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My second time buying here, as like the first time it arrives on time in a great condition, will definitely gonna keep buying here.
Souberiellah on 2020-01-07
very fast delivery, only took 1 day! everything is in nice shape and no defect whatsoever. Take note parents, i think it might be hard to put it together for a 6-10 years old.
Akmal S. on 2019-12-24
Order placed on 14th, received on 18th, arrived in just 4 days!

Items are 100% original.
Received in excellent condition.

Would definitely buy again.

Thank you!
Michaela K. on 2019-12-19
Nice packaging you got there! Love it!! Fast delivery is a must and thank you for that! #goodjob
amirulbunkerzs on 2019-12-18
quality sangat paduuu...kotak tak ade kemik sedikit pun..perfectly secure!!!!finish this in just a few hours....tq so much
Siti N. on 2019-12-13
Yeayyy dapat dahh!! Cepat gilaa sampai, serious talk order semalam hari nie dapat... memang cun laa seller camni, parcel dan kotak model kit tak rosak sikit pon so memang tak rugi laa beli dari sendiri... keep it up, recommend seller camni
Johnny Kuan on 2019-12-11
Finally got my Wargreymon. Thank you for reserved it for me. Great and responsive customer support!
ad2har on 2019-12-09
Good product, responsive customer support, but very slow delivery from POS laju, can't even get in touch with POS laju with call/email and box is in a very bad condition when arrived.
Liew on 2019-12-05