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ZGMX-X666S Legend Gundam

Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 13 cm / 541g This Legend Gundam model is the standard issue release and does not come with a display stand. Here's the very impressive Legend Gundam, from Gundam SEED Destiny. Polycaps are included for joints. A die-cut clear card featuring pilot Rey Za Burrel lists his specs is included along with a stand to hold the card upright. Legend Gundam is pre-colored and snap-together, so paint and glue are not needed to complete it. Like all Bandai Japan models, the instructions for assembly are in Japanese, but they feature very clear, easy-to-follow pictures. The model is brand new, and its parts are completely sealed.

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[022] NG 1/100 Vent Saviour Gundam

  • Enhanced Mobile Suit Gundam based on Saviour. Van Saviour Gundam appeared!
  • Variation in flight morphology.
  • In conjunction with other products with detachable backpack Astray.
  • The rear connection portion is provided that can be connected to the striker.
  • Hail can be equipped with a striker like Buster Gundam.
  • Accessories: Dedicated × 1 beam rifle, shield × 1, beam saber × 1,
  • × 1 system for large beam cannon back
  • (Am convergent beam cannon folder plasma status) (Super Fortis beam cannon)

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Aile Strike Gundam

High-grade version of the kit of the new, flying design from Gundam Seed. Very much in the Gundam style yet a unique design for this the the show's main character -- that "Aile Striker" removable backpack is a cool feature. Also comes with beam rifle, beam saber and "Armor Schnieder" knife deployable from the waist.. Aile strike Gundam includes foil stickers and a 1/20 scale, unpainted figure of the hero, "Kira Yamato."These Gundam Seed kits are made by BanDai of Japan. The instructions are in Japanese but are numbered and simple to follow - no glue is required to build these Gundam Seed models which are in colour with moveable parts and accessories. Scale 1/100.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsThe Strike is the most versatile of the five Gundams created by the Earth Alliance's G Project. Because of its bright blue, red and white color scheme, the Strike is easily the most visually distinctive of the five (with the possible exception of the bright red-colored GAT-X303 Aegis). Using its Striker Packs, the Strike can be outfitted for all-purpose combat (Aile Strike), heavy assault (Launcher Strike) or heavy melee combat (Sword Strike). Design wise, the Strike is simply an extension of the Duel's frame, allowing for a multi-role function not featured in the Duel, Buster, or Blitz. (In fact, the Strike's Striker Pack allowed it to mimic, to variable degrees, many of the abilities of the first three mobile suits).

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Launcher Strike Gundam

From Gundam Seed comes this high-grade kit of the Launcher Strike Gundam, complete with its powerful Agni impulse gun and shoulder-mounted gatling gun and gun launcher unit, distinctive beam rifle and shield, and Armor Schneider knives! This snap-assembly kit has plenty of polycaps for great posability, and is molded in color, with foil stickers for some of the details. Comes with an unpainted 1/20-scale figure of spacesuited pilot Kira Yamato!

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ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam Model Kit

Justice is originally built by ZAFT and piloted by Athrun Zala. Its backpack, the "Sub-flight System," is actually a support vehicle that houses a set of cannons on top and can detach and fly on its own. Like the Freedom Gundam, it is equipped with a Neutron Jammer Canceler, allowing a nuclear reactor to be used for the powerplant instead of a mere battery. This means that the Justice Gundam can operate its Phase Shift system indefinitely.

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MG 1/100 MS-06J Zaku II Ver.2.0 (WHITE OGRE)

  • MS Igloo 2: Gravity Front’s very own Captain Elmer Snell’s ‘White Ogre' Zaku in Master Grade form!
  • Molded in anime-accurate colors and featuring decals that bring out the White Ogre’s unique aesthetic! 
  • Equipped with a spare magazine for the Bazooka, held at the waist.
  • Accessories: Zaku machine gun, Zaku Bazooka, Heat Hawk.

