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[Star Wars] 1/72 Poe's X-Wing Fighter

Codenamed Black One, and made famous by Poe Dameron in the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, the T-70 X-wing fighter was the successor to the T-65B X-wing starfighter, manufactured by Incom-FreiTek for use by the New Republic Starfleet.
More expensive and complex than the former T-65B, the T-70 featured advanced weaponry and proved more versatile than its predecessor, and was essential in both dogfights and capital-ship scale combat operations.
Utilizing Bandai's trademark color injection molding techniques, Poe's X-Wing Fighter is faithfully reproduced in 1/72 scale.

This X-Wing features opening and closing S-foils laser effect parts that can attach to the wings, a cockpit with 2 different canopy options, and display stand.

Set includes Dedicated display base (x1), seated Pilot (x1), BB-8 (×1), RO-H2 (×1), Laser effect part (x2), Landing gears (x1), set Canopy(frame only x1 / clear part x1). Water-transfer decal (x1), Marking sticker (x1).

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[Star Wars] 1/72 Tie Striker

From the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes a model kit of the TIE Striker!

Bandai used their color injection molding technology to create this model kit, so no painting or glue required! This space vehicle has been faithfully recreated in 1/72 scale and includes articulated 9-inch long solar panels and a bonus opening hatch.

This set includes a display stand, 2 laser effect parts, 2 view port options featuring clear plastic or exposed frame, and a seated pilot.
9.5 inches long (24.13cm)
Model Kit
1/72 scale
From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Color injected molding; no painting or glue required!
Features articulated solar panels and hatch with either clear plastic or exposed frame options!
Includes a scaled seated TIE pilot figure, 2 laser effects, and a stand

1/72 scale TIE Striker model kit
Display stand
2 laser effect parts
2 view port options
Clear plastic
Exposed frame
Seated pilot figure

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[Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 006 - Millennium Falcon

[Star Wars] Vehicle Model 006 Millennium Falcon

Length: 99mm
Features the early Millennium Falcon’s signature round sensor dish.
Retracted landing gear can be seen in three spots on the undercarriage.
Includes a display base.

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[Star Wars] 1/12 Shoretrooper

[Star Wars] 1/12 Shoretrooper

Display Base x 1 
Belt Parts x 2 
E - 11 Blaster x 1 
E - 22 Long Blaster x 1 
Hand Part x 3 Type (Weapon Holder Right x 1, Hiras x 2) 
Skirt x 1

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[Star Wars] 1/144 U-Wing and Tie Striker

[Star Wars] 1/144 U-Wing & Tie Striker

Dedicated display base x 2 (for U-Wing Fighter / for TIE Striker)
Laser effect part x 2 (for U-Wing Fighter)
Canopy x 2 types (for U-Wing Fighter)
[clear part x 1 / frame part x 1]
Pilot x 2 types (for U-Wing Fighter)
Landing gears x 1 set (for U-Wing Fighter)
1/144 Combat Assault Tank x 2
1/144 Combat Assault Tank driver part x 

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[Star Wars] 1/48 Snowspeeder (1/144 Snowspeeder Included)

[Star Wars] 1/48 & 1/144 Snowspeeder

Comes with 1/48 Model Kit and also 1/144 Model Kit

From Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back comes the Snowspeeder 1/48 & 1/144 scale set! This set comes with 2 Snowspeeders, one in the 1/48 scale and another in the 1/144 scale. You can use this set to create depth and dimension to your displays and dioramas. Display these along with the 1/144 AT-AT (sold separately) to mimic your favorite scenes from the movie!

This set includes one pilot and 2 dedicated display bases, 7 runners, a water slide decal, marking sticker sheet, and instructions. 

