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Motor Nuclear MNP-XH04 NeZha Ne Zha Assembly Model Kit

Brand : Motor Nuclear 
Model : Motor Nuclear MNP-XH04 Ne Zha Assembly Model Kit

Alloy Metal Inner frame is included

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Super Evolution 1/100 Eternal Star Glory Stargazer Assembly Model Kit with Back Pack Clear Effect Swords

Super Evolution 1/100 Eternal Star Glory Stargazer Assembly Model Kit

Brand : Super Evolution
Scale : 1/100
Package Content:
  • Body
  • Action Base 
  • Manual 
  • Water Decal
  • Foil Decal
  • Black Inner frame change to Clear Inner frame
  • Back Pack Clear Effect Swords (very beautiful)

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[Heavy Metal L-Gaim] Oji Aug (HG)

From Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Oji has upgraded to the HG series!
- Clear parts are used for the forehead.
- The color coding of the shoulders is reproduced by dividing the parts.
- The hip joint split has been changed to expand the range of motion.
- A new sab3r is included.


[Heavy Metal L-Gaim] A-Taul (HG)

From Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Atoll has been upgraded to the HG series!
- Improved hip interference and expanded leg range of motion. Allows for more dynamic poses.
- The vinyl tube on the arm has been changed to a red lead wire, increasing the degree of freedom in posing.
- A new Tetoron sticker for reproducing Atoll V is included.

- Saber Flogger x 1
- Marking sticker x 1
- Lead wire x 1


[Heavy Metal L-Gaim] 1/144 Class A Heavy Metal Set

4 old kits of  Heavy Metal L-Gaim are now available as a set!
- A set of 1/144 scale Auger, Bash, Grune, and Ashra Temple.

- 1/144 Greene x 1
- 1/144 Bash x 1
- 1/144 Auger x 1
- 1/144 Ashura Temple x 1

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Entry Grade Conan Edogawa

  • Conan Edogawa appears in the introductory series ENTRY GRADE for all inexperienced plastic models!
  • Its fun to assemble with hidden mystery-solving elements!
  • Because it is a touch gate, you can take parts by hand with Petit!!
  • No adhesive or tools required. The instructions are colored for easy viewing.
  • The color coding of each part is well reproduced, so you can make a cool Conan Edogawa with a pose just by assembling it!

  • Runner x 3
  • Foil seal x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1


S.H.Figuarts Lance Crown

[Lance Crown] from the TV anime [Mushle-] appears in the action figure series SHFiguarts!

-[Lance Crown] has been turned into an action figure with the modeling and coloring of the image in the play! By adopting a movable mechanism for the robe in addition to the whole body, dynamic action scenes can be reproduced. In addition to 4 types of replacement facial parts, 2 types of locket pendants, [for neck] and [for handheld] are included. Mandragora and a small bottle are also included, expanding the world view!

-Because of SHFiguarts, an action figure series, various poses are decided cool!
- The overwhelming range of motion of the whole body allows for dynamic poses! Don\'t let the action get in the way. Cloak is movable.
- Mandragora, small bottle, and 2 types of pendants are included, allowing you to recreate [Lance Crown] just like in the play!
- [Sideways glare face] [Looking down face] [Open mouth face] [Screaming face] and a variety of replacement facial parts are included!

[set content]
4 types of replacement facial parts
Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
- Cane
Two types of locket pendants
Small bottle

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Figure-rise Standard Seed Lacus Clyne

  • From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Lacus Clyne is three-dimensionalized with Figure-rise Standard!
  •  Comes with 3 different facial expressions: a normal face, a smiling face and a troubled face. Usually the face is expressed by tampo printing. Water slide decals are used for smiles and troubled faces.
  •  Plastic model original miniskirt version can also be reproduced.
  •  Various hand parts and halo, which was called Pink-chan in Lacus, are included.

