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[025] HG 1/144 Zaku II Type C-6/R6

Bandai's HG kit of Zaku II Type C6/R6 from "Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin"! The shape of the Zaku II C6 type's chest is altered from that of the regular C type and reinforced. It comes with marking stickers so you can recreate the suit's appearance when piloted by Denim, Slender, Gene, or Pacheco. Fully posable after assembly, this kit is molded in color so paint isn't necessary, and stickers are included for its markings. 


- Belt fed machine gun
- Bazooka
- Spare magazine for bazooka (x2)
- Ship rifle
- Heat Hawk (active and stored form)
- Right hand for rifle/bazooka
- Fist (left and right)
- Open left hand
- Marking sticker


[009] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Zaku I (Denim/Slender)

  • Accessories: MS for the machine gun, MS for a machine gun spare magazine, MS for anti-ship rifle ASR-78, the heat Hawk, heat Hawk (storage state), MS for bazooka type A2, MS for bazooka spare magazine × 2, bazooka joint, open hand (left), gun possession (right), weapons possession (left and right)


P-Bandai: HG 1/144 GM Guard Custom (E-2 Beam Spray Gun Equipped)

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 GM Guard Custom (E-2 Beam Spray Gun Equipped)

The GM Guard Custom returns as a Premium Bandai kit equipped with its E-2 beam spray gun! The kit shares the same mold with its retail counterpart with added mold for its special guns and some updated parts! Also has a pair of long vulcan barrels that connects to its new backpack.

Both guns can be mounted on its side skirt armors when not in use. The kit also comes with its original spray gun and a pair of beam daggers.

  • E-2 Beam Spray Gun x 2
  • Beam Spray Gun
  • Guardian Shield
  • Beam Dagger x 2
  • Set of new hands 


P-Bandai: HG 1/144 RGC-80S GM Cannon [Space Assault Type] [Gundam The Origin]

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 RGC-80S GM Cannon [Space Assault Type] [REISSUE]

  • 360mm rocket cannon
  • beam spray gun


[007] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Dom Test Prototype

  • Accessories: heat saber, beam bazooka, various hand parts × 4 (perforated hand left and right, gun possession right hand, left open hand)


[001] HG ORIGIN 1/144 MS-06S Chars Zaku II

  • The first kit from Mobile Suit Gundam: THE ORIGIN, Char "The Red Comet" Aznable's signature red mobile Suit joins the HG lineup! 
  • Char's Zaku II finally gets the well-deserved HG upgrade it's been waiting for! Following the design of the Suit from Gundam: THE ORIGIN, this kit boasts fine detail, ideal proportions, and an impressive range of motion.
  • Monoeye camera features lever-operated movement gimmick.
  • Updated chest parts with integrated Vulcan guns along with the traditional smooth chest parts. 
  • Arm mobility improved for dynamic firing stances. 
  • Side armor slides to accommodate kneeling poses.
  • Includes Combat Heat Hawk as well as a mounted Heat Hawk. Zaku Bazooka can be attached to the backpack, and spare magazines on the shield. 
  • Accessories: Zaku Bazooka, Spare Bazooka Magazine x2, Anti-Ship Rifle, Heat Hawk (Combat), Heat Hawk (Mounted), Fist (Right), Rifle Manipulator (Left, Right), Open Palm (Left)

Item Size/Weight : 29.8 x 19 x 7.8 cm / 366g


[002] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Guntank Early Type

- The [beat'll ...] Infant day of Char - shooting scene of Casval is impressive Guntank early type appearance become HG!

- Appeared in the [Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN I of blue eyes Casval], Guntank early type to show the presence in the main visual appeared become HG. `Combat vehicle` seems profound form, while also reproduced detail and attention to detail, to achieve a variety of actions.
- Gun barrel angle adjustable. In addition, when the gun barrel movable to reproduce the expansion and contraction moving gimmick of divers.
- Waist, arms, and realize the caterpillar parts such as wide range of motion. Shooting posture in which twisted the waist in the same way in the play also possible addition, caterpillar parts angle of adjustment possible.

- Distinctive caterpillar also reproduces the detail of the drive portion and internal wheel.
· Endless track of the caterpillar, the `` sagging also faithfully reproduced.
· Caterpillar can be opened before or after `` figure-eight.

- Each armor part, of course, attention to detail down to the caterpillar, precisely to reproduce the detail.
Hatch in front of the vehicle part can reproduce the opening and closing in the replacement.
-Vehicle part reproduces the opening part of the heat dissipation slit backward.