1/144 and 1/48 scales
Model Kit
From the Star Wars series
Featuring a model kit of 2 Snowspeeders in two different scales
Includes one pilot figure, 2 display bases, 7 runners, a water slide decal, marking sticker sheet, and instructions

1/48 scale Snowspeeder parts
1/144 scale Snowspeeder parts
Pilot figure
2 display bases
7 runners
Water slide decal
Marking sticker sheet

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[Star Wars] 1/72 Red Squadron X-Wing Starfighter

[Star Wars] Red Squadron X-Wing Starfighter
  • Height approx 86mm
  • In marking seal, reproduce the characteristic line of the X-wing starfighter.
  • That is characteristic wing of the X-wing starfighter is possible deployment.
  • Display base is included

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[Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 008 - AT-ST & Snowspeeder

[Star Wars] Vehicle Model 008 AT-ST & Snowspeeder

Snowspeeder Length: 40mm
AT-ST Height: 60mm
A set including AT-ST and Snowspeeder
Features incredible detail.
Includes a display stand for Snowspeeder.

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[Star Wars] 1/12 K-2SO

[Star Wars] 1/12 K-2SO

Display Base x 1 
Display Stand x 1 
Hand Part x 4 Types

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[Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 009 - Jedi Starfighter

* The Jedi Starfighter as seen in "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" joins the Vehicle Model series!

* Highly detailed molding in a palm-sized scale.

* Hyperdrive Docking Ring is detachable!

* Display alongside the "1/144 Slave I Jango Fett Ver.” (sold separately) to replicate key scenes from the film!

* Dedicated display base x 1

* Sprue x 4
* Marking sticker x 1
* Instruction manual (printed on package)

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[Star Wars] 1/144 Slave I (Jango Fett's Ver.)

From "Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones", comes the infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett's Slave I!  Reproduce the shape of the Slave I through new parts for the cockpit and exterior. Set includes dedicated display base, display base part, cockpit hatch parts (open and close), and flight/parked cylinder parts. 

- Runner x8
- Water slide decal x1
- Marking sticker sheet x1
- Instruction manual x1.

Model approximately 5" high and 5.25" wide.

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[Star Wars] 1/6 Yoda (1/12 scale Yoda Included)

From the Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back comes a 1/6 scale model kit of Yoda the wise!

Yoda stands 4.3 inches when completed and includes 2 different head sculpts, his gimer staff, his green light saber, water transfer decals, display base, and interchangeable hands.

This model kit also includes a 1/12 scale Yoda holding his grimer staff, standing about 2.2 inches when completed.

1/6 scale Yoda is 4.3 inches (11cm)
1/12 scale Yoda is 2.2 inches (5.7cm)
Made of plastic
From The Empire Strikes Back
Featuring Yoda as a model kit
Includes 6 molded parts, 2 interchangeable heads, 1/6 and 1/12 scale staffs, lightsaber parts, 5 interchangeable hands, 2 display bases, water transfer decal, instructions

1/6 scale Yoda parts
1/12 scale Yoda parts
2 interchangeable heads
With hair
Without hair
5 interchangeable hands
2 staff parts
1/6 scale staff
1/12 scale staff
2 lightsabers
Water transfer decal
2 display bases
1/6 scale
1/12 scale

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[Star Wars] 1/6 Stormtrooper

Bandai has created an excellent kit at 1/6 scale this one knocks it out of the park. Their 1/12 scale figures are great, but at this scale everything is much improved for detail and display! I hope this is the first of many more 1/6 scale figures to come. I found this kit to be excellently made. Goes together well. Has options for weapons and parts for posing. Nothing like this as ever been released for modelers before in kit form. Quality product!

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[Star Wars] 1/2 BB-8

"BB - 8" which became popular in "Star Wars / Awakening of Force" appeared becoming a large model model of about 33.5 cm! Because it is this size realistic gimmick reproduction and abundant attached parts. With high-quality BB-8 in hand!

First adopted the new technology "shading mold" that clearly shows detail line (line). By emphasizing the shadow of the detail line it is a large model but it has a sense of density. 

Scenes that remove the R2-D2 sheet that was impressive in the play, the discharge scene, the scene that thumbs up with the burner can be reproduced with various parts. In the play, "Map Chip Parts" came from "Po Dammeron" is included. The "storage pocket" where the chip fits is also reproducible. 

