What is RSS?

RSS is defined as Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are XML code written to provide content summaries of our gundam modelling kit restocked item, our blog and tutorial. An RSS channel consists of a list of products/ tutorial, each of which contains a headline title, and clicking on the link of the header title will lead reader to a web page for more details on http://www.gundam.my.

To start getting RSS feeds, you can either install a dedicated RSS reader on your computer or sign up with one of the numerous Web-based services. To get you on the fast track, we suggest you take a look at BlogExpress and RSS Reader (both .NET applications which require installation of Microsoft .NET Framework runtime) or the web-based Bloglines.

Each web feed will have its own URL which is usually embedded in the orange-coloured icon (). To copy the link, right click on the icon and select "Copy Shortcut" (Internet Explorer) or "Copy Link Location" (Mozilla Firefox). Paste this information into the URL field of your RSS reader.