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[Star Wars] 1/72 First Order Tie Fighter

[Star Wars] 1/72 First Order Tie Fighter
Kit includes two canopies, two seated figures, 1 standing figure, base, laser blasts and decals


[Star Wars] 1/12 Darth Vader

Bandai makes a big splash in the 'Star Wars' world with its 1/12-scale Darth Vader model kit!  This version of the Dark Lord of the Sith depicts him as seen in 'The Empire Strikes Back,' and includes interchangeable hands, a removable helmet, a light saber hilt and a ready-for-battle light saber.  His cape is also jointed for dramatic poses! A base is included as well.  Come over to the Dark Side and place your order today!

  • Release Date: Nov 2014
  • In the battle of episode 5 of the Cloud City], and reproduced in 1/12 scale model Darth Vader was confronted by overwhelming force.
  • This is first Star Wars character plastic model kits!
  • Helmet: head cover removable helmet.
  • Water decal in use too.
  • Set include Two light saber x (handle state-light blade unfolded state), Dedicated display base x 1, (Weapon possession x 2, left fist x 1, smack x 2) 5 kinds of hand parts x 1
  • Height: approx 169mm.

  • This is pre-painted plastic model kits and require snap-fit assembly only.


    [Star Wars] 1/48 Snowspeeder

    • At the Star Wars [Strikes Back Episode 5 / empire], three-dimensional in 1/48 scale Snowspeeder hero Luke Skywalker was boarding!
    • Condensed the details of detail in the 1/48 scale from the verification of thorough Prop (imaging model).
    • The replacement of parts, to reproduce the opening and closing state of air brake.
    • Snow Speeder can be reproduced to fire a laser gun with a laser effect.
    • Seating type figure of the same scale is two bodies included. Snowfield in the AT-AT a defeated power Harpoon (harpoon) parts of the host is also included.
    • Supplied base image the snowy field host. Based multiple connection is possible with the joint parts.

    Accessories: Dedicated display base, laser effect parts x 2,1 / 48 figure x 2 species (pilot, gunner), canopy x 2 species (frame & clear parts, clear parts), Power Harpoon (harpoon) parts, air brake opening and closing reproduction parts four x 2


    [Star Wars] 1/12 Boba Fett

    [Star Wars] 1/12 Boba Fett

    The most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy is now a 1/12 scale model kit from Bandai! It features the same detail and articulation that you've come to expect from the line,, and comes with a full array of accessories including interchangeable hand parts and a dedicated display base! Look for origin of shipment: only items shipped from within North America are being sold by authorized U.S. Retailers. The product box will have a Bluefin warning label, which is proof that you are purchasing an officially licensed band a I product, distributed by its sole and authorized distributor (Bluefin distribution) for the U.S. Markets. This product has been thoroughly tested for safety and meets all North American consumer product safety regulations. The affixed label with the Bluefin distribution logo also entitles the purchaser to product support assistance.

    Accessories: only display base, jet pack, blaster rifle, blaster pistol, hand part four (right weapon possession, grip hands × 2, left open hand)

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    [Star Wars] 1/12 Captain Phasma

    [Star Wars] 1/12 Captain Phasma 

    Dedicated display base x 1 
    Fuzzma exclusive blaster x 1 
    Hand parts x 6 types (weapon possession x 2 · flat hands x 2 · fists x 2) 
    cloak x 2 species (molded cloak x 1 · cloth cloak x 1) 
    Line seal for cloak x 1 
    water transfer type decal x 1 
    marking seal x 1

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    [Star Wars] 1/72 A-Wing Starfighter

    [Star Wars] 1/72 Modelkit A-Wing Starfighter

    • Dedicated display base x 1
    • Turbolaser x 1
    • Laser effect part x 2
    • 1/72 Pilot (seated) x 1
    • Landing gears x 1 set
    • Canopy x 2 types (frame & clear part x 1/clear part x 1)
    • Water-transfer decal x 1
    • Marking sticker x 1


    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 005 - Y-Wing Starfighter

    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model 005 Y-Wing Starfighter

    Length: 112.6mm
    Reproduced down to the tiniest detail.
    Accurate detail even down to the underside.
    Includes a display stand.