Primary photoreceptor of the head can be reproduced on the LED (red) unit. Batteries used: LR 41 x 2 (sold separately) 

Dedicated display base x 1, Arm x 2 (Zapper arm parts, burner arm parts), utility arm parts x 1, map chip parts x 1, effect parts x 2 (fire reproduction parts, discharge reproduction parts) 

[Product Details] 
Molded item x 22, LED unit (red) x 1, marking seal x 1, instruction manual x 1

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[Star Wars] 1/12 Battle Droid & Stap

Commercialization of the trade union's "Battle Droid" that appeared in "Star Wars Episode 1 / Phantom Menace", "Star Wars Episode 2 / Attack of the Clone" and its Vehicle "Stap" set! 

Thorough material verification realized modeling sticking! 

The state before the start of the battle droid can also be reproduced. Characteristic weapons of battle droids are included. It is also possible to install a blaster in a backpack with a hook style. Battle droid backpack is removable. Macro binuclar is also included. The head parts with the conventional item C - 3PO can be exchanged, and an impressive scene in the play can be reproduced. Two types of black pedestal for battle droid and clear pedestal for stap are attached. 

Accessories : 
Display Base ~ 2 (Base for Battle Droid ~ 1, Clear Base for Stap ~ 1) 
E-5 Blaster ~ 1 
Macro Binocular ~ 1 
Replacement Antenna ~ 1 
Head Replacement Part x 2

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[Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 010 - A-Wing Starfighter

[Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 010 - A-Wing Starfighter

2 units in the package

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[Star Wars] 1/12 General Grievous

Dreams do come true, my friends. Bandai just announced General Grievous for their Star Wars model kit line. And I couldn -  €™t be happier.

And there are several reasons for my happiness, besides getting to add a new Star Wars figure to my 1/12 scale display.

One, the model kit figure line is continuing. It -  €™s been a while since a new figure, as in an all-new kit, has been announced. I was afraid the Battle Droid reissue and the hologram Darth Vader was signaling the demise of one of my favorite lines.

Two, it -  €™s Grievous. In the model kit line. Sure, we -  €™ve seen teases in the S.H. Figuarts line but I was hoping for a model because they are bigger. That -  €™s it. Sure, the detailing will have to be painted and it may feel just slightly more flimsy than an actual action figure, but the good General will end up more imposing on the shelf after being put together. Don -  €™t get me wrong, I -  €™m still hoping for an SHF, but I -  €™m downright giddy at the thought of building Grievous.

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[Star Wars] 1/12 First Order Storm Trooper Executioner

It is a plastic model of Stormtrooper, which is characterized by a black line of the head appearing in "Star Wars / Last Jedi". We also faithfully reproduce the new Stormtrooper helmet that appears in this work. Two kinds of weapons including the newly appearing claw-like weapon and eight kinds of hand parts are attached. Effective parts are also attached to the new armament, you can take a powerful action pose. Also included are parts of the conventional First Order Stormtrooper which also changed helmet design as well, it is a selectable formula which can be reproduced both high value items. 

Total height: about 142 mm 

Shoulder pad x 2 species
Dedicated display base x 1
F-11D blaster rifle x 1
EP8 New Arm x 1
Effect parts x 1 
Hand parts x 8 species
Weapon possession (right and left) x 1 each 
Gun handle (right and left) x 1 each 
Hirate (left and right) x 1 each 
Fist (left and right) x 1 each 

Sprue x 7
Water-transfer decal x 1 
Marking seal x 1 
Instruction manual x 1

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[STAR WARS] 1/12 C - 3 PO & R2 - D 2 (The Last Jedi)

The threat of the first Order is of great concern to the ever-worried protocol droid C-3PO. He continues to serve General Leia Organa on the buridge of the Resistance cruiser.

Luke Skywalker's faithful astromech droid remainded dormant for years after his master dissappeared. Now reactivated, R2-D2 travels with Rey and Chewbacca to a remote island where Skywalker is in exile.

Cables at the stomach are reproduced with the multi layered structure of the parts.

Reproduces the details on the inside of the back as well.

Choose from 2 types of arms: the moveable type with sliding actuators, and the gold plated fixed type.

Can stand by itself on its two supporting legs, and its thrid leg can be stored inside the body.

Comes with a variety of arms and antennas. Hatch can be opened or closed.

Comes with Display base that can be connected so they can be displayed together.