[003] HG ORIGIN 1/144 High Mobility Type Zaku II (Gaia/Mashs Custom)

  • Both Gaia's MS or Mash's MS can be recreated just by changing some of the parts. 
  • Dynamic poses can be made with the mobility of each part and the weapons such as the Anti-Ship Rifle. 
  • Marking stickers are included to reproduce the settings. 
  • Various weapons are included, such as the MS Anti-Ship Rifle ASR-78, MS Bazooka A2-type, Heat Hawk and MS Machine Gun and more. 
  • The Spare Magazine for Zaku Machine Gun can be mounted on the waist. 
  • Hand parts for weapons are included. 
  • Runner x13, Tetron sticker x1, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1


[004] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Prototype Gouf (Tactical Demonstrator)

  • Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSV planning [Mobile Suit Discovery] first edition appeared! Unlock the development of genealogy Gouf!
  • Can be exchanged arms has become the attachment structure. Also, common specifications and attachment mechanism Mobile worker (provisional).
  • Mechanism of joint Meets THE ORIGIN Zaku series, achieving high mobile performance. It can be a variety of poses. Open the chest, by the wide range of motion, such as a shoulder root, it is achieved with a high degree of freedom posing performance.
  • Heat Hawk, also various armed, such as heat-rod included! A heat Hawk to be mounted on the back of the shield.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Mobile Suit Discovery and ... are deployed in the world of [Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN], mechanical of the historical research with a focus on MS that also was not revealed until this while drawing the MS development secret story It is planning.
  • Accessories: heat-rod, shield, replacement Mobile worker forearm, heat Hawk (hand-held), heat Hawk (mount)


[006] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Mobile Worker MW-01 Type 01 Late Type

  • The revised Mobile Worker piloted by test pilot & Black Tri-Star Mash in Mobile Suit Gundam Origin II: Artesia's Sorrow is now available as a bandai modelling kit for purchase! 
  • Detailed molding recreates its realistic, heavy machinery-style details. 
  • Legs & torso cables are made of elastomers for mobility and fine detail. 
  • This kits the arms are compatible with the HG Prototype Gouf (Tactical Demonstrator), too!
  • Accessories: Replacement arms (right hand), shield, smacking (right hand)


[005] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Zaku II High Mobility Type (ORTEGA)

  • Dynamic action poses can be recreated with included giant heat hawk, special base and effect parts. 
  • Many motion gimmicks are adopted for reproducing dynamic poses. 
  • Includes heat hawks, machine gun and a spare magazine. The magazine and heat hawk can be mounted on its waist. 
  • Hand parts for holding weapons are included. 
  • Marking stickers are included to reproduce the settings in the anime. 
  • Runner x15, Tetron sticker x1, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1


MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam The Origin

  • Accessories: beam rifle, early type beam rifle, shoulder Cannon, hyper bazooka, shield, beam saber 2, arms cannon fire effects, chest missile effect, chest Vulcan fire effects
  • The first Gundam as visually re-interpreted in Gundam: The Origin features new engineering that allows it to perform amazing feats of flexibility in its torso and ankles to recreate dynamic poses never before possible. Weapons include wrist and chest mounted Vulcan cannons, chest mounted launcher, interchangeable shoulder cannon, bazooka, 2 types of beam rifles, beam sabers, and shield, New to this version are special effect parts to recreate smoke trails/muzzle flash on its small arms weapons. 


[008] HG ORIGIN 1/144 YMS-03 Waff

  • Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin III's Zaku predecessor, the YMS-03 Waff, is available in HG!
  • Tetron stickers are included to recreate the markings of this early ancestor of the Zaku. 
  • Flexible joints let it pose in a variety of ways, and its arms can be swapped with the HG Prototype Gouf and Revised Mobile Worker! 
  • It even includes a bazooka, shield, and heat hawk!


P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Prototype Gouf (Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.)

P-Bandai Exclusive: HG 1/144 YMS-07A-0 Prototype Gouf (Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.)

  • MS Machine Gun
  • Heat Hawk
  • Shield


P-BANDAI : HG 1/144 MW-01 01 Mobile Worker Late Type (Ramba Ral)

P-Bandai Exclusive: 1/144 HG Mobile Worker MW-01 Model 01 Late Type (Ramba Ral)
Ramba Ral Lieutenant custom Mobile Worker  in "Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin."  Reflecting its use as a construction machine, it's solidly proportioned and equipped with lights and a winch.  It also has a shield and two extra right hands.  Molded in Blue and Grey plastic, with foil stickers for the markings. 

- Replacement arms (right hand)
- Shield
- Smacking (right hand)


[010] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Local Type Gundam

- Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN [Mobile Suit Discovery] became the template of the 5th cancer diver "local type Gundam" appeared!

