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Easily the best online gunpla shop with fast delivery and great response. 10/10 will continue to shop here again.
Naim Dhama n on 2018-07-05
Customer service bagus. Terima kasih kepada admin fb yang membantu menguruskan order saya dengan pantas kerana terdapat masalah pembayaran. TQVM
Mohd Aliff Haiqal bin Zahid on 2018-07-05
Personally this is the best online shop for Gundam/Anime figure lovers out there.They also have a great costumer service whenever you need assistance.
AzsKurimi on 2018-07-03
I can't describe how thrilled I was to find some of the older Gunpla kits that they have in stock. As a Gunpla collector, I have missed a lot over the past few years, but thanks to Gundam.My, I'm able to get what I'm interested in.Marvelous option, and makes ordering anything a breeze. Excellent selection, ridiculously good prices, and beyond awesome service and order processing makes Gundam.My the best online hobby shop that I ever saw. Thank you for being there!
AzsKurimi on 2018-06-30
It has always been a pleasure to order from and I will continue to shop here. Prices are fair, prompt updates and fast delivery
Saw Chin Hee on 2018-06-26
terima kasih kpd .. perkhidmatan sgt bagus.. dah dpt brg tgh hari tadi.. perhantaran pun cepat... seronok beli brg dgn
Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mohd Razi on 2018-06-20
I had received the item yesterday (18/06/18). The box received in good condition, but the main Gunpla box is dented in one corner. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the item and quite surprised to receive a Raya wishes from your party. Thank you for your amiable service and looking forward in buying more products from you again.
Syed Fathuridhwan Zulkarnain bin Syed Anuar on 2018-06-19
perkhidmatan sgt bagus drpd khidmat pelanggan, ramah , sudi bantu saya yg baru pertama kali beli brg online.. penghantaran agak lambat sikit.. baru saja dpt brg hari ni.. keseluruhannya saya sgt gembira.. saya akan beli lagi dr
Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mohd Razi on 2018-06-12