    [Star Wars] 1/48 Snowspeeder (1/144 Snowspeeder Included)

    [Star Wars] 1/48 & 1/144 Snowspeeder

    Comes with 1/48 Model Kit and also 1/144 Model Kit

    From Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back comes the Snowspeeder 1/48 & 1/144 scale set! This set comes with 2 Snowspeeders, one in the 1/48 scale and another in the 1/144 scale. You can use this set to create depth and dimension to your displays and dioramas. Display these along with the 1/144 AT-AT (sold separately) to mimic your favorite scenes from the movie!

    This set includes one pilot and 2 dedicated display bases, 7 runners, a water slide decal, marking sticker sheet, and instructions. 

    1/144 and 1/48 scales
    Model Kit
    From the Star Wars series
    Featuring a model kit of 2 Snowspeeders in two different scales
    Includes one pilot figure, 2 display bases, 7 runners, a water slide decal, marking sticker sheet, and instructions

    1/48 scale Snowspeeder parts
    1/144 scale Snowspeeder parts
    Pilot figure
    2 display bases
    7 runners
    Water slide decal
    Marking sticker sheet

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    [Star Wars] 1/144 AT-AT

    From Star Wars: Episode V - the empire strikes back, comes the AT-AT in 1/144 scale! the 4 legged mobile transport has stunning details even down to the side paneling.
    Recreate the memorable attack at the battle of Hoth scene with multiple kits!  legs feature individually movable joints that can even bend low enough to recreate the massive behemoth being defeated,  side panels can also be removed. A nipper or sprue cutter (sold separately) is required for assembly, but does not require glue. Also includes seated pilot, part swappable landing gear options, water slide and sticker transfer options. 

    Set includes snow themed dedicated display base, laser effect parts x2, leg Dampers,1/144 pilot x2, articulated head and legs, and laser gun x2.

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    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 008 - AT-ST & Snowspeeder

    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model 008 AT-ST & Snowspeeder

    Snowspeeder Length: 40mm
    AT-ST Height: 60mm
    A set including AT-ST and Snowspeeder
    Features incredible detail.
    Includes a display stand for Snowspeeder.


    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 009 - Jedi Starfighter

    * The Jedi Starfighter as seen in "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" joins the Vehicle Model series!

    * Highly detailed molding in a palm-sized scale.

    * Hyperdrive Docking Ring is detachable!

    * Display alongside the "1/144 Slave I Jango Fett Ver.” (sold separately) to replicate key scenes from the film!

    * Dedicated display base x 1

    [ CONTENTS ]
    * Sprue x 4
    * Marking sticker x 1
    * Instruction manual (printed on package)


    [Star Wars] 1/72 Blue Squadron Resistance X-Wing Fighter

    From "Star Wars: the last Jedi", the resistance X-Wing Star fighter is making its way to the Bandai Star Wars plastic BAN223296 lineup! this 1/72 scale BAN223296 has been faithfully recreated down to every detail, even the landing gear! the wings open and close and come with laser effect parts for added realism. Use the dedicated display base to replicate your favorite scenes! set includes 2 dedicated display bases (clear blue and black), 1/72 BB-8 part and new droid part, 1/72 pilot (seated), laser effect parts x2, landing gear set, water-transfer decal x1, and marking sticker. Runner x4. Instruction manual x1. 

    • 2 exclusive display bases, 
    • 1/72 pilot (seating) x 1, 
    • 1/72 droid parts x 2, 
    • 2 laser effect parts x 2, 
    • landing feet x 1 formula, 
    • canopy x 2 species (clear parts x 1 · frame parts x 1) 

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    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model 014 Blockade Runner

    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model 014 Blockade Runner

    Vehicle Model 014 Star Wars Blockade runner. ■ It is one size larger than the fighter vehicle model about 127 mm in total length. ■ Dedicated display base × 1


    [Star Wars] 1/1000 Blockade Runner & 1/350 Millennium Falcon

    [Star Wars} 1/1000 Blockade Runner & 1/350 Millennium Falcon

    The Blockade Runner and Millennium Falcon are part of Bandai Japan's Star Wars model kit lineup!