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MG 1/100 Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam

  • An upgraded version of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED’s MG Strike Gundam, this kit adds in the powerful Sword and Launcher Strike packs.
  • Backpack features connection points to mount advanced Strikers on the armor. 
  • Colors accurately reproduced, along with foil seals and marking decals, along with detailed panels to line.
  • Equipment Includes: Assault knives, shields, Launcher Striker, Striker Sword
  • Accessories: Launcher Striker x1, Sword Striker x1, 1/100 Pilot Figure x2 (Sitting, Standing), Armor Schneider x2, Shield x1

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MG 1/100 Infinite Justice Gundam (w/clear parts)

  • The highly anticipated "∞ Justice Gundam" from "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny" joins the top-selling MG lineup! Innovative upper thigh joint system and side armor configuration allow it to be posted in dramatic roundhouse kick poses. 
  • Legs and wings include beam effect parts. 
  • Characteristic back-mounted "Fatum-01" lift-wings are linked so as to unfold together. 
  • Detachable beam carry shield is molded in translucent plastic and can be attached with a wire to replicate the "grapple stinger" attack. 
  • The Gundam can also equip a detachable "beam boomerang" with a posable base and a large beam sword. 
  • Weapons include beam rifle, two connectable beam sabers, and beam carry shield. 
  • Includes custom display attachment for the lifter wings, and 1/100 Athrun Zala figures (in standing and seated poses.)

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-MMI-710 "Excalibur" anti-ship sword -Sword Silhouette Flyer -RQM60 "Flash-Edge" beam boomerang -transformable to sword impulse gundam! -very careful designed Sword Silhouette. Weight:491g

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MG 1/100 ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

  • Total 307 parts, plus polycaps for joints, foil stickers for coloured parts, clear stickers for warnings, and the usual dry transfers for insignia and other markings, are included in the box. 
  • Lots of weapons come along with it, double-bladed beam sabre, beam rifle, and shield, etc. Included in that parts count is a display stand, to allow you to pose your Freedom Gundam in flight. 
  • A beautiful kit of a beautiful machine! 
  • The markings allow you to designate your Freedom Gundam as a Zaft machine, or as Kira's personal machine.

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ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam

The body is coated with glossy gold plating. The ankles have wide range of movement. ABS is used in each joint to keep the pose. Elbow joints are installed with double joint system for maximum movement of the articulation. Weapon including Beam saber, beam rifle, shield, grip wrists (2p), foil marking stickers included. Two backpacks included (both Oowashi and Shiranui).

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NG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam (Lightning Edition)

Awesome height of 60cm. The only thing that makes this kit different from other 1/60 scale kit is the lighting throughout! Dozens of translucent yellow and blue parts are included, as well as lighting contacts, light bulbs, and a diode. Lighting starts at the included display base, and the wiring is integral to the building of the kit itself. Of course, you need to get batteries yourself. A teeny scale model of Kira Yamato is included. Weopans includes the Dragoon, rail guns, beam sabres, beam rifles, and a beam shield. Weight: 1820g

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MG 1/100 Strike Rouge Gundam

  • All the fabulous detail that you'd expect in a kit of this quality and scale,including Bandai's beloved dry-transfer decals and less-beloved clear stickers. 
  • A 1/20 scale unpainted figure of Cagalli, in flight suit, is included. Included a base stand, weapons such as 2 beam saber, beam gun, Shield, and pistol.

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[200] SDBB GUNDAM RX-78-2

BB-200 GUNDAM RX-78-2 Simple instruction included in a box. Weight: 500g


[225] SDBB RX-77-2 Guncanon

BB-225 Gun Canon Simple instruction included in a box. Weight: 500g


[231] SDBB Zaku II (Character Custom)

  • BB-231 Zaku II (Char Custom) Simple instruction included in a box. Weight: 500g


[257] SDBB Freedom Gundam

BB#257 Freedom Gundam Simple Instruction in a box. Weight: 500g

Rare BB Gundam, hurry grab it while stock limited. Freedom in the palm of your hand! Very well-designed SD Freedom Gundam is molded in colored plastic and features snap-fit assembly; stickers are included for details.

