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Flame Toys [Furai Model] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Furai Megazord Model Kit

Flame Toys [Furai Model] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Furai Megazord Model Kit
Brand : Flame Toys
Series : Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise
Model : Megazord
Material : ABS and POM
  • Tyrannosaurus Dinozord
  • Mastodon Dinozord
  • Triceratops Dinozord
  • Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord
  • Pterodactyl Dinozord

Based on the Power Rangers franchise comes a model kit of the impressive Megazord from Flame Toys! This model kit features the iconic Megazord Battle mode and Tank mode, as well as the 5 Dinozords. All 5 Dinozords are included and can be combined to form the Megazord. The model kit contains over 280 assembly pieces for the set. Make sure to add this "mighty" model kit to your collection!

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Deluxe Legacy Megazord

  • Metal build power ranger legacy megazoids modelling kits.
  • Go Go Power Rangers! Legacy Megazord is a blast from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers past! 
  • 5 Zords combine to create the mighty Megazord Dino Zord! This very limited release Megazord really transforms and features sections of die-cast metal and metallic paint effect.
  • The five original Zords are included: Red Tyrannosaurs, Blue Triceratops, Yellow Sabertooth Tiger, Black Mastodon and Pink Pterodactyl. 
  • These five will merge together to build Dino Megazord. The Power Sword and Mastodon Shield help the Power Rangers fight off evil alien monsters.
  • Deluxe Megazord stands around 11 inches tall. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Megazord is brand new in factory sealed box. Box features re-creation photos of the original Bandai Megazord box from 1993! 
  • Legacy Megazord is the perfect Zord for any Power Ranger fan young or old.


Power Ranger Legacy Dragonzord

  • Metal build Power Ranger Legacy Dragonzord


Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products