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[Demon Slayer] Kimetsu Model Tanjiro Kamado [Hinokami Kagura]

  • From the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, the main character, Tanjiro Kamado, appears in Hinokami Kagura specifications!
  •  The impressive Hinokami Kagura effect with the blade wearing flames is reproduced with three layers of yellow and clear red.
  •  Haori, troupe, hair, etc. are expressed in reddish molding color that imaged the reflection of flames.
  •  A lively look is achieved by layered injection molding.
  •  Reproduce the eyes of Sumijiro to the iris with the technology of molding multiple molding colors into one part.
  •  The face is molded with one part up to the pattern of eyebrows and scars on the forehead. The scars on the eyebrows and forehead are different colors and are integrated into the facial parts.
  •  Reproduce the dynamic haori just by dividing the parts.

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Bandai Sakugan HG 1/72 Big Tony (Gagumber, Memempu)

-[Big Tony] from Adventure Mecha Action [Sakugan] is now available as an HG 1/72 model!

-Reproduce the comical and stylish movement of Big Tony with a wide range of motion.
-Reproduce the transformation gimmick to the vehicle mode similar to the work in a recombination type.
-The arm can reproduce the injection state by attaching anchor parts.
-The manipulator and excavation drill can be changed by rearranging.
-Crawler tracks pursue a realistic feeling with particular details.
-The eye shutter and light lid are reproduced by replacing the parts.

? Drill parts x 1 set
? Anchor parts x 1 set
? Eye shutter x 1
? Light parts x 1 set
? Lead wire x 2
? Marking sticker x 1
? Jewel seal x 1

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  • Incredibly detailed 7 inch scale figure based off the DC Multiverse
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play
  • Wonder Woman is featured in a brand new design from the mind of Todd McFarlane
  • Wonder Woman comes with a sword, shield and a base
  • Included collectable art card with Wonder Woman figure photography on the front, and character biography on the back
  • Collect all McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Figures

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[Xuanhua Studio x AEther Flame] Keade Shen Qi Yan Feng Model Kit (Barbatos Ma Chao)

Brand : Aether Studio
Model : Flame Keade
Code : Code-z-07
Item Hight : 23cm

Additional Information Feature:

- High detailed model kit
- Flexible pose
- Weapon: Spear, Sword
- Water Decal

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S.H.Figuarts Conan Edogawa - Tracking Edition -

-Continue to record big hit [Detective Conan] The latest version of the movie series will be released! In April 2020, it will be exciting, especially in Conan and Akai!

-Built-in magnet in shoes. The tracking scene on a skateboard with a turbo engine can be expressed!
-Comes with an impressive face in the play. Play with [SHFiguarts Kogoro Mouri] (sold separately) for fun!
-When you find out the key to the incident, ] Comes with facial parts!
-Conan of the tracking scene can be reproduced with eyeglass parts displaying a tracking monitor!
-Comes with facial expression parts with a winking look like Conan!
-Includes detective badge holder!
-Comes with shining eyeglass parts that sometimes show in the play!
-Can be equipped with a wrist-type anesthetic gun.

- set content
? Body
? 3 types of replacement facial parts
- Replacement wrist parts left and right 5 types (including detective batch handle)
? Two kinds of glasses for exchange
? Skateboard with turbo engine

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Soul of Chogokin GX-95 Gordian Warrior

-Do you know? After 40 years ... Gordian Warrior is reborn! Get the best volume, the best gimmicks, and the best alter ego in your hands!

-The blockbuster product [Gordian Warrior], which is famous as a masterpiece toy, has been reborn with the spirit of Chogokin after 40 years.
-Sophisticated coalescence & movable gimmick, styling, abundant weapon parts, etc., the definitive edition of Gordian Toy!

--Daigo, who controls [Gordian] consisting of three mechas, fights against the Mad Doctor Corps who plans to invade the Earth.
-A large volume item that includes Daigo, 3 mechas, and various weapons and equipment is now available!

[Daigo Otaki] The main character of this work. Manipulate the Gordian and fight against the Mad Doctor Corps that invades the Earth.
-Daigo\'s figure is a small size with a total height of about 60 mm, but it is a full action specification. A partner Clint for the display is also included.

