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[188] HGUC 1/144 V-Dash Gundam

  • V-Dash Gundam from "Mobile Suit Victory Gundam" appears as 1/144 model. 
  • Both mobility and shape are achieved with downsized joints. 
  • Includes V Gundam Hexa head. 
  • Includes various weapons such as a beam smart gun, beam rifle and beam sabers. 
  • Clear parts are used for beam effect. 
  • Foil stickers for color coding of the body are included. 
  • A core booster in the same scale is included. The beam smart gun can be attached under it. 
  • Runner x10, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1

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MG 1/100Victory Two Gundam Ver.Ka

  • MG commercialization hope Ranked # 1! MG V2 Gundam Ver.Ka finally here!
  • The height of the difficulty of the function realizing it was one of the factors that hinder the commercialization. In the 1/60 kit issued to broadcast at that time, the shape becomes the sacrifice in that you have to reproduce the head storage mechanism to the core fighter, it has become the impression of sagging breasts. Elimination of this part was one of the proposition. The coalescence mechanism, and technology developed through the armor extension gimmick designed in such as MG V Gundam Ver.Ka has been utilized. Regarding Speaking of V2 high demand [Assault] [Buster] equipment, is now planned also technology validation toward commercialization in the center of the mounting mechanism of additional equipment. After these processes, it became a carry that finally can be released on 35th anniversary of Gundam.
  • It comes with parts to reproduce the grenade launcher by mounted on the beam rifle. Hand-gun also possible restructuring in the parts retrofit.
  • Head precision fire for the device with the included.
  • V2 Core Fighter 2 aircraft accessories. V2 top fighter and V2 at the same time display allows the bottom fighter.
  • Accessories: beam saber × 2, beam saber (fan), beam rifle, beam shield (PET), V2 core Fighter × 2, twin-type grenade launcher reproduction for parts, Shakti figure (falling), pilot figure × 2

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RE/100 1/100 Gun EZ

RE/100 1/100 Gun EZ

Release date : Dec 2018
Estimate delivery : Jan 2019

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MG V-Dash Gundam Ver.Ka

  • Runner x24, Foil sticker x2, Marking sticker x2, Tetronic sticker x2, Instruction manual x2 
  • "V Dash Gundam" as a fully equipped V Gundam Ver.Ka is released. Includes additional equipments such as the "Core・Booster". 
  • Includes two V Head Core Fighters and two Hexa Head Core Fighters. The Core Fighter, Top Fighter, Bottom Fighter, Core・Booster, all four flight mode can be made with a single package. 
  • The Overhung Cannon of Core・Booster becomes a big beam cannon by being attached onto the MS back. 
  • Includes two beam rifles which can be attached to the hard points. 
  • The beam cannon which is attached to the side armor, the missile pod, the two disposable buzzes on both sides are included. 
  • Includes the gatling gun, beam javelin, beam smart gun. 
  • Includes colored parts for foot covers for reproducing V Gundam Hexa. 
  • Includes special joint parts for the action base.

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MG 1/100 Core Booster Ver.Ka

- On its own, it comes with V Core Booster and Core Fighter, Display Base, plus weapons for V Gundam too! - By combining it with the V Gundam already released, you can create the V-Dash Gundam. - The display base included is for V Core Booster. Accessories: Beam Rifle, Beam Smart Gun, Beam Javelin, Overhung Cannon, Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher left/right, Disposable Buzz x2, display stand

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[005] HG 1/100 Zollidia

This 1/100 version of the Zollidia feature in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam .

The kit required self assembly and molded in color. Includes stickers and translucent purple shield effect piece for extra touch up to the kit.

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[024] BB LM314V21 V2 Gundam

Item Size/Weight : 25.5 x 19.1 x 5.8 cm / 210g

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[169] HGUC 1/144 Victory Two Gundam

  • Accessories: Core Fighter, beam rifle, beam shield, beam saber × 2, Beam saber (sector)

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NG 1/60 Victory 2 Gundam

Large scale model of the Gundam Victory 2 from the Mobile Suit Victory Gundam TV anime series that's as large as the higher end Perfect Grade line at the fraction of the price! Includes the iconic beam Rifle, beam shield and beam sabers. Fingers are articulated as the RG series and the kit is able to transform into core fighter + top fighter. 

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[189] HGUC 1/144 V2 Assault Buster Gundam

- V Gundam strengthening form is finally appeared in HG! Reproduce the genealogy of Victory type!

- 3 form can be reproduced in the selection formula! Assault parts supplied, by the combination of Buster parts, it can reproduce the form of 3 Gundam.
- Megabimu rifle, other Megabimu shield, Assault parts, Buster parts each comes complete with the new.

- V2 Assault Gundam ... V2 Gundam aircraft equipped with a golden armor options for systemic. While mobility and motility fall slightly, have I field generator and Thailand beam armor with the order of magnitude of the defense force, disable most of the beam attack, was performed buried enemy in Vesper of both hips.

- V2 Buster Gundam ... V2 Gundam equipped with aircraft the heavily armed for options to systemic. While mobility and motility fall slightly, it is possible to bury a large number of enemies in making full use of the Megabimu Cannon and spray beam pod with the order of magnitude of the attack force.

- V2 Assault Buster Gundam ... I have both the defense force of overwhelming offensive power and impregnable in at the same time equipped with aircraft Assault and Buster of both options to V2 Gundam.

- Accessories: Megabimu rifle, Megabimu shield, beam rifle, V2 core fighter, assault parts, Buster parts

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MG 1/100 V Gundam Ver.Ka

  • Accessories: Beam Rifle x1, Beam Saber x2, Beam Fan x1, Beam Shield x1, Hexa Core Fighter x1, Fighter Mode Stand Joint x1, Cockpit Figure x2 (Uso, Junko), Standing Figure x1 (Uso with Haro)

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[003] HG 1/100 Gun Blastor

The LM111E03 Gunblastor is simply an upgraded version of the LM111E02 Gun-EZ that was designed for space combat. In order to facilitate the need for space-use mobile suits, the League Militaire modified their ground-use Gun-EZ by adding a pair of "twin tail" booster binders.


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