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-From [Degimon Adventure], War Graymon appeared in AMPLIFIED of Figure-rise Standard!

-The first of the AMPLIFIED series, which has made the character"e;s attraction "e;amplify"e; under the original"e;s original Respect !
-Parts division that can be satisfied only by assembling by molding color composition that extends to six colors.
-The drummon killers on both arms are removable and can be attached together on one arm.
-Brave shield adopts a structure that deploys like a wing. Furthermore it is possible to remove and change to the arm.
-3 mm hole for expansion further amplifies the possibility as a plastic model (AMPLIFIED).

- Dramon killer
- Brave shield

[Item content]
- Molded articles x 14
- Foil seal x 1
- Manual x 1

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[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Black Wargreymon (AMPLIFIED)

- From [Digimon Adventure 02], [Black War Greymon] is now available as Figure-rise Standard Amplified!
- Reproduce the ultimate Dark Tower Digimon with silver and gold molding colors and colors based on black.
- Equipped with an original gimmick on the wing parts that can be connected to the back. Realized a structure that expands like a wing so that the figure equipped on the back can be seen more clearly.
- It is also possible to remove the wing parts and replace them with the arms.
- New effect parts with the image of slashing are included to reproduce the image in the play.

[Accessories included]
- Dramon killer x 2
- Wing parts set x 1
- Effect parts x 2
- Foil seal x 1

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[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Amplified Imperialdramon

-From [Digimon Adventure 02], [Imperialdramon], which can be transformed in two forms, is now available as an AMPLIFIED arranged plastic model!

--Cooperation with official designer Kenji Watanabe.
-[Fighter mode] and [Dragon mode] can be reproduced by replacing and expanding and contracting each part.
-Reproduce the coloring just by assembling.
-Comes with a special weapon, Positron Laser.

* Positron laser x 1
* Foil seal x 1

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[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Amplified Mugendramon (Machinedramon)

From Digimon Adventure, the Digital World Machine Digimon Mugendramon is now available in the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series!
- Largest kit in the series! The overwhelming power in the play is reproduced with a large plastic model with a total length of 250 mm.
- By pulling out each part of the body, the range of movement can be expanded and various poses can be expressed.
- The neck and tail adopt a bellows structure through lead wires, and are reproduced with a rich expression.
- Equipped with a chest opening and closing gimmick with the image of Giga Destroyer.

- Lead wire x 2
- Seal x 1

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[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Dukemon / Gallantmon (Plastic model)

  • From Digimon Tamers, the Paladin-type Digimon Dukemon is three-dimensionalized with a design and proportions that comply with the anime settings!
  • Satisfactory finish just by assembling by dividing the parts.
  • Joint parts can be moved over a wide range, and action poses just like in the play can be reproduced.
  • Silver molding color is used for armament to express the same texture as in the play.
  • We are particular about the details and reproduce the digital characters engraved on Sacred Shield Aegis.
  • In addition to hand parts, a pedestal for holding Sacred Shield Aegis is also included.
  • Cloth material is used for the cloak of Gallantmon.

Holy Lance Gram x 1
Holy Shield Aegis x 1
Holy Shield Aegis Pedestal x 1
Cloak x 1
Seal x 1


[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Metal Garurumon

-From [Digimon Adventure], [MetalGarurumon] is now available in the second installment of the Figure-rise Standard series, which is three-dimensional based on the anime settings!

-Each joint part is movable over a wide range. Various action poses in the play can be reproduced.
-The characteristic [Beam Wing] effect is reproduced with a removable PET sheet.

- Seal x 1
- PET sheet x 1


[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Amplified BEELZEMON

From Digimon Tamers, the Demon King Digimon Beelzemon has been added to the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series!
Berenhena reproduces the characteristic back mount state that seems to be entwined with a cord. It can also be attached to the legs by using joint parts.
Lead wires are used for hair and tail parts. It is possible to add a detailed expression.
Reproduce the state of flat hands and the state of holding weapons by replacing two types of finger parts.
In consideration of expandability as a plastic model, connection holes for expansion are placed in various places.
Overall height is about 170mm. By arranging it side by side with the separately sold Figure-rise Standard Amplified Gallantmon, you can reproduce the image of the scene in the play.