[Protector] A small mechanism with a set height of 2.5m. Play with Mad Doctor with quick movements.
-Overall height is about 120mm. You can equip Gordian Bomb and Green Light Sword.

[Dellinger] Medium-sized mecha with a set height of 5m. Excellent in fighting.
-Overall height is about 200mm. It comes with an ax-shaped magnum bunch and a red light sword, which are special weapons.

[Garbin] A large mecha with a set height of 15m. With its power and various weapons, it scatters Mad Doctor\'s robot.
-Powerful size with a total height of about 320 mm! It is possible to equip various special weapons including a plated white light sword.

-Daigo joins the protector, protector joins Delinger, and Delinger joins Garvin! This changing appearance is a combination of alter ego! And the completed Garvin! Enjoy the brave and brave figure!
-Each joint is movable even when everything is united. You can decide various action poses. I want you to see the density and movable gimmick with your own eyes.
-The height comparison of each mecha, which was difficult to reproduce with the previous Gordian toys, is reproduced with a balance that is extremely close to the image in the play in the Soul of Chogokin.
-As a bonus part, a replacement face part that reproduces the previous design of Garvin is also included.
-Daigo and Clint come with 3 mechas and a special pedestal that allows you to set a wide variety of equipment together. This voluminous feeling, this power, exactly the definitive edition of Gordian Toy !!

- set content
? Daigo Otaki
? Clint
? Protector
? Delinger
? Gervin
? Gordian Bomb x 2
? Bomb drill / green light sword common pattern
? Bomb drill blade
? Green light sword blade
? Left and right weapon holders for protectors
? Left hand holding bomb for protector
? Magnum bunch
? Red light sword
? Weapon holder left and right for Delinger
? Garbin replacement face parts
? Shine Sheld
? Mighty Libor
? Libor sword tip (shuriken)
? Duke screw
? Brass knuckles base
? White light sword
? Foot missile x 2
? Weapon holding left and right hands A
? Weapon holding left and right hands B
? Half-bent flat hand left and right
? A set of pedestals

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[Orange Cat Industry] Armor Girl Bodytec Guard-Spider Feidy AG-031


Ready Stock

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Please note that the first release of this item may be limited, and in some cases it may not be possible to fill all orders at the time of its initial release. Any order not filled at the time of the initial release will be filled by subsequent restocks, but we recommend placing an order as soon as possible for your best chance to receive a piece from the first release!

The mighty GaoGaiGar from "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar" gets a new RG-scale model kit from Bandai! It's highly accurate to its appearance in the anime, and it's jointed for a flexible range of motion while keeping its proportions accurate. It's molded in color, so you can achieve a result just like the cover illustration just by assembling it!  It features a newly developed manipulator hand with movable knuckles for natural finger motion; its knees have a wider range of movement now as well. The Stealth Gao attached to its back is equipped with a heat dissipation fin-opening gimmick when the Hell And Heaven move is activated; the Dividing Driver uses metal parts for an accurate texture, with a built-in spring and a telescopic shaft. Effect parts are included for the activation of the Protect Shade, and fixed large hand parts are included for the activation of the Hell And Heaven! Order this amazing robot for your own collection now!


  • Movable finger hand parts (x1 set)
  • Hell And Heaven hand parts (x1 set)
  • Geiger hand parts (x2 types)
  • Joint parts (x1 set)
  • Lead wire
  • Dividing Driver
  • Protect Shade image effect parts (x1 set)
  • Realistic decals
  • Metallic 3D stickers

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The Amplified IMGN Fyujinmaru from "Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru" gets a new HG model kit from Bandai! Glossy injection-molded parts and gold-plated parts give the completed robot a luxurious look; its huge sword is gold-plated as well, and can be attached to its back. Various interchangable hands are also included. Order yours now!


