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MODO D-08 Retarder Max (250ML)

  • contains 250ML
  • used to mix with thinner and paints to slow down drying time. 
  • used in metallic paints to achieve smooth surface.
For those who still don't know how to use Modo for hand painting.
Here's the tip, mix your lacquer base paint (especially Modo paint) with D-08 Retarder Max. It is the best solvent to slow down the drying time and reduce the chances of leaving brush stroke.


Tamiya Acrylic Paint Retarder (40ml)

  • This paint retarder will make acrylic paint dry slower, enabling a smoother finish. It can be used up to a 1:10 ratio with Tamiya Acrylic Paints. It helps to lessen the chance of painting a grainy surface on your model. Also, it is ideal for painting glossy finish surfaces. 1 bottle contains 40ml.


Tamiya Lacquer Paint Retarder (40ml)

  • This retarder is perfect for use when brush-painting lacquer paints. 
  • It slows the drying process, helping eliminate surface imperfections from brush bristles, giving a smooth and lustrous finish. 
  • Can be used up to a ratio of 1:10 (retarder:paint) when mixing. 
Contents : 40ml


Mr Hobby Mr.Retarder Mild (40ml)

Method of use

? With a brush
1.Add approx.10% Mr.RETARDER MILD to Mr.COLOR and mix in well.
2.Mr.RETARDER MILD should be added after transferring Mr.COLOR to another container such as a paint dish.
3.Your brush strokes should all be in the same direction. Don’t be concerned about any brush marks or lumps , as these will disappear.

? With a airbrush
1.Add approx.20% Mr.RETARDER MILD to Mr.COLOR and mix in well.
2.One of Mr.RETARDER MILD’s special features is that it is effective in thinning. Mr.COLOR paints, while producing more luster than Mr.THINNER. However, adding more than 20% delays drying time longer than required ,so if you want to thin Mr.COLOR more you should use Mr.THINNER.
3.The method of application is the same as for regular spraying. However ,take care, since the paint may start to dribble.


Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products