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[259] SDBB Strike Gundam SWS

- BB-259 Strike Freedom Gundam SWS - Here we get a cute, deformed version of the popular Gundam Seed machine, the Strike Gundam with Striker Weapon System. Can be modified into any one of three other modes (Aile Strike Sword Strike, Launcher Strike); included is the weapon transport fighter "Sky Grasper". Pretty sophisticated for a little kit that runs just 1,000 yen! - Weight: 260g


[264] SDBB Blitz Gundam

  • I think this is one of the coolest SD Gundam models out there. The leg and feet are actually functional beyond standing since they actually allow a wide range of action poses and the feet actually tilts up/down (a feature you see in HG/MG models). The versatility makes this model really fun to play with for awhile. It’s also nice to not have to panel line anything on this model. 
  • BB-264 Blitz Gundam Simple instruction in a box 
  • Weight: 500g 

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[268] SDBB Justice Gundam

  • BB-268 Justice Gundam Simple instruction included in a box. Weight: 162g

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[288] SDBB Strike Freedom Gundam

  • BB-288 Strike Freedom Gundam Simple instruction included in a box. 
  • Weight: 500g The Strike Freedom Gundam gets the SD treatment; with gold-colored polycaps and bright foil stickers for detail, its pre-colored parts all snap together, so no glue or paint is required to finish it. 
  • A great kit for beginners, or an evening project for more experienced modellers who just want to have some fun!

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[290] SDBB Destiny Gundam

- Also included is a pair of Palma Faciona hands [Shining Finger], comes in white color! - The best thing is the inclusion of transparent pink parts for the wings for its volture lumiere (however you spell it). BB-290 Destiny Gundam Simple instruction included in a box. Weight; 162g

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Force Impulse w/Sword Silhouette Extra-Finish

Force Impulse w/Sword Silhouette Extra-Finish Simple instruction included in a box. Weight : 593g

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Freedom Gundam

Beautiful 1/100 scale injection plastic kit of 'Freedom Gundam', from the hot new series 'Gundam Seed'. Superb tooling from Bandai ensures quality and detail, and their multi-gate technology allows several colors to be blown on a single runner, which reduces the number of necessary runners. The completed kit is highly poseable thanks to plenty of polycaps in the joints; the 'wings' open and close, and the plasma rifles fold up and over the mech's shoulders to be used in combat. Included is an unpainted plastic figure of Lacus Clyne, standing prettily and holding Haro in her hands.

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MG 1/100 Destiny Gundam

  • Recreating the unique features of this dynamic Mobile Suit, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny’s titular Suit is reincarnated as a Master Grade kit! 
  • Moveable gimmick tuned to the movement of the collar area.
  • Gimmick included to expand the hip joint, allowing for a wider range of motion.
  • Accurate proportions highlight the characteristic silhouette of the Destiny Gundam. 
  • Includes 1/100 scale figures of Sinn and Stella.
  • Stand features a wing motif.
  • Accessories: High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon x1, Arondight Beam Sword x1, Beam Rifle x1, Shield x1, Beam Boomerang x2, Effect Part (Blade) x3, Effect Part (Boomerang) x2, Effect Part (Shield) x1, Beam Cannon Manipulators x2 (Left and Right), 1/100 Pilot Figure x2

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MG 1/100 Freedom Gundam (Extra-Finish Ver.)

MG Freedom Gundam (Extra-Finish Edition)

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MG 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam

  • MG GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam

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SDBB Freedom Gundam & Gundam Exia

- Two basic large Gundam the 21st century of Kira Yamato & moment and F and [seiei]. Competing of dream. - The activity image color is adopted in the play, and equipment is a full set. Real SD is pursued. - Feature GN drive of [ekushia] is detachable. Clear parts are used for the head and the chest. - Marking seal that is reminiscent of MG. - The freedom Gundam : to each attack mode. To the high mat mode (high mobile empty war mode). The [kusui;faasure-ru] ordnance and the [barae-napurazuma] settling beam ordnance are developed. Accessories: [Rupusubi-muraifuru], shield, GN sword, GN shield, GN long blur id, GN short blur id, and GN beam saber and GN beam dagger


[280] SDBB Force Impulse Gundam

  • BB Force Impulse Gundam
  • Comes with in package action base


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