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Valvrave I Hito

Height: approx 150mm.

- The fastest three-dimensional protagonist Vu~aruvu rave machine!- All made of clear plastic, sensor Senses Nerve `` of the head and back, with the armor material.

- Effect parts to recreate the scenes in the play are included. The energy that is emitted from the arm.

- Reproduced in part the effect of the driving force from the heel. Also display in flying condition in a private base.

- Weapons can reproduce the large union that combines elements said any attacks kill, stab, hit, and shoot.

- Weapons and a variety of G-edge sword `,` Strike `Brace claws, sickle-shaped and` Sickle ',

Various hand parts are included to broaden the range of poses.

- Action-based support (1.2).

- Vu~aruvu and rave ... Engine `RAVE` setting mecha endoskeleton huge [Purimeto frame]

Primates weapons that I combined. Is said to have the power of the military balance enough to transform the world.

Energy into coins, can be used for both offense and defense.

- Accessories: Sickle × 2, strike-brace, braided-Baiken × 2, G-edge (long)

G-edge (short), parts for combine weapon, effect parts (shield),

Effect parts (vernier), fist (left and right), handle arms (right and left), flat hand (left), a private base


Valvrave III Hikaminari 02

  • Stock Available Now
  • Item Size/Weight : 31.1 x 20.1 x 11.3 cm / 594g
  • Accessories: Armstrong cannon × 2, chain and Saucer × 2, effect parts (shield), effect parts (vernier), fist (left and right), holding hands (right and left), flat hand (left), a private joint, dedicated pedestal


Valvrave IV Hinowa 04

  • Accessories: Multi-leg Spine effect for parts × 3, hard afterglow effect parts,Spindle Knuckle pedestal, fist (left and right), weapon handle (right and left), flat hand (left), dedicated pedestal


Valvrave V Hiuchiba 05


  • IMP, bolts and Phalanx × 2, 
  • hard afterglow effect parts (bolt for Phalanx) × 4, 
  • Fist (left and right), 
  • weapon handle (right and left), 
  • flat hand (left), and
  • dedicated pedestal


Valvrave I Hito Innocent Zero

- Appeared in the first episode! White Vu~aruvu rave I registered pre-authentication
- White Vu~aruvu rave before Hult is contract with Vu~aruvu rave in the first story.
- I reproduce the molding color coloring impression with black Vu~aruvu rave is different.

- Accessories: fold-Sickle × 2, Strike Brace, G-edge (long), G-edge (short),
Coalescence weapon parts for effect parts (shield), effect parts (vernier), fist (left and right),
Weapons Possession (left and right), smack (left), dedicated pedestal


Valvrave I Hito Full Impact 07

- Unit 1 appeared strongest form of plastic model as early as 2nd season started in October 2013.
- Top 2nd season will start from October 2013 from [machine Vu-aruvu rave revolution], the protagonist machine
Appeared strongest form becomes a plastic model as early. A variety of additional equipment is attached to Vu-aruvu rave I.
In addition to the desorption of equipment, I have reproduced the additional gimmick.
- Add you can Taito to the right hip the "G-edge". Comes with full equipment, such as spare cartridge
The equipment can also Vu~aruvu rave other.
- It is attached with Vu~aruvu rave I dedicated equipment ardor grip.

- Accessories: 

Impact Booster x 4
ardor grip
spare exhaust heat cartridge joint x 2
Spare exhaust heat cartridge (left and right)
sickle x 2
Strike brace
braided-Baiken x 2
G-edge (long)
G-edge (short)
combined arms for parts
fist (left and right)
weapon handle (left and right)
Smack (left)
dedicated pedestal


Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products