  • Berenhena x 2
  • Facial expression hand reproduction parts (left and right) x 1 each
  • Lead wire (thin) x 1
  • Lead wire (thick) x 1
  • Sticker x 1

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[Digimon] Figure-rise Standard Black WarGreymon

Black WarGreymon from "Digimon Adventure 02" joins the "Figure-rise Standard" model-kit lineup from Bandai!  It's fully posable after assembly, able to raise both arms, curve its chest and spread its legs for a powerful stance; its range of motion is so wide, it can wild the special moves "Gaia Force of Darkness" and "Dramon Killer"! 
The shield can be moved independently, and can be angled according to the pose. Stickers are included for the markings, too. Order this formidable warrior for your own collection today!

- Stickers



Bandai brings us a new Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kit of the Alphamon from "Digimon X-Evolution"! The parts division is carefully designed to make the different-colored areas on the Alphamon stand out; the booster on its back is equipped with a movable fin that's original to this model! The cloak is made of an ultra-thin PET sheet for expressive posability. An effect sheet is included, too. Order this impressive beast for your own collection now!
  • [Size]: Approximately 19.5cm tall when completed


  • Holy Sword Gray Dalfer
  • Hand parts (x1 set)
  • PET sheet (x2 types)
  • Sticker
  • Jewel seals (x1 set)

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Figure-rise Standard Amplified ShineGreymon Digimon Series

ShineGreymon from "Digimon Savers" joins the "Figure-rise Standard Amplified" model-kit series from Bandai! 

This light dragon type Digimon features pull-out shoulder joints to expand the range of movement, enabling him to hold the Geo Gray Sword with both hands! 

A movable axis in the tip of each foot enables him to stand firmly; the armor behind the knees is linked to the legs for a greater range of motion. 

The enormous Geo Gray Sword features jewel seals and PET seals, and in an original gimmick for this model, it can transform into a twin sword mode with parts replacement! 

When in twin sword mode, it can be mounted on each of ShineGreymon's legs. 
Each of the feathers on his wings can be individually moved, and a lead wire is built into his tail for flexibility. 
Hard points are placed in various areas throughout his body for expandability, too. Order him for your own collection today!

- Geo Gray Sword
- Joint parts
- Stickers
- PET stickers
- Jewel stickers
- Lead wire

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PO PriceRM192.00

[Digimon] Figure-rise Standard Amplified Pyledramon

This is a P-O Product

Please read all the detail and condition before make order.
Release Date : SEP 2024
Estimate arrival : OCT 2024

- P-O Price RM192.00
- Deposit RM30.00, Balance RM162.00
- We will inform to make balance RM162.00 + shipping when stock arrived thru email and Whatapps.
- Deposit payment should be make via credit card or bank transfer.
- Deposit payment are non-refundable.

Important Note :
This item is under allocation. There is risk/possibility that our stock might not be fulfilled by the manufacturer. Only preorder this at your own discretion. However, if your preorder is not fulfilled, we shall refund in full amount of deposit paid back to you.

From Digimon Adventure 02, Pyledramon appears in a new model with the proportions and arrangement of the whole body amplified under the supervision of As' Maria!
Gloss injection is used for black parts to pursue the contrast between biological and mechanical.
Desperado Blaster is equipped with a telescoping mechanism. It is also possible to combine them as an Amplified original gimmick.
The spikes on the arms of the Amplified original gimmick can express the injection state with lead wires.
The wings on the back are made of PET sheet with a pattern printed on them for a sharp and vivid look.
Flexible movement and posing are achieved by using a lead wire for the tail.

Joint parts x 1 set
Seal x 1
PET sheet x 1
Lead wire x 1 set

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[DIGIMON SERIES] Digimon Reboot Omegamon

Appeared legend of Digimon [Omegamon] is designed with new plastic model!

State-of-the-art, which is a modern twist form!
Left arm, the new interpretation of the design which arranged the panel line in armor. Cloak is composed of a number of blades, each blade is capable of dramatic pose with that can be independently movable.

You can reproduce the scenes `` play action of!
Neck, lower back, elbow, knee [double joint]. Also with the pull-out of the joint] to each part, it can be high pose with degree of freedom such as the one knee up.