- Appeared Gundam type will be the first in the HG THE ORIGIN series. The aircraft reproduce the distinctive design of the components leading to the land battle type Gundam and cancer divers later. In addition, to achieve the range of movement of the series compliant, Tetoron seal is also included to reproduce the marking of the aircraft.
- Ensure the movable range conforming to THE ORIGIN series. Before and after the swing of the crotch is also possible.
- MS machine gun, the beam saber, shield is attached. Equipped with a bipod to the shield. Beam saber is possible suspended arms and shield.
- Visor that followed the RX-78-01 is reproduced in clear plastic.
- In the land battle type Gundam and cancer diver of the stationery aircraft, design leading to the successor to the various parts have been reproduced.

- Accessories: MS for the machine gun, shield, beam saber x 2

Item Size/Weight : 30 x 19 x 6.8 cm / 267g


[011] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Guncannon First Type (Iron Cavalry Squadron)

  • Commercialize appearance MS cancer Cannon earliest type in Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN IV [the eve of fate]!
  • Reproduce the difference of armed with replacement!
  • Comes with various armed to reproduce the battle of Smith sea
  • Marking reproduced in Tetoron seal!
  • Cannon fire pose can also be reproduced!
  • Accessories: spray missile launcher, cannon, rifle, shield


[014] HG ORIGIN 1/144 GUNCANNON Mobility Test Type / Firepower Test Type

From the 4th Episode of the "Gundam the origin" OVA production, this early form of the Guncannon features missile launcher and cannon load out along with rifle and shield.  its unique prototype manipulators have also been accurately reproduced at 1/144 scale.  Runner x7, foil sticker x1.


[015] HG ORIGIN 1/144 MS-05 Zaku I (Char Aznable)

HG ORIGIN 1/144 MS-05 Zaku I (Char Aznable)

- War and in the iron cavalry waiting at the Battle of Smith sea
- Kit the red Zaku I, Char Aznable Cal!

- Each section of the marking is reproduced in Tetoron seal! -
Caution mark, comes with a Tetoron seal that can be reproduced, such as numbering mark.

- In the play use weapons included all! -
Heat Hawk comes with two types of hand-held and for the Mount.

The new shape backpack to fit the Char Aznable machine

- accessories
· MS for the machine gun × 1
Shield × 1
Heat Hawk × 1
Heat Hawk (stored state) × 1
Weapon Possession [gun] (right) × 1
Weapon Possession [grip] (left and right) × 1 each
- Open hand (left) × 1


[016] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Zaku II Type C/ Type C-5

HG ORIGIN 1/144 Zaku II Type C/ Type C-5

- Zaku II of 'Production Color' `in the latest format finally released!

- HG Zaku II appearing in the latest series [Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Crash Battle Battle]!
- Organize Zaku II troops with abundant weapons and weapons options!
- C type and C - 5 type can be assembled by selection formula respectively. Completely reproduce the difference in fine shape. Various arms are included besides weapons used in the play.
- The C - 5 model reproduces the center of the chest and the left and right blocks with new shapes. In addition, Arm part Gatling as a weapon option, and back packs with different shapes are included.
- You can equip magazine machine gun for MS for belt feeding bullet on the back.
- Bazooka for MS comes with abundant arms such as anti-ship rifle.
- In the HG series, Zaku II of `mass production color` which will be commercialized since 2003.
According to the latest format of THE ORIGIN series, various poses can be made by securing wide range of motion.

- accessories
· Machine gun for MS x 1
· Belt Feeding MS Machine Gun x 1
· Heat · Hawk x 2 (expansion · storage)
· Bazooka A 2 type for MS x 1
· Rifle against MS rifle ASR-78 x 1

- Product content
· Molded product x 12
· Marking seal x 1
· Instruction manual x 1


[017] HG Origin 1/144 Gundam Local Type (North America Front)

HG 1/144 Gundam Local Type (North America Front)

- Commercialize Gundam which appears in [Crocus · Doan Island]!

- Commercialized black localized type Gundam which appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSD Cookles · Doan Island in the Gundam Ace series.
Reproduce the color of the aircraft in molded color.
- Impressive shoulder · Cannon even in the work is three-dimensionalized by new modeling.

- THE ORIGIN version RX - 78 - 02 Shoulder of the same type as Gundam
Canon is reproduced by new modeling.

- Suspended shield and machine gun for MS in the school bag
Joint parts available are included.

- The characteristic red line is reproduced with a new design decal.

- accessories
Machine gun for MS x 1
Shield x 1
Beam · saber x 3
Shoulder · Cannon x 1

- Product content
Molded article x 11
Foil seal x 1
Tetoron stick x 1
Instruction manual x 1


[020] HG 1/144 Act Zaku (Kycilia's Forces)

- From HTE ORIGIN MSD, it became HG with the Xiliaer unit specification which led the high performance MS developed based on Zaku II at the end of the one year war [petun plan].