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[STAR WARS] 1/12 Captain Phasma (The Last Jedi)

Clad in distinctive metallic armor, Captain Phasma commands the First Order's legion of troppers. Having survived the destruction of Starkiller Base, she has a personal score to settle with the Resistance.

Comes with a variety of posed hand parts in addition to the weapon used in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Comes with a connectable display base.

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[STAR WARS] Vehicle Model Series 012 - AT-M6

The first appearance in "Star Wars / the last of the Jedi", the first of three-dimensional vehicle model series of palm-sized a huge four-legged walker type · AT-M6. And characteristic forefoot part, thoroughly reproduced until the abdomen detail! Presence of a small but spectacular! High palm size of the collection of becoming want multiple body decoration. If multiple Soroere, you can enjoy the image of a powerful march scene in the play! [Accessories] * body x 1

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[STAR WARS] 1/12 Han Solo Storm Trooper Ver.

Utilizing pre-colored plastic and snap together assembly like GunPla, the Star Wars Character Line provides ease of assembly and feature rich detail! Click below for line list and images of initial releases for May and June, including the recently announced Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Stormtroopers which feature special new technologies that allow the face to be printed directly onto the plastic!

- Accessories

  • Han Solo Facial Part x 1
  • Stromtrooper Helmet x 1
  • Display Base x 1
  • E-11 Blaster x 1
  • DTL-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle x 1
  • SE-14r  Short Range Combat Pistol x 1
  • Hand parts x 6
  • Water decal x 1
  • Marking stick x 1
  • Instruction Manual x 1

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[STAR WARS] 1/12 Luke Skywalker Storm Trooper Ver.

Bandai Hobby Division gives off a human face representation by the "Star Wars" plastic model series of NEXT MOVE "Triaxial Jet Finish" 

New technology, the precision of conventional plastic model fusion! 

Realize the print to a three-direction by the jig controlled by the development of ... dedicated jig and Triaxial Jet Finish. The molded article alone is obtained did not shadow sense of marvel of new technologies to reproduce the vitality of the surface feeling and look of the skin, the conventional ink jet printing Quality of dimensions are different, stereoscopic the expression of actors and vividly It has been reproduced. 

Develop and introduce new technology to surpass the figure painting techniques of the past! Products that make up the Luke Skywalker who infiltrated the Death Star in the movie of "Star Wars Episode 4 / A New Hope" in the "plastic model"! Storm Trooper helmet parts is also included!

Luke Skywalker in Death in the star was used to jump to the opposite side of the passage had the Princess Leia, the shape of the grappling hook that is attached to the rear belt reproduction! 

Height reproduction for parts also included, height difference between the Han Solo also can be reproduced! 


- Luke Skywalker Facial Part x 1
- Stromtrooper Helmet x 1
- Display Base x 1
- E-11 Blaster x 1
- DTL-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle x 1
- SE-14r  Short Range Combat Pistol x 1
- Hand parts x 6
- Water decal x 1
- Marking stick x 1
- Instruction Manual x 1

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[STAR WARS] Death Star Attack Set

[STAR WARS] Death Star Attack Set 1/144

Recreate the iconic Death Star trench run from "Star Wars A New Hope"!  This 1/144 model set comes with a partial cut away section of the Death Star Trench including one X-Wing which has marking options for Red 5, Red 3, and Red 2.  X-wing 3.4" long.  Trench Approx 9" long.  Runner x 8, Sticker, Instruction Manual.

Product size: X-wing 3.4" long. 
Trench Approx 9" long

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[Star Wars] PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon (Standard Ver.) - A New Hope

This release of the PG Falcon features stickers instead of water slides to decorate the various hull panels and a translucent light blue clear part in place of the LED system to simulate the color of the Sublight engine propulsion systems of the Falcon as seen in the digitally remastered releases of "Star Wars."

Created through thousands of hours studying the studio model used to film "Star Wars: A New Hope", it is the most accurate version ever to be released. Using Bandai's color injection technology, the kit has been engineered to even have its hull damage molded into the parts while still being snap together and requiring no glue. The model even creates inner details of the ship, ranging from the cockpit to the famous boarding ramp.

