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[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style MS UNIT - Z Gundam + Hyper Mega Launcher

Z GUNDAM + HYPER MEGA LAUNCHER, protagonist suit of Mobile Suit Gundam Z Gundam, has been made into a model of outstanding detail characteristic of the NXEDGE STYLE. The set includes the series  greatest armaments such as replicas of the large hyper mega launcher and long beam saber. It's possible to recreate various action scenes from the series. Additionally, a clear pedestal is included.

Set Contents
- Body
- Beam rifle
- Hyper Mega Launcher
- Beam saber
- Replacement beam saber tip
- Replacement wrist left and right
- Pedestal set


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style [MS UNIT] Ex-S Gundam (Blue Splitter) (Completed)

-[Ex-S Gundam], which is more popular than [Gundam Sentinel], is back in NX EDGE STYLE with blue splitter specifications!

-[Gundam Sentinel] The aircraft color has been renewed to the refined coloring at the time of publication.
- Achieve richer color expression by adding coloring to various places!

- The color of the aircraft is light blue, and the splitter camouflage is added to the key points for a more vivid impression.
-The markings on the shoulder jacket have also been improved. Light blue coloring is also added to the beam canon on the large legs.
--Overwhelming volume backpack. The contrast between the blue of the main body and the black of the backpack shines.
-Add coloring not only to the main body but also to the disc radome.
-You can also pose with a sense of dynamism, such as holding a beam smart gun.

- set content
? Main body
? Beam smart gun
? Beam saber x 2
? Replacement wrist left and right
? A set of dedicated STAGE


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Ryujinmaru

- [Now, Wataru !!] [Demon God Hideo Wataru] Ryujinmaru appears from the series!

- From [Evil Evangelical Wataru], Ryujin Maru, the love machine of War Department Wataru appears!
- Dragon sword is attached and various actions are possible. You can reproduce the appearance of taking up the dragon sword in the back and lowering it.
- Combined form can be reproduced by combining with the same series of [Kurin Kamaru] (sold separately) which was decided to commercialize! Outstanding play value !!

- set content
· Main body
· Replacement wrist left and right
· Dragon sword
· Dedicated STAGE set


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - New Ryujinmaru

  • [Fly! Ryujinmaru !!] [Shin Gen Hero Den Wataru 2] The new star Ryujinmaru appeared with power up.
  • The [Devil Hero Den Wataru 2] series has finally started.
  • [New Star Wing] newly obtained by powerup is movable and realizes dynamic posing.
  • The scene in the play can be reproduced by combining it with the star dragon sword.
  • Say goodbye, it's super fun cool.
  • Dynamically reproduce scenes that raise the familiar Star Dragon Sword.
  • Expand the [Nino Star Wing] and enjoy the nova Ryujin Maru flying in the air in a dynamic way.

[Package Content]
  • Main body
  • Replacement wrist left and right
  • Star Dragon
  • A set of nova wings
  • Dedicated STAGE set


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Gekimaru

  • From [Mashin Hero Wataru 2] [Mashin Hero Wataru Seven Souls Ryujin Maru], Umihiko's companion, Natsu Onimaru, appears in NXEDGE STYLE!
  • The deep green-based coloring and high-density, solid form create a profound feeling.
  • The huge shooting ring that is characteristic of Natsu Onimaru and the ocean current spear anger with the demon design are also reproduced with sharp modeling.
  • The green body has a vivid yellow color on both shoulders, and the coloring and volume are voluminous. The point of the ocean current spear rage, which is characterized by the demon design, is the gold coloring of the blade, and it shows a high presence in various poses.
  • The entrance angle of the head and the claws of both hands and feet are faithfully reproduced in the image by silver coloring and sharply edgy modeling.
  • The volume of the shooting ring (total height about 100 mm) that exceeds the main body of Natsu Onimaru creates overwhelming power on the back. Can also be removed.
  • Achieves a range of motion that allows you to firmly hold the ocean current spear with both arms.
  • By using the replacement wrist and soul STAGE (sold separately), you can reproduce the scene of throwing a shooting ring.

Package Content:
  • Main body Armor
  • Ocean Current Spear Angry
  • Shooting wheel
  • Replacement wrist left and right
  • A set of dedicated STAGE


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Genryumaru

  • Shinobu's dragon genie carrying phantom.
  • A green dragon genus reminiscent of Genjin Maru.
  • The wings on the back are not only movable like a binder, but also equipped with a gimmick that becomes a [Phantom Dragon Sword].
  • A reversehanded [Sword Dragon] is also included.
  • Shoulder Gotama is reproduced with brightness of metallic orange.
  • Back wings move like a binder. You can combine them with your back and carry them as [Phantom Dragon Major Sword].
  • The [Phantom Dragon Sword] reminiscent of Genjin Maru's [Phantom Sword] is detachable and can be equipped as a handheld weapon. 
  • It can be used for a variety of action poses, such as throwing action and defensive walls.
  • Equipped with a hidden sword [Phantom Thunder] on the sole of the sailor tabi. The kick pose that is projected is also determined.

[Package Content]
  • Body
  • Replacement wrist left and right
  • Dragon Sword
  • Phantom Dragon Sword
  • Dedicated STAGE set


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Ryugekimaru

A new Mashin Hero Wataru begins! By receiving the power from fire dragon, Ryujinmaru gains the power of dragon itself! The shoulder has wings and claws to recreate the feature of legendary dragon!