    Featured in A New Hope, this set includes 2 pedestals for each completed scaled model and marking stickers to customize them!

    Product Features
    - Blockade Runner is 1/1000 scale
    - Millennium Falcon is 1/350 scale
    - Model kit set
    - From the Star Wars series

    Box Contents
    - Blockade Runner 1/1000 scale model parts
    - Millennium Faclon 1/350 scale model parts
    - 2 dedicated display bases
    - 7 molded articles
    - Marking stickers
    - Instructions


    [Star Wars] 1/12 Darth Vader (Return of Jedi)

    Darth Vader returns to the 1/12 line with a new mask off version. This model utilizes the Triaxial Jet Finish and by popular demand has a new cape recreated with soft plastic to increase poseability. It comes with an alternate right arm with the hand cut off to reflect the fierce fight with Luke Skywalker. The chest parts have been recreated in a new molded design as well. This is the ultimate Darth Vader model kit!

    Product Features

    • 6 inches (15.24cm)
    • Made of plastic
    • From Return of the Jedi
    • Utilizes the Triaxial Jet Finish
    • Cape recreated with soft plastic to increase poseability

    Box Contents

    • 9 Runners
    • 2 Face parts
    • 2 Cape parts
    • Cut off right hand
    • 2 Chest panels
    • Lightsaber
    • Lightsaber hilt
    • 5 Hands
    • Stickers Decals

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    [Star Wars] 1/12 R5-J2

    R5-J2 is an Imperial maintenance droid stationed aboard the Death Star II that provides support and repairs. It includes a display base plus additional arm accessories for R2-D2.

    Product Features:
    - 3.60 inches (9.15cm)
    - Made of plastic
    - From the Star Wars franchise
    - Additional accessories for R2-D2
    - R2-D2 not included

    Box Contents:
    - 5 Runners
    - Stickers
    - Additional arm accessories (for R2-D2)


    [Star Wars] 1/12 Shadow StormTrooper

    The 1/12 Scale Shadow Stormtrooper comes molded in a glossy black color. He comes armed with three weapon types and can be posed in a variety of positions.

    Product Features

    • Product Size: 6"
    • Material: Plastic
    • Comes With Three Weapon Accessories
    • Extra Hands
    • Poseable

    Box Contents

    • Shadow Stormtrooper Assembly Parts
    • E-11 Blaster 
    • DTL-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle 
    • SE-14r Short-Range Combat Pistol 
    • Display Base 
    • 6 Hand Parts
    • Water Transfer Type Decals 
    • Marking Seal 


    [Star Wars] 1/12 R4-M9 - New Hope

    After the opening of "Star Wars Episode 4 / New Hope", Astromek Droid of the Imperial Army detained by Brockade Runner comes up! 
    -   We reproduce the body faithfully with detail by parts division and each part marking seal which imaged setting color. 
    -  Dedicated display base is attached. 

    -  Display base x 1 

    [Item content] 
    -   Sprue x 6 
    -   Marking seal x 1 
    -   Manual x 1


      [Star Wars] Vehicle Model 016 Super Star Destroyer

      The newest vehicle model from Star Wars is the Super Star Destroyer! This model faithfully recreates the massive ship from the original Star Wars trilogy.

      Box Contents
      -Pieces to build 
        - Super Star Destroyer
        - Display base


      [Star Wars] 1/72 X-Wing Fighter (The Rise Of Skywalker)

      From "Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker" comes 1/72 X Wing Fighter!

      •  Modeled R6-D8 with new parts.
      •  Reproduce the aircraft color in the play.
      •  Comes with a black display pedestal inspired by outer space.

      •  Exclusive display base x 1
      •  Pilot parts (sitting) x 1
      •  Landing leg x 1 set
      •  Canopy x 2 types (Clear parts x 1, Frame parts x 1)
      •  Laser effect parts x 1 set
      •  Droid parts x 1
      •  Water transfer decal x 1
      •  Marking seal x 1

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      [Star Wars] 1/72 Poe's X-Wing Fighter (The Rise Of Skywalker)

      This 1/72 scale model kit features Poe\'s X-Wing Fighter as seen in the third installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Included with the kit are both clear and frame versions of cockpit canopy.

