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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Evangelion Mark.06

The Evangelion Mark 06 is another great snap-fit Evangelion kit from Bandai. It comes with effect parts for the halo above its head and also an alternate arm. The Mark 06 can also be posed with the spear through the chest just like in the anime! This Eva unit as featured in Evangelion 2.0 "You can NOT Advance" has been faithfully recreated as a colored no glue required easy to assemble model kit. Forearms are covered with flexible resin to replicate the "body suit" image of the towering Evangelion units. Comes with Eva Unit 06 Spear, Halo, 6 interchangeable wrist parts, a special display stand, and additional parts to display Eva Unit 01 being impaled (Eva Unit 01 model kit sold separately).
  • Accessories: ring spear of Mark.06, of light, a variety of wrist × 6 parts, only the stand base, Parts for the first unit corresponding joint exhibition - Item Size/Weight : 31.2 x 20.1 x 11.4 cm / 598g

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Evangelion-01 New Movie Ver.

A soft vinyl figure of Evangelion unit 1 from the Rebuild of Evangelion movie, it stands approx 8" tall.

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Perfect Grade Evangelion

This item is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item. 34cm high when completed. 

Without question, this is the ultimate EVA kit. The completed item stands 34.5cm high, bigger than nearly every other EVA kit that has been released. The basic structure is completely different from the existing LM-HG kits. An inner, posable skeleton of heavy-duty, semi-hard plastic is covered by soft, black, rubber covers that conceal the inner frame at the "gaps" in the EVA's armor at joints, on the abdomen and other places. This rubber suit is then covered in turn by the usual outer plastic panels. This structure, the designers say, give it a durability and poseability well beyond what you are used to seeing in Bandai HG and MG kits. Also, in addition to doing all the things that the LM-HG kits do, this kit's shoulder panels open (both sides) for weapon storage, and a plug-in power pack (takes 2 AAA batteries) lights up the EVA logos on its shoulders. Five sets of hands are included, as are the Pallet Gun, Progressive Knife, Two swords (long & short) with scabbards, the inner Eva head and a red metallic-plated "core."

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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Evangelion-02

Eva-02 unit from the 2nd Evangelion Rebuild film is getting its own model kit release from Bandai! This model will feature the full possibility you've seen in the films and will be cast in the distinctive red. Skeleton is made encased in pliable material to replicate the suit like material the Eva is housed in. Weapons and accessories include Pallet Gun, Thunder Speak, Progressive Knife, crossbow, and flight pack.

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[M.J.H] Evangelion Eva 01

M.H.J Eva 01

- This is a Non-Bandai kit.
- LED included.
- Weapon tree is not included.
- Height about 18cm.

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Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type (HG)

  • Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type (HG)
  • With Shinji (Plug Suit)

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Evangelion EVA-02 Production Model (HG)

  • Evangelion EVA-02 Production Model
  • Asuka and Misato included

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Evangelion EVA-00 Proto Type Yellow Evangelion (HG)

  • EVA-00 Proto Type Yellow Evangelion
  • Rei in the plug suit and Gendou are includede
  • Weight : 350g

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Evangelion EVA-05 Mass Production Model

  • Evangelion EVA-05 Mass Production Model
  • Asuka in dress and Ryouji included
  • Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19.1 x 7.7 cm / 419g

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Evangelion Unit-02` Gamma

  • 18 From LMHG series of familiar landmark gimmick that caused a big boom,
  • New products complete new long-awaited appearance in the new movie version lineup!
  • Rebuild of Evangelion: Q] 2 Unit breaks that appeared in γ. Left arm to the Gatling Gun
  • Reproduced along with the retrofit gimmick. Halberd of twin blade, which is a new armed is attached.
  • I realize the overwhelming range of motion to accept the humanoid form of Evangelion only!
  • Waist big swing function possible by the expansion and contraction of the waist.
  • The new design the knee joint. I balance the range of motion and line of beautiful legs.
  • Aircraft Explanation: The formula Asuka Langley the aircraft, the design of the left and right asymmetric airframe impressive.
  • Armor-armed a retrofit possible, [breaks Unit 2 γ] has become a strong emphasis on armor specification.
  • Accessories: halberd left arm replacement Gatling gun, a double blade, hand parts × 4, power outlet,
  • Power outlet for lead, action-based private joint

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Evangelion (Wille Custom) Unit-08` Beta

  • Accessories: rifle, handgun, hand parts × 5, power outlet, power outlet for lead, Action-based private joint

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Evangelion-00 New Movie Ver.

The prototype Evangelion Unit-00 piloted by Rei Ayanami is here as a Bandai model kit! The spear and pallet rifle seen in the movie are included, so you can recreate any pose that you'd like!
  • Parts seamless arm joints by a rotary joint is covered with a soft resin parts.
  • The mechanism for providing the hollow portion removing excess intra-articular part, the interference with the movable molding
  • Structure is adopted to mitigate.
  • A variety of expressional umbilical cable that comes with the core material has entered, the combined body and pose
  • Possible.
  • Weapons - The Spear of Longinus and pallet rifle that appeared in the TV series are included.

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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Evangelion-01

  • New Movie Release DVD & BR and simultaneous timing, breaking] the first flight version released! - Basic proportions, abdomen, thigh, head and shoulders the new movie version [broken] version. - Part Hashi Midori fluorescent materials are used, produc
  • Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 11 cm / 544g

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Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type launch pad Ver.

  • Shinji in uniform and Yui are included
  • Item Size/Weight : 31.2 x 19.2 x 10 cm / 538g

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Rebuild of Evangelion Evangelion-01 Evangelion: 2.0 - Arousal Ver.

Based on its end appearance in the Evangelion 2.0 movie, this highly detailed kit of EVA-01 comes with 2 semi translucent arms and halo that can be suspended over the head. Other accessories include an entry plug that can be inserted behind EVA-01's neck, six optional hands, progressive knife, pallet gun. Dry transfer decals and foil stickers are included to detail the kit even further after completion.

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EVA-00 Prototype (LM-HG)

This item is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item. 25cm high when completed. 
The blue Eva robot operated by Ayanami Rei. Highly-detailed, fully-posable, snap-together kit molded in color and including stickers. Arms come pre-assembled, with elbow joints enclosed in flexible rubber. Includes Rei and Ritsuko figures and numerous accessories. About 25cm tall when completed.

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[SunToys] SD MG Evangelion Unit 01

  • [SunToys] SD MG Evangelion Unit 01


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