Set Contents :

- Ryugekimaru figure

- Alternate hands

- 2 Swords

- Stand


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Ryusoumaru

-The demon of [Majin Hero Den Wataru Shichitama no Ryujin Maru] is commercialized earlier than NXEDGE STYLE!

-Thatched dragon genie with one of the seven souls of Ryujin Maru.
-Gold parts such as head and shoulder crests and Ryu Fist are reproduced with metallic paint.
-Can be transformed into line form.
-Comes with dragon sword with ugly pattern and gold blade.
-Wings like New Ryujin Maru have a movable mechanism. Wings can be deployed in flight form. Change to flight form by deploying wings to the left and right!
-A dragon sword can be mounted on the right shoulder. Since the mount part unfolds forward, the sword pose is also determined.
-Ryujinmaru`s killer sword! It is possible to hold both hands of the dragon sword reminiscent of `! Various action poses using the dragon sword are decided!

- set content
? Body
? Dragon Sword
-Replacement wrist left and right
? Dedicated STAGE set


[Tamashii Nations ] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Ryusenmaru

-A red dragon genie with two swords

-A red genie with an armor like a war god.
-Reproduce the head like a spear, the armor like Jinhaori.
-Gorgeous decorations on the head are gold, the front is metallic blue, and the shoulders are made of metallic green.
-Comes with a characteristic two-sword sword [Red Dragon Sword Type] and [Red Dragon Sword Type].
-[Red Dragon Sword Type] and [Red Dragon Sword Type] can be stored in the back sheath both ways.
-The base of the sheath is a ball joint that can be moved flexibly. The pod also expands to the front. By deploying the front of the scabbard, you can reproduce the `sword action` that pulls out the sword.
-Speaking of two sword styles in the Wataru series, it ’s still [Noshi Shibarak style × character cut]! Ryusenmaru with the name of `Battle` can do the same pose.

- set content
? Body
? Red Dragon
? Red Dragon
-Replacement wrist left and right
? Dedicated STAGE set


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style [Mashin Unit] Jasenkaku (Completed)

-The power of darkness is the power of sincerity! Dark Genie Evil Battle !!

-The dark demon and evil angle given to General Shibarak by Dwaldar appears in the Next Edge Style [MASHIN UNIT]!
-Gold spear and shoulder decorations are reproduced with metallic paint.
-Comes with two swords that push out the screw on the back and the Makai Shibarak style.

- set content
? Body
-Replacement wrist left and right
? Sword x 2
? Dedicated STAGE set


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Seiryumaru

  • Purple genie dancing like a holy knight
  • Purple dragon genie like Holy Knight Paladin.
  • The visor is openable.
  • Equipped with a deformed gimmick to [Saint Dragon Flight Form].
  • Comes with a double-edged sword `Holy Dragon Sword`.
  • Shoulder armor is reproduced with a sense of volume and detail. [Deathlete / Holy Dragon Sword. The pose that shook up the [St. Dragon Sword] in the upper row is also firmly determined.
  • [Holy Dragon Sword] can be mounted on the back of the waist.
  • [Change!] Holy Dragon! ] Can be transformed into [St. Dragon Flight] mode. Equipped with a variety of gimmicks, such as storing the legs on the back and unfolding the neck.

Package Content
  • Body Armor
  • Replacement wrist left and right
  • Holy Dragon Sword
  • Set of replacement parts for deformation
  • Dedicated STAGE set


[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style EVA UNIT - Evangelion New Unit-02 Alpha

  • NXEDGESTYLE Evangelion New Unit 2 ?, sortie.
  • [Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version] Evangelion New Unit 2 ? is coming to NXEDGE STYLE!
  • An overwhelming volume backpack and an impressive three-barreled gatling gun are reproduced with new molding.
  • Express the impressive design and large volume of armament in the play with the unique arrangement and density of NXEDGE STYLE.
  • Three-barreled gatling gun comes with new molding. It is possible to hold both hands like in a play.
  • The width of the expression that opens and closes the chin.
  • The backpack is removable.

[Package Content]
  • Body
  • Backpack
  • Three Barrel Gatling Gun
  • Replacement wrist left and right
  • Dedicated STAGE set



Wreathed in crimson armor, DUKEMON / GALLANTMON : CRIMSONMODE joins NXEDGE STYLE! Featuring sharp sculpting that brings out all the detail and edges of the complex design, it includes a giant Gungnir spear as well. An included stand lets you display Dukemon in action poses, either alone or with the Beelzemon: Blast Mode figure (sold separately), which is releasing at the same time!

[Set Contents]
- Main Body
- Gungnir Spear
- Blutgang Sword
- STAGE stand set



From Digimon comes a special color version of the NXEDGE STYLE Beelzebumon! From the hit series Digimon Tamers.

This figure series\' edgy, stylish re-imagination of popular characters combines a fresh take with cutting edge details like chrome accents, visible internal detail, and improved poseability for even more fun and play value!

Approx height: 9cm
Materials: PVC and ABS

Set content:
- Beelzebumon figure
- Replacement wrists
- Facial expression parts
- Replacement right arm
- 2 Shotguns
- Shotgun suspension joint
- Stand


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