Fully reproduced armed!
Gray Sword of the right arm of Garuru Cannon and left arm as a weapon, reproduced in part replacement.
Digital characters drawn on the blade is also precisely reproduced in the mold.
The Digimon reboot ... 2010, the time has come to set successive Digimon achieve further evolution.
It combines the mechanical stylish and biological uplifting, so to speak, a new brand is born to say, even the ultimate Digimon. Its name is `Digimon reboot`.
High character of which the mechanical arrangement that has been refined by modern eyes, a wide range of movement produce poses. This is a mechanical surface and biological aspects, it puts out again stand the charm of the Digimon unique that combines both the nature of the brand.
Accessories: Garuru Cannon (gun barrel parts), gray Sword (sword parts), action base for joining parts



-From [Degimon Adventure], Omegamon appeared in AMPLIFIED of Figure-rise Standard!

-The first of the AMPLIFIED series, which has made the character's attraction 'amplify' under the original's original Respect!
-Reproduce the color scheme of each part with molded colors. We adopt gross injection for white parts.
-Sharpen each part to further highlight the appeal of Omegamon.
-A 3 mm hole for lumbar expansion further amplifies the possibility as a plastic model (AMPLIFIED).

・ Gallul Cannon x 1
・ Gray Sword x 1
・ Joint parts for action base x 1

[Item content]
-  Molded articles x 11
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Instruction manual x 1


[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Metal Garurumon (Amplified)

-[Metal Garurumon] from [Digimon Adventure] appears in the Figure-rise Standard [AMPLIFIED] series!

-Three-dimensional drawing of As`Maria\'s illustrations for plastic models under official supervision.
-You can experience a highly satisfying combination by dividing parts that pay attention to details including color coding.
-Gimmicks of each part boasting overwhelming range of motion, it is possible to produce the characteristic posing of Metal Garurumon.
-The torso flexibly moves, reproducing a beast-like posture.
-The base of the forefoot is widely movable and poses naturally.
-Natural opening and closing of the jaw is achieved by sliding the upper jaw downward when opening.
-A new armed form is realized with joint parts. The Special Moves effect is included with clear parts.
-Propose original infinite ways to enjoy the plastic model, such as the gimmick of the beam wing.
-Combining with the attached action base allows for more dynamic poses.

* Action base x 1
* Foil seal x 1


[Tamashii Digimon] Digivolving Spirits 01 WarGreymon

Digivolving Spirits represents the cutting edge of transformable Digimon figures. You won\'t believe the accuracy and detail lavished on this portrayal of WarGreymon. Perfectly fusing its \"cute\" and \"cool\" aspects, this is the ultimate Digimon collectible! This figure is made plastic and die-cast parts and is .

Product Features:

- 6.1 inches (15.5cm) tall

- Made of ABS, die-cast, and PVC

- From the anime series Digimon Adventure

- Fully poseable figure

- Transforming figure allows you to digivolve from Agumon into WarGreymon

Set Contents:

- WarGreymon figure


[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Amplified Dukemon

Commercialized the popular Digimon Dukemon from Digimon Tamers celebrating its 20th anniversary!

?? Amplified Dukemon designed by As\' Maria is three-dimensionalized under official supervision.
?? Plastic model original gimmick is installed on Holy Shield Aegis and Holy Lance Gram.
?? Produces a natural pose with a wide range of movement by gimmicks including expansion and contraction of joints.
?? The characteristic cloak adopts a new structure using molded products, PET sheets and seals.

?? Holy Lance Gram x 1
?? Holy Shield Aegis x 1
?? Holy Shield Aegis Pedestal x 1
?? Seal x 1


[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Amplified METAL GARURUMON (BLACK Ver.)

Figure-rise Standard Amplified METAL GARURUMON (BLACK Ver.)

Featuring the unique Amplified styling this Black MetalGarurumon has been created with intense color parts and an emphasis on performing dynamic poses, utilizing a wide range of movement-right down to an opening and closing mouth !

  • 6.69 inches (17cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of the Figure-rise Standard series
  • Black color variant 
  • Amplified version

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build 
    • Black MetalGarurumon
    • Wings/Mouth Blade
    • Action stand
  • Foil stickers
  • Instructions


[Digimon Series] Figure-rise Standard War Greymon Wargreymon (Plastic model)

-From [Digimon Adventure], [WarGreymon] is released as the first figure-rise Standard series based on the animation settings!

-The brave shield on the back can be opened and closed from side to side.
-Each joint part is movable over a wide range. Various action poses in the play can be reproduced.
-Parts division that can be satisfied just by assembling.