  • Dragon Sword
  • Interchangeable hands (x4: weapon-holding hands x1 pair, open hands x1 pair)
  • Foil stickers
  • Jewel seals
  • PET stickers

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MJZ Studio Akai Oniwaka Kiyomori Plastic Model with Metal Alloy Frame and Water Decal

Brand : MJH Studio 
Product Height : 23cm

Package Include
- Model Main Body
- Metal Alloy Frame
- Water Decal

**First batch come with limited base and effect parts

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Motor Nuclear Wei Yuan Shi Trainings Mecha Assembly Model Kit MNP-XH06

Motor Nuclear Wei Yuan Shi Trainings Mecha Assembly Model Kit MNP-XH06

Brand : Motor Nuclear
Height : 19cm

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RG GordyMarg King of the Braves Gaogaigar (From Gaogaigar Series)

This item release under P-Bandai brand in Japan.

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SNAA (Supernova) 1/100 Emperor series - YR-02 Blade King Plastic Model Kit

SNAA (Supernova) 1/100 Emperor series - Blade King Plastic Model Kit
Brand : SNNA
Scale : 1/100 (MG Standard)
Code : YR-02
Product Height : 22cm

Package Include :
- Standard water decal
- Aluminum thin sticker
- The ultimate movable full body complete skeleton
- Detailed color separation
- Large stand base
- Special bonus (transparent red machete blade)

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S.H.Figuarts Renji Abarai (BLEACH)

Renji Abarai from "BLEACH" joins the S.H.Figuarts action-figure lineup from Bandai based on his appearance in the "Thousand-Year Blood War" arc!

His detailed design has been preserved in action figure form with movable joints throughout to allow for a variety of poses. Renji's giant zanpakuto Zabimaru is included, and the handle is detachable, allowing it to be posed in its scabbard. 

Renji comes with a cool expression, a comical expression and a surprised expression, allowing you to recreate a variety of scenes from the series.

Height: Approx. 155mm

Material: PVC, ABS

Set Contents:

Main figure
  • Interchangeable facial parts x4
  • Interchangeable hands (left 3 kinds, right 2 kinds)
  • Zabimaru

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1/35 SAND LAND Royal Army Tank Corps No. 104

The Royal Army Tank Corps No. 104 from the movie "Sand Land," scheduled to be released this summer, is now a plastic model kit from Bandai! 
This model is loaded with detail, such as weld marks on the armor; in addition, the main gun is movable, the turret rotates left and right, and the internal loading mechanism moves up and down according to the vertical movement of the main gun. 
The hatches on the left, right and front can be opened and closed; you can also assemble the interior structures visible from the hatch. 
Two types of antenna shaft parts are included: one is metal and one is plastic. 
In-scale figures of Beelzebub, Thief and Lao are included too; they can be installed inside the tank with the hatches open if you like. 
The tank's hidden wheels and the inner shape of its tracks are well represented, and a display base is included complete with tank tracks, a cloud of dust, and a plate with the film's logo. 
Place your order today!

[Size]: Approximately 11cm tall when completed


- Character figures (x3)
- Display base
- Dust effect parts
- Logo plate
- Metal parts
- Stickers (x3)

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S.H.Figuarts Obito Uchiha

[Uchiha Obito] appears in the SHFiguarts NARUTO series!

- In addition to optional parts such as a [fan] using an iron chain, [wood release weapon wrist parts], [masked head], replacement expression parts for adolescent Naruto Uzumaki [hermit mode face] ], etc. are also included, and a wealth of set contents!

- [Uchiha Obito] from the SHFiguarts NARUTO series! A huge fan is also included, and the chain that extends from the fan to the side uses a chain made of iron material.
- The clothes around the legs are made of soft material, allowing for flexible movement and lively poses. In addition, the wrist parts for the wooden release weapon that extends from the hand used in the fight against Kakashi are also included!
- The masked head part that was used when he hid his identity is also included, and by replacing the head, it is possible to reproduce both the [real face] and [mask] state.
- As a bonus part, a replacement expression part [hermit mode face] that can be used for [SHFiguarts Uzumaki Naruto -Kyuubi Jinchuriki Entrusted with Hope-] (sold separately) is included!
- By playing with [SHFiguarts Kakashi Hatake -The Brave Sharingan Hero-] (sold separately), you can recreate the battle scenes of the 4th Shinobi War.

