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NG 1/60 GN-001 Gundam Exia

  • Gundam Exia Normal Scale 1/60
  • Comes with installation manual, stickers
  • scale is larger then master grade but not so detail
  • Snap and fits so glue is not needed.


NG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam (Lightning Edition)

Awesome height of 60cm. The only thing that makes this kit different from other 1/60 scale kit is the lighting throughout! Dozens of translucent yellow and blue parts are included, as well as lighting contacts, light bulbs, and a diode. Lighting starts at the included display base, and the wiring is integral to the building of the kit itself. Of course, you need to get batteries yourself. A teeny scale model of Kira Yamato is included. Weopans includes the Dragoon, rail guns, beam sabres, beam rifles, and a beam shield. Weight: 1820g


NG 1/60 Freedom Gundam

- Another entry into the Gundam Seed lineup is also another 'Big Gundam' model! - This huge 1/60 scale Freedom Gundam features 21 runners of plastic parts, plus polycaps for the joints, so you can pose it after it's built. - All parts are molded in colored plastic so you don't even have to paint it to complete it! Pictorial instructions are very clear and precise.


NG 1/60 Wing Gundam 0

Discontinued product, RARE ITEM !! - The only big-scale (1/60) kit to come out of the Wing series. Led lights up in three places - Chest, Eye and Shield. Fingers are individually moveable. Item Size/Weight : 39.4 x 31.2 x 11.5 cm / 977g


NG 1/60 Strike Gundam

The first entry in Bandai's 1/60 Big Scale Real Detail series, Gundam Seed's star mecha Strike Gundam launches this new line of kits in fine style!

Highly posable–even its fingers are jointed–this kit has nice detail, snap assembly, and a full-color, lavishly illustrated instruction booklet that make the assembly process a breeze. Among the niceties are a cockpit that opens to reveal pilot Kira Yamato, and side armor that opens at the hip to stow both Armor Schneider knives. The requisite beam rifle and shield are included, too.

Molded in Bandai's patented multi-gate technology which allows multiple colors on one tree. Stickers are included for the details that aren't molded in color. The parts are pre-colored, but painting will greatly enhance its appearance.

High grade, 1/60 scale Gundam SEED model kit.


NG 1/60 Strike Gundam SWS

This kit includes all the parts for the 1/60 Strike Gundam, previously released, but also comes with the spectacular backpack unit which turns it into the Aile Strike, as well as two other optional weapons (for Sword and Launcher) to let you play with it in a total of four different modes! 

Great engineering lets this figure duplicate some spectacular action poses, and with this many different weapons to swap in and out, you'll never run out of new things to do with it. 

Parts are for ONE robot, with numerous optional add-on systems.


Bandai NG 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam

Bandai NG 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam


Bandai NG 1/60 MS-06S Char's Zaku

Bandai NG 1/60 MS-06S Char's Zaku


NG 1/60 God Gundam

Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31 x 9.5 cm / 905g


NG 1/60 Victory 2 Gundam

Large scale model of the Gundam Victory 2 from the Mobile Suit Victory Gundam TV anime series that's as large as the higher end Perfect Grade line at the fraction of the price! Includes the iconic beam Rifle, beam shield and beam sabers. Fingers are articulated as the RG series and the kit is able to transform into core fighter + top fighter. 


Bandai NG 1/60 MS-06 Zaku II

Bandai 1/60 MS-06 Zaku II

  • The product might have minor variation to the color and measurements.
  • Warranty for manufacturing defects and before installation only.
  • Combined/regular/courier/international shipping available.
  • RM80.00

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