At 19" long this model stands out as the ultimate Millennium Falcon model kit. Set includes dedicated display base and seated figures of Han, Luke Chewbacca, Obi-wan, C-3P0, Princess Leia.

Product Features
  • 19 inches (48.25cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Features stickers instead of water slides
  • Translucent light blue clear parts to simulate the color of the Sublight engine propulsion system
  • Color injection technology
  • No glue required
Box Contents
  • Pieces to build the Millennium Falcon
  • Han figure
  • Luke figure
  • Chewbacca figure
  • Obi-wan figure
  • C-3PO figure
  • Princess Leia figure

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[Star Wars] 1/2 BB-8 (Gloss Finish)

YES, we finally get a big BB-8! This beautiful kit utilizes glass-finished plastic for a shiny look right out of the box, and all the minor details of BB-8's surface have been faithfully reproduced. Multiple arms are included so you can display him shocking his enemies or approving of his friends, and a red LED unit is also included to reproduce his illuminated camera eye so you can display him just like any scene in the movie! A display base is included so he doesn't roll away, so you can proudly display this foot-tall cutie anywhere you'd like!

33.5 cm

Kit includes:
  • Dedicated display base
  • 2 x arm type (zapper, burner)
  • Utility arm parts
  • Memory Chip Parts
  • Effect part x 2 (electricity, fire)
  • Red LED Unit

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[Star Wars] 1/72 B-Wing Star Fighter

[Star Wars] 1/72 B-Wing Star Fighter

Highly anticipated by fans, the 1/72 B-Wing Starfighter is joining the Star Wars Vehicle Model series! The B-Wing Star fighter, featured in "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi", is the last of the main vehicles of the rebellion from the original trilogy to be released.

Various gimmicks are used to create added realism in this model kit such as included laser effects that can be attached to the tips of the wings when displayed vertically, BAN LEDs (sold separately) to recreate lights in the rear engine, as well as the choice between clear or frame parts for the canopy.

  • 5 inches (12.70cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From Return of the Jedi
  • Last of the main vehicles of the rebellion from the original trilogy to be released
  • Can be equipped with LEDs (sold separately) 

Box Contents

  • 6 Runners
  • Laser effect parts
  • 2 Canopies
  • Water decals
  • Sticker sheet

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[Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 013 - Death Star â…¡

[Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 013 - Death Star â…¡

Recreate the intense Battle of Endor in "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" with the new 1/2,700,000 scale Death Star II! Display this Death Star II along with the 1/72 B-Wing Starfighter and recreate illustrations by the late concept artist Ralph McQuarrie!

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[Star Wars] 1/12 R2-D2 (Rocket Booster Ver.)

[Star Wars] 1/12 R2-D2 (Rocket Booster Ver.)

R2-D2 is making its appearance to the Star Wars 1/12 character model kit collection with all new gimmicks and functions! A new series called the "Droid Collection" will feature each droid with a specific "droid accessory" compatible with this R2-D2 kit.

Lift R2-D2's head with the Hydraulic lifting device or display R2-D2 in a floating state using the included base. 

Product Features:
- 4 inches (10.16cm)
- Made of plastic
- All new gimmicks and functions
- Compatible with other kits in the Droid Collection
- Lift R2-D2's head with the Hydraulic lifting device 

Box Contents:
- 6 Runners
- Brook's propeller rocket booster
- Hydraulic head lifting device
- Electronic bar
- Oil application arm
- Light saber
- 2 Tool stands
- Display base
- Marking sticker sheet 

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[Star Wars] 1/1000 Blockade Runner & 1/350 Millennium Falcon

[Star Wars} 1/1000 Blockade Runner & 1/350 Millennium Falcon

The Blockade Runner and Millennium Falcon are part of Bandai Japan's Star Wars model kit lineup!

Featured in A New Hope, this set includes 2 pedestals for each completed scaled model and marking stickers to customize them!

Product Features
- Blockade Runner is 1/1000 scale
- Millennium Falcon is 1/350 scale
- Model kit set
- From the Star Wars series

Box Contents
- Blockade Runner 1/1000 scale model parts
- Millennium Faclon 1/350 scale model parts
- 2 dedicated display bases
- 7 molded articles
- Marking stickers
- Instructions


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