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[32] SD Sangoku Soketsuden - Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam (Long Xian)

The awakened form of Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam is here, featuring updated coloring and armor! 

This model can be converted between sword and gun forms, as well as attached to back. Other weapon components from SD Sangoku Soketsuden kits can combine with Liu Bei!


[34] SD Sangoku Soketsuden - Guan Yu Yun Chang Nu Gundam (Wu Sheng)

Release Date : Feb 2020
Estimate Delivery Date: Wed 2020
  • SD Gundam based on "Sangokushi" is now available!
  •  With the advanced proportions and attention to the division of parts, the highest color coding in SD history is realized just by assembling.
  • Recreate the dynamic pose with a renewed balance of head and body and joint structures at various points!
  • Seiryu Tsukitsuki Soroku is reproduced by adding several parts to Kanu Unchou Gundam (sold separately). 
  • It can be rearranged to a fin funnel-like suspension state, a single-handed form, or a two-handed maximum form! Can be attached to the back!


[33] SD Sangoku Soketsuden - Zhang Fei God Gundam (Yan Huang)

An updated form has been achieved by Zhang Fei due to his burning passion! 

All the original parts have turned into a beautiful gold color and features articulated wing binders.


Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products