? Seal x 1


[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Amplified Omegamon (X-Antibody)

- From [DIGITAL MONSTER X-evolution], the X-antibody version of [Omegamon] is now available in the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series

- [X Antibody Digimon] Designer [As Maria] supervised. The total height is about 200 mm.
- In consideration of expandability as a plastic model, connection holes for expansion are set in various places.
- It is possible to expand greatly by changing the mounting position of the base of the cloak.
- Thorough pursuit of combination with existing Amplifified products. Various combination play is possible.

- AMPLIFIED connection parts x 1 set
- PET sheet x 1 set
- Seal x 1



  • From the second season of Digimon Adventure, Imperialdramon joins the Figure-rise Standard Amplified lineup again, this time in Paladin Mode!
  • From the Digimon Adventure anime series


[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard MAGNAMON

From Digimon Adventure 02, the evolved version of the main character\'s partner Digimon Magnamon is three-dimensional!

Each joint is movable over a wide range. You can reproduce the action pose just like in the play.
Shoulder armor is movable on two axes. It can be moved up, down, left and right by the joint parts of the connection part. In addition, the detailed molding is reproduced up to the internal shape together with the waist parts.
Parts division that can be satisfied just by assembling. The organic molding of Magnamon's limbs is also reproduced.

Sticker x 1



Wreathed in crimson armor, DUKEMON / GALLANTMON : CRIMSONMODE joins NXEDGE STYLE! Featuring sharp sculpting that brings out all the detail and edges of the complex design, it includes a giant Gungnir spear as well. An included stand lets you display Dukemon in action poses, either alone or with the Beelzemon: Blast Mode figure (sold separately), which is releasing at the same time!

[Set Contents]
- Main Body
- Gungnir Spear
- Blutgang Sword
- STAGE stand set



From Digimon comes a special color version of the NXEDGE STYLE Beelzebumon! From the hit series Digimon Tamers.

This figure series\' edgy, stylish re-imagination of popular characters combines a fresh take with cutting edge details like chrome accents, visible internal detail, and improved poseability for even more fun and play value!

Approx height: 9cm
Materials: PVC and ABS

Set content:
- Beelzebumon figure
- Replacement wrists
- Facial expression parts
- Replacement right arm
- 2 Shotguns
- Shotgun suspension joint
- Stand


Dynaction Digimon Omegamon

The Royal Knight Omegamon from "Digimon" joins the DYNACTION series! 

Standing at 400mm tall, this is a massive action figure featuring faithful colors and utilizing diecast metal parts for durability and heft. 

Boasting natural posability, this premium action figure takes even dramatic poses with ease, letting you re-create your favorite scenes. 

What's more, it comes with a dynamic 750mm long cape made of cloth that can take poses of its own. 

Optional parts allow you to change the direction of Omegamon's glance, and the set includes mini figures of Taichi and Yamato that can ride on his shoulder! This is Omegamon on a scale you've never seen before.

[Set Contents]
Main Body
Grey Sword
Garuru Cannon
Taichi Figure
Yamato Figure
Optional shoulders (L/R)
Optional eyes (2 pairs)

RM1200.00 Request Stock

[DIGIMON SERIES] Figure-rise Standard Angemon

The angel-type Digimon known as Angemon gets a new "Figure-rise Standard" model kit from Bandai with his design and proportions based on his appearance in the anime! All six of his majestic wings are individually posable thanks to ball joints at the base of each wing; his hair can be moved up, down, left and right using a ball joint as the axis. The fabric parts on his left arm and right leg are made of a soft material, enabling bold posing without hindering their movement; the base of his loincloth can be slid to expand the range of motion of his legs. Effect parts for the Holy Rod and Heaven's Knuckle are included, too. Order this spectacular figure kit for your own collection today!


Holy Rod
Heaven's Knuckle effect


[Digimon] Figure-rise Standard Amplified MetalGreymon (Vaccine)

Metal Greymon (Vaccine) from "Digimon Adventure" is now part of the "Figure-rise Amplified" model-kit series from Bandai! The contrast between its body and machine parts are highlighted thanks to the intricate modeling of the Amplified series; the chest hatch can be opened to launch the Giga Destroyer organic missile. The massive wings mounted to its back use PET sheets with a vivid pattern printed on them; its tail is made to be flexible with internal lead wires. Parts and a display base to show it off in its Alteraus mode are included too, and 3D metallic stickers are also included for extra flashiness! It's also equipped with connection holes in various places for customization and expansion. Order it for your own collection today!

- Armed parts
- Display base
- Joint parts
- Stickers
- 3D metallic stickers
- PET sheet
- Lead wire (x2 types)


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