      Product Features
      • 1/72 scale
      • From Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
      • Made of plastic
      • Clear and frame versions of cockpit canopy
      Box Contents
      • Parts to build Poe's X-Wing Fighter
      • Display Base
      • Seated Pilot Figure
      • Landing Gear
      • Clear version of cockpit canopy
      • Frame version of cockpit canopy
      • Laser Effect Parts
      • Docked Droid in X-Wing Parts
      • Water decal and marking sticker

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      [STAR WARS] 1/144 Poe's X-Wing & X-Wing Fighter (The Rise of Skywalker)

      This two-pack includes parts to build a regular X-Wing Fighter and Poe\'s personal X-Wing Fighter, both of which were featured in The Rise of Skywalker!

      This 1/144 scale vehicle kit set includes two clear display stands, upgraded molds for the R2-D2 and R6-D8 Units, and name plate stickers for each Fighter.

      Product Features

      • 3.43 Inches when completed (8.7cm)
      • 1/144 Scale
      • Made of plastic
      • Based on Poe\'s X-Wing Fighter and a regular X-Wing Fighter in Rise of Skywalker
      • Vehicle model kit set
      • Includes 2 clear display stands, name plate stickers, and upgraded R2-D2 and R6-D8 parts
      • Instructions may or may not include English translation

      Box Contents

      • Pieces to build
        • X-Wing Fighter
        • Poe\'s X-Wing Fighter
        • R2-D2 Unit
        • R6-D8 Unit
        • 2 Display stands
      • Name plate stickers
      • Instructions


      [Star Wars] Vehicle Model 017 X-Wing Fighter (The Rise of Skywalker)

      Recreate the final battle of the hit film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker using this mini-X-Wing Fighter model kit! This 1/144 scale vehicle model kit includes pieces to build a display stand along with an upgraded molded R6-D8 unit.

      Collect multiple to create your own squadron!

      Product Features

      • 3.43 Inches when completed (8.7cm)
      • 1/144 Scale
      • Made of plastic
      • Based on the X-Wing Fighter\'s appearance in The Rise of Skywalker
      • Vehicle model kit
      • Includes display stand and upgraded R6-D8 parts
      • Instructions may or may not include English translation

      Box Contents

      • Pieces to build
        • X-Wing Fighter
        • R6-D8 Unit
        • Display stand
      • Instructions


      1/72 X Wing Starfighter RED5 (Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker)

      The X-Wing Starfighter that Ray inherited from Luke in Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker is now available on 1/72 scale!

      ?? Details and coloring are faithfully reproduced by Iropla molding, water slide decals, and marking stickers.
      ?? Reproduce the characteristic internal details such as the mechanical details on the upper surface of the rear and various sensors inside the nose cone.
      ?? Reproduce Ray\'s pilot parts with new modeling.
      ?? Implantation leg parts are included and reproduced by switching between unfolding and storing.
      ?? Two types of canopies are included, one with a clear material and one with a frame only.
      ?? A clear green pedestal that imagines the sea area where the X wing was hidden and a simple white pedestal are included.

      ?? Dedicated display base x 2 types (clear green, white)
      ?? Pilot parts x 1 type (Ray [sitting])
      ?? Implantation legs x 1 set
      ?? Canopy x 2 types (clear parts x 1, frame parts x) 1)
      ?? Water transfer type decal x 1
      ?? Marking sticker x 1

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      [Star Wars] PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon (Standard Ver.) - A New Hope

      This release of the PG Falcon features stickers instead of water slides to decorate the various hull panels and a translucent light blue clear part in place of the LED system to simulate the color of the Sublight engine propulsion systems of the Falcon as seen in the digitally remastered releases of "Star Wars."

