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Plato Gundam Model Cutter

Plato brand Cutter for gundam model.

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Tamiya Craft Tool - Side Cutter

  • Tamiya Craft Tool. - Side cutter for modelling kits.
  • item code: 74035


3peak Japanese model Boren clipper - Gold Medal Cutter [LIMITED]

- Japanese model Boren clipper Tamiya Gold Medal Cutter [LIMITED] - Arriving middle of Jun 2012

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Tamiya Mini 4WD Nipper Alpha Cutter

  • Tamiya's Brilliant red color grip + easily helps user on cutting hardened tools.

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Modeler Side Cutter - Light Blue

  • For use with plastic parts.
  • The elastomer grips feature a Light Blue color
  • The side of the cutter is laser inscribed "FOR PLASTIC".
  • Hardened carbon steel blades.

SAVE RM36.94

Mr.Hobby Mr.Tools Basic Nipper ( Hobby Tools )

Manufacturer : GSI Creos 
Group : Nipper 
Series : Mr.Tool 
Release Date : Late May., 2014

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Tamiya Modeler Side Cutter - Gray

This Modeler's Side Cutter is designed for use with plastic parts and is ideal for scale models and Mini 4WD products assembly. The cutter's blades are made with hardened carbon steel and will remain sharp for a long period of time.

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Tamiya Modelers Side Cutter Alpha (Navy)

  • Sharp
  • High Durability
  • Made from high quality carbon steel and feature a comfortable grip

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Tamiya Craft Tool - Sharp Pointed Side Cutter - For Plastic (Slim Jaw)

  • This tool is designed to remove scale model plastic parts from the parts sprue. The sharp jaw blades offer an excellent cutting edge, and they have a slightly slimmer jaw than previous Tamiya plastic cutter products, enabling easier removal of smaller parts which have less clearance.
  • Length: 115mm.
  • Easy-to-use tool features slim jaw with an excellent balance of durability and cutting edge.
  • The tool is marked with the twin star logo and - TAMIYA CRAFT TOOLS - FOR PLASTIC.


Modelers Side Cutter Green - Limited Edition

These are modeler side cutters designed to cut plastic parts from model kits and other assembly items. The cutter's blades will remain sharp for a long period of time as they are made of hardened carbon steel.
  • For use with plastic parts only.
  • The side of the cutter features "FOR PLASTIC" laser inscribed on the steel.
  • The cutter comes with comfortable GREEN elastomer grips with the famous Tamiya twin star logo imprinted on them.

SAVE RM150.00

GH-SPN-120 God Hand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Single-Edge)

- = Ultimate Ultimate [Ultimate]
And ultimate
Get down the things that [, master. Moreover, the point of reaching its last]
As means, as the last point of reaching ultra-thin blade of a dedicated plastic nippers Plastic
This is the Ultimate Nipper. The highest rank of grade five sharpness.

- Sharpness is really good, characterized by breaks in the light force!
The reason for this is because the blade does not have only one.
Do not have a blade on the left side as seen from the (surface) plane are not laser engraved.
Left blade is playing a role to suppress the thing off. Then, sputtering in the blade and cut right.
By the presence of suppressed, transmitted to the blade to cut straight without relief force.
Was not the case and say good or better sharpness both in the blade is in the same blade angle.
Nipper Ultimate 5.0 is cut with a knife and chopping board image.

Notes - Ultimate 5.0 features and special nippers Plastic
- With stopper to prevent the folding blade · Added new feature
That put the stopper, and the blade edge is now not hit more than necessary.
A result, the break is eliminated concerned than ever before, you can use normally.
- So good taste will be lost and disconnected when folding the parts to lose!
- Can cut the parts for light and fatigue in the hand is hard work for a long time!
- When the gate since it is less burr cut, reducing the processing time the gate!
Specifications - single edged knife
Do not have a blade on the left side as seen from the (surface) plane are not laser engraved.
Left blade is playing a role to suppress the thing off. Then, sputtering in the blade and cut right.
By the presence of suppressed, transmitted to the blade to cut straight without relief force.
The image of the cutting board and cut with a knife.
- Proven durability of the sharpness! !
There also consider the durability of our customers to focus on next sharpness degradation of sharpness.
Even after a test cut of the plastic stick of φ3mm of 10,000 made in our
Sharpness did not decline than other products!
The secret is because state-of-the-art technology to tool sharpening of our own.
- Will a hole in the blade and the cutting of iron wire. Please do not cut into the absolute.

- Product specification:
· Length: 122mm
· Weight: 60g
-Blade length: 9mm about
• The length of the grip: 83mm
· · · · Coil spring spring
Light blue color of the grip · · · ·
(To prevent out-of-function opens and spring too) with a stopper to prevent too open
If you do not need the stopper, please remove the pin with pliers, etc.
• With the clash of blade protection
Part of the blade with a simple cap-
· This product is the packaging blister pack
Simple explanation-papers
Made in Japan · MADE IN JAPAN

※ One point advice on maintenance
· Please give on a regular basis to oil the moving parts, such as sewing machine oil or KURE5-56.
Lubricating oil will be, it might be difficult to play.
• After use, please I wiped clean from the blade. Can cause rust.


Taiwan U-STAR Side Cutter Plier UA-1350

  • Taiwan U-STAR brand side cutter.
  • Ability to cut 3mm thick plastic, 1mm copper line.
  • Made in taiwan.
  • Will be harmful to product if cutting thicker copper line (more then 1mm).
  • After use please apply grease oil for maintenance and easier to use in future. 
  • The product is sharp and hazardous to children, so kindly keep away from children.

SAVE RM19.90

[U-Star] Side Cutter Plier (UA91350)

[U-Star] Side Cutter Plier (UA91350)


[Nine Sea] Side Cutter for Plastic (Sharp Pointed)

[Nine Sea] Side Cutter for Plastic (Sharp Pointed)


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