[set content]
* Body
* 3 types of replacement facial parts
* Replacement wrist left and right 5 types, both hands 1 type
Masked head parts
* Fan
Bonus parts Naruto Uzumaki 
   - Kyuubi Jinchuuriki Entrusted with Hope
   - Exchangeable facial expression part Hermit mode face

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[Infinite Dimension] MG 1/100 In Era+ PMD Series Aurora Dawn Assembly Model Kit

[Infinite Dimension] MG 1/100 In Era+ PMD Series Dawn Model Kit
  • Perfaction Metal Design
  • Product Height: 22cm approx.
  • Features
    • Gold Plated Metal Inner Frame
    • Water decal
    • Metallic Sticker
    • Action Base
    • First batch premium - Clear Blue Armor x 1

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Figure-rise Standard Uma Musume Pretty Derby Special Week

Special Week from "Uma Museum Pretty Derby" joins the S.H.Figuarts lineup from Bandai! She's fully posable for all kinds of action-packed fun, and she's equipped with interchangeable facial expressions and hands, too. Her skirt is made of a soft material, too, for flexibility. You'll love her -- order her for your own collection now!

[Figure Size]: Approximately 13cm tall
[Materials]: PVC, ABS

[Set Contents]:
- Main figure
- Interchangeable facial expressions (x4)
- Interchangeable hands (x2 left, x3 right)
- Stand for display

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HG ATM-09-DD Burglarydog (VOTOMS)

The Burglarydog, from the OVA "Armored Trooper Votoms: Shining Heresy," gets a new High Grade model kit from Bandai! 
It comes with a variety of weapons and hand parts; the Trample Rigger and Dropper's Folding Gun are included, and the gimmick unique to the Burglarydog can be reproduced. 
The main body and legs feature a wide range of motion, and it can even get into the "roller dash" pose! 
The legs can also get into its landing pose. 
The turret lens can slide left and right as well as rotate; combined with the movable head, it creates a variety of expressions. 
3D metallic stickers are included for the lens. 
A telescoping gimmick in the forearm lets you reproduce the "arm punch," too! 
Exterior parts that increase compatibility with 3mm joints are also included, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of customization possibilities! Order yours today!

* Heavy machine gun
* Hand parts (x1 set)
* Exterior parts for customization (x1 set)
* Joint parts (x1 set)
* 3D metallic sticker

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HG Amplified IMGN Ryuoumaru

Ryuoumaru from "Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru" has been made into a High Grade model kit by Bandai! The "HG Amplified IMGN" series imagines new arrangements based on the concept of a plastic model kit, and amplies the charm of the characters. This kit's posability takes advantage of his long limbs; the forehead can be built with or without a pattern. Gloss injection molding and gold-plated parts are used to express a vivid texture; the blade of the Horyuken is gold-plated, and the original design pattern is reproduced with 3D metallic stickers. The scabbard shield is equipped with an opening and closing gimmick for the Phoenix form, and it can also store the Horyuken. The Ryuoumaru can transform into its Houou form, and a PET effect sheet is included for the Houou form! Attach the Dragon Claw on the shoulder to the included base to reproduce the Ryuga Fist! Order this incredible mech for your own collection today!


  • Horyu sword
  • Sheath shield
  • PET sheet for effects (x1 set)
  • Base
  • Joint parts for base
  • Stickers
  • 3D metallic stickers

Please note that the first release of this item may be limited, and in some cases it may not be possible to fill all orders at the time of its initial release. Any order not filled at the time of the initial release will be filled by subsequent restocks, but we recommend placing an order as soon as possible for your best chance to receive a piece from the first release!

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