Materials]: PVC, ABS

[Set Contents]:
Main figure
Rifle set
Shield set
Effect parts set
Interchangeable hands (x4 each, left and right)
Replacement antenna
Joint parts for Tamashii Stage (sold separately)

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** Action base is sold separately

Long beam rifle / beam saber / shield

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Gao Gao Daban Entry Grade Aile Strike Gunpla Fighter Model Kit for Boys

Gao Gao Daban Entry Grade Aile Strike Gunpla Fighter with Back Pack Model Kit for Boys

Brand : Daban
Model : Aile Strike Gunpla
Scale : 1/144
Grade : Entry Grade
Stand are included

Please note that this is Non-Bandai product


DABAN 6628 MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Ver 3.0 AAPE Camouflage Ver.

DABAN 6628 MG RX-78-2 Ver 3.0 AAPE Camouflage Ver.
Brand : Daban
Code : 6628 (AAPE)
Grade : MG
Scale : 1/100
Water Decal is included

Please note that this is not Bandai product


SDBB G-Generation Char's Customize MS Collection

SDBB G-Generation Char\'s Customize MS Collection


Robot Spirits ( Side MS ) GAT-X102 Duel Gundam Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

- Gundam bearing the name of [Duel] developed by the Earth Alliance! After being robbed by the Zaft Army, [Duel Gundam], the favorite machine of [Yzak Joule], participates in ver. ANIME!

- ROBOT Spirit ver. Based on the mechanism of ANIME, Duel Gundam specializing in movement and reproduction in the play. The newly added movable mechanism allows you to stand and make impressive poses in the play. In addition, a 350mm rail bazooka [Gae Bulg] is included!

- Duel Gundam fighting fiercely with Strike Gundam! Ver. ANIME specification Duel Gundam packed with charm in the play is now available!
- The Duel Gundam (hereinafter referred to as Duel), which was made in the earliest of the five prototype Gundams, is characterized by its standard form. While picking up the setting line, the image in the play is reproduced at a high level.
- A back shot with a stoic and well-organized impression. The wide range of movement of the Duel's joints and the soft pose can be recalled from the standing figure alone.
- The contents of the set are full of volume. In addition to the standard rifle and shield, effect parts that produce various scenes are set. In addition, this product comes with a 350mm rail bazooka [Gae Bulg]!
- A beam effect that reproduces the shooting scene is attached to the rifle. Two beam saber blades are included, and you can recreate [that scene] with two swords!
- The grenade set at the bottom of the beam rifle can reproduce the injection scene through the effect parts. You can also mount the shield on your back.
- Effect parts with the image of injection can be attached to the four thrusters on the back. You can imagine a duel accelerating toward an enemy plane.
- The [Gae Bulg] that comes with this product was developed for the Duel in the setting, but it was not used in the play because the Duel was robbed by the Zaft Army. It's fun to imagine an IF that might have been possible.
- Kira VS Yzak Highlights of the first half of the play! Includes effect parts that reproduce the famous scene of [Strike Gundam whole body blow that cuts through the PS armor of Duel].
- Ver. ANIME specification joint gimmick is fully utilized in this product. The movable shoulders easily reproduce the dynamic poses in the play.
- Flexible chest-abdominal movement and left-right movement of the shin are also features of this product. The slight warp or bend has an immeasurable effect when reproducing the scene in the play.

[set content]
* Main body
* Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
* Wrist storage deck
* Beam rifle
* Anti-beam shield
* Grenade firing effect
* Gayborg
* Beam saber blade x 2
* Beam rifle effect
* 2 types of vernier effect x 2
* A set of shield joints
* Beam rifle joint
* A set of effect parts for Armor Schneider
* Joint parts for Soul STAGE

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HG 1/144 Guncannon (Cucuru Doan's Island Ver.)

The Guncannon from "Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuru Doan's Island" is now an amazing HG model kit from Bandai! The high posability of the HG format means this Gundam can get into impressive poses, such as lying on the ground to shoot, or crouching down! The kit is molded in the distinctive coloring of Cucuruz Doan's Guncannon, and two different types of newly molded backpack parts are included to reproduce both the Kai and Hayato versions. Original marking stickers designed by Hajime Katoki are included, too! Order yours today!


  • Interchangeable hands
  • Backpack parts (Kai)
  • Backpack parts (Hayato)
  • Beam rifle
  • Marking stickers


Bandai 1/144 Scale Gundam EX-35 MP-02A Oggo Model Kit

Bandai 1/144 Scale Gundam EX-35 MP-02A Oggo Model Kit

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