- Reproduction of [Crest] which is the feature of the xylia unit belonging machine by new modeling!
- Bullpup · gun which becomes new modeling and special heat · Hawk are attached.
- Two exclusive heat · hawks are attached, and both hands can be reproduced.

- accessories
* Bull Pupp . Gun x 1
* Exclusive Heat . Hawk x 2
* Heat . Hawk (expansion . storage) x 1 each

- Product content
* Molded article x 10
* Marking stick x 1
* Instruction manual x 1


[021] HG ORIGIN 1/144 Gundam FSD

Pre-order open Now !!!
Release date : April 2018
Estimate delivery : May 2018

- Accessories
Arm part Gatling gun x 1
Shield x 2 (1 point is new model parts)
Beam saber x 2
Machine gun for MS x 1
Shoulder Cannon x 1

- Product Content
Molded article x 13
Foil seal x 1
Marking stick x 1
Instruction manual x 1


[022] HG 1/144 RGM-79HC GM Guard Custom

HG 1/144 RGM-79HC GM Guard Custom

From Gundam the origin MSD, this GM with movable visor utilizes new parts for customizing HG models including a large Guardian shield and beam daggers with transparent blades. A beam spray gun the standard armament for the GM is also included. 

- Beam Spray Gun
- Beam Daggers
- Large Guardian Shield

Box Content:
- Runner x 12
- Foil Sticker x 1
- Instruction manual 


P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Heavy Gundam [Roll Out Color]

Heavy Gundam (Rollout Color) -  € from MSD is released in the HG series !

High mobility by the latest HG format has been successfully achieved !
Heavy Gundam, created from the FSWS plan which enhances RX-78 with additional armor and weapons, is now reproduced in HG kit in its rollout form as part of the MS lineage created from The Origin MSD ! Its characteristic white and gray colors and the green line markings of the MSD Edition are also completely reproduced !!

Heavy Gundam is Mobile Suit developed by the additional Weapon System "FSWS (Full-armor System and Weapon System) plan". FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam was rather understood to be a simplistic enhancement plan, but FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam is a Mobile Suit developed as heavily armored, heavily armed, and high-powered propulsion from its design. It is unknown how many Heavy Gundams were manufactured, but it is understood that its color was white at rollout.

- Flame Launcher
- Special Beam Rifle
- Shield
- Beam Saber


[024] HG 1/144 MS-06S Zaku II Principality of Zeon Char Aznable's Mobile Suit Red Comet Ver.

Bandai's HG kit of Char Azanable's famous Zaku II in his iconic Red Comet colors includes a new set of emblems sticker for its shoulder armor and shoulder shield! A new emblem for its shoulder armor is also included, identifying it as affiliated with the Falmer Corps. It's armed with its 120mm machine gun and plenty of other weapons, too! -    Parts are molded in color, includes stickers for markings.

- Machine gun- Belt-feeding machine gun- Bazooka- Spare magazine for bazooka- Rifle- Heat hawk (active mode)- Heat hawk (storage mode)- Weapon hand (right)- Fists (left & right)- Foil sticker- Marking sticker


P-Bandai: HG 1/144 MS-06RD-4 High Mobility Prototype Zaku [Reissue]

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 MS-06RD-4 High Mobility Prototype Zaku [REISSUE]

From "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN" MSD (Mobile Suits Discovery),
First seen in "Mobile Suit Gundam The 08MS Platoon",

-   Reproduced in purple, blue, and black moldings, a really impressive color palette.

-   Reshaped legs and feet. Added Zaku head and shoulders.

-   comes with variety of hands to hold the heat hawk and machine gun.

-   comes with original marking [decals]

Comes with proper equipment for the MS: machine gun and heat Hawk


P-Bandai: HG 1/144 MS-04 Bugu [REISSUE]

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 MS-04 Bugu [REISSUE]
[Gundam The Origin] 

  • Heat Hawk x 2 [activated and deactivated modes]
  • Shield
  • Machine Gun


P-Bandai: HG 1/144 GM Intercept Custom [Fellow Booster]

Bandai Spirits announces the release of the GM Intercept Custom with its Fellow Booster! The booster helps GM Interceptor to improve its mobility in the space. The booster is also equipped with homing missiles to protect its fleet from incoming enemies.


Fellow Booster
Beam Spray Gun
Beam Saber


P-Bandai: HG 1/144 GM Sniper Custom [Missile and Launcher Equipment]

This variant was first featured in the original design series MSV-R! The unit was officially named "Shimoda Squad Type", that features missiles and launchers attached to its backpack giving additional firepower and mobility to GM Sniper Custom.


* R-4 beam rifle
* Beam spray gun
* Missile launcher
* Beam saber


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