      Created through thousands of hours studying the studio model used to film "Star Wars: A New Hope", it is the most accurate version ever to be released. Using Bandai's color injection technology, the kit has been engineered to even have its hull damage molded into the parts while still being snap together and requiring no glue. The model even creates inner details of the ship, ranging from the cockpit to the famous boarding ramp.

      At 19" long this model stands out as the ultimate Millennium Falcon model kit. Set includes dedicated display base and seated figures of Han, Luke Chewbacca, Obi-wan, C-3P0, Princess Leia.

      Product Features
      • 19 inches (48.25cm)
      • Made of plastic
      • Features stickers instead of water slides
      • Translucent light blue clear parts to simulate the color of the Sublight engine propulsion system
      • Color injection technology
      • No glue required
      Box Contents
      • Pieces to build the Millennium Falcon
      • Han figure
      • Luke figure
      • Chewbacca figure
      • Obi-wan figure
      • C-3PO figure
      • Princess Leia figure

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      [Star Wars] 1/2 BB-8 (Gloss Finish)

      YES, we finally get a big BB-8! This beautiful kit utilizes glass-finished plastic for a shiny look right out of the box, and all the minor details of BB-8's surface have been faithfully reproduced. Multiple arms are included so you can display him shocking his enemies or approving of his friends, and a red LED unit is also included to reproduce his illuminated camera eye so you can display him just like any scene in the movie! A display base is included so he doesn't roll away, so you can proudly display this foot-tall cutie anywhere you'd like!

      33.5 cm

      Kit includes:
      • Dedicated display base
      • 2 x arm type (zapper, burner)
      • Utility arm parts
      • Memory Chip Parts
      • Effect part x 2 (electricity, fire)
      • Red LED Unit


      [Star Wars] 1/72 B-Wing Star Fighter

      [Star Wars] 1/72 B-Wing Star Fighter

      Highly anticipated by fans, the 1/72 B-Wing Starfighter is joining the Star Wars Vehicle Model series! The B-Wing Star fighter, featured in "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi", is the last of the main vehicles of the rebellion from the original trilogy to be released.

      Various gimmicks are used to create added realism in this model kit such as included laser effects that can be attached to the tips of the wings when displayed vertically, BAN LEDs (sold separately) to recreate lights in the rear engine, as well as the choice between clear or frame parts for the canopy.

      • 5 inches (12.70cm)
      • Made of plastic
      • From Return of the Jedi
      • Last of the main vehicles of the rebellion from the original trilogy to be released
      • Can be equipped with LEDs (sold separately) 

      Box Contents

      • 6 Runners
      • Laser effect parts
      • 2 Canopies
      • Water decals
      • Sticker sheet


      [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 013 - Death Star -

      [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 013 - Death Star - 

      Recreate the intense Battle of Endor in "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" with the new 1/2,700,000 scale Death Star II! Display this Death Star II along with the 1/72 B-Wing Starfighter and recreate illustrations by the late concept artist Ralph McQuarrie!


      [Star Wars] 1/6 Shadow Stormtrooper

      • Star wars plastic model kits rendering of the jet black trooper in 1/6 scale appearing in "Comic Novel" of  "Star Wars"! 
      • Various seals such as special display, water transfer type decal, marking seal etc are included. 
      • Troopers rich hand parts and weapons are included. 
      • Display Base x 1 
      • E-11 Blaster x 1 
      • DTL-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle x 1 
      • SE-14r Short Range, Combat  Pistol x 1 
      • Hand Part x 6 Type (Weapon Holder x 2 Hirate x 2 Right fists x 1 Left pointing x 1) 


      [Star Wars] 1/12 The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) - Silver/Metallic Coating Ver.

      • From the first live-action drama series Mandalorian of Star Wars, the main character Mandalorian is made into a plastic model on a 1/12 scale with various accessories!
      • Beskar armor with a characteristic silver color is reproduced with a solid silver coating.
      •  Dedicated blaster x 2 types
      •  Spear x 1
      •  Dark saver x 1
      •  Cloak x 1
      •  Hand parts Gun handle (right), rifle handle (right), weapon handle (right), facial expression hand ( Left)
      •  Joint parts x 1 set
      •  Dedicated display base x 1


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