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ONE PIECE [06] Nine Snake Pirate Ship

  • Accessories: Effects sea
  • Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 7 cm / 307g
The ship is a basic galleon with a pink mansion structure in the middle. Paddle-wheels are installed on the stern in exchange of a rudder, and instead of a figurehead, two Yuda are tied to the front, where they steer the ship. The front sail bears the jolly roger of the Kuja Pirates, while the back sail has "Kuja" (九蛇) written in kanji.

As the Kuja tribe reside in Amazon Lily, an island in the middle of the Calm Belt, they are in danger of being attacked by Sea Kings. Therefore, the crew uses Yuda, ferocious and poisonous sea-serpents that even Sea Kings do not dare to attack, that they somehow managed to domesticate, to safely guide their ship through. This is a newly devised method to travel through the Calm Belt.

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Figure-rise 6 Barnaby Brooks Jr.

  • Accessories: hand grip (right and left), flat hand (left and right), Kimepozu hand (left and right)
  • Item Size/Weight : 29.9 x 18.9 x 5.8 cm / 233g

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ONE PIECE [07] Marine Warship

Bandai ONE PIECE GRAND SHIP COLLECTION 07 Marine Warship (Plastic Model Kit)

Item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

Our items are Bandai original items distributed in Japan and comes with Japanese instructions (illustrated diagram is included)

Made in Japan

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ONE PIECE Chopper Robo 03 Chopper Submarine

  • A new lineup in the motif of Chopper from One Piece comes out. 
  • Make Chopper Robots into the most powerful unit by collecting 5 models. You can also have fun combining any 2 models. 
  • Adopting touch-gate, no tool is required. 
  • Includes a standing Chopper and a sitting Chopper. 
  • Chopper's expression can be changed in two ways by exchanging the parts. 
  • Runner x5, Color sticker x1, Instruction manual x1

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Tommy Takara Diecast vehicle - #86 TOYOTA PRIUS ALFA

  • Toyota Prius Alfa from the Takara Tomy Tomica die cast series.
  • Suitable for kids 3 years & above.

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Tommy Takara Diecast vehicle - #117 MITSUBISHI I-MIEW

  • Takara Tomy Tomica die cast series. 
  • Suitable for 3 years & above.
  • Mitsubishi i-MIEW diecast vehicle.

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Tommy Takara Diecast vehicle - #111 SUBARU R1

  • Takara Tomy Tomica die cast series. 
  • Suitable for 3 years & above.
  • Tommy Takara Diecast vehicle - SUBARU R1

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Tommy Takara Diecast vehicle - #64 PORSCHE BOXSTER

  • Takara Tomy Tomica die cast series. 
  • Suitable for 3 years & above.
  • Tommy Takara Diecast vehicle - PORSCHE BOXSTER

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Youkai Watch - Komasan

This item is an injection-plastic figure kit.  

An easy to assemble, snap-fit kit of Koma-san from 'Youkai Watch'! Parts come molded in color so no paint is required, but can be used if you want to give Koma-san more detail! Includes stickers for face and markings.

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Youkai Watch 12 - Melamelion

This item is an injection-plastic figure kit. 48 parts.  

Melamelion from "Youkai Watch" is now a snap-fit model kit!  He's molded in orange, red, clear orange and black plastic, so painting is not necessary, although you can certainly paint him if you like.  Stickers are included for his face and markings, too. Take him home with you today!

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Youkai Watch - Komajirou

  • "Komajiro", a Koma Inu monster, joins the "Yo-Kai Watch" collection series. 
  • Touch-gate makes assembly fun. No need for tools and glue. Previously painted.
  • The arms swing from side to side. Can be replaced with crossing arms. 
  • Includes spray parts and they can be stuck in the holes of its eyebrows. 
  • Includes a smart phone as an accessory. Unused accessories can be stored in the cloth wrapper on its back. 
  • A personal display base is included. Komajiro's base and Komasan's base can be coupled together. 
  • Runner x4, Sticker x1, Instruction manual x1 

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[Figure-Rise Standard] Final Form Frieza

- Ultra best condition! Dragon Ball [Muscle build system] plastic model of war !! wonders in Tsukuriagero the ultimate body!

- Muscle build system!
[Muscle representation] by parts division can not be wrong Plastic! Saikyo reproduce the body of the warrior! The joints of the dividing line combined with the muscle of the line, realizing a more natural joint as a figure!

- Split reproducibility to the pupil!
To reproduce the color by parts separated by only up to reproduce !! pupil and the white of the eye assemble a characteristic face of the freezer!

- Rich options!
In addition to a different facial expression parts, it comes with a hand parts and effect parts to reproduce the deathblow.

- Accessories: face (another expression villainy face), palm (left and right), right wrist (Desubimu), death beam effects, Desubimu for pedestal, death ball effect

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[Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball Z Perfect Cell

Anxious good Do I Pis ......

- Elaborate action figure can get to easily prefabricated Figure Series 2nd!
- Reproduce the characteristic pattern of cell in the lining of the parts! Reproduce the body of the character in a natural modeling by molding with a fine design.
- Effect parts of Kamehameha (reservoir and release) is also included.
- 2 kinds of face parts included!

[What is the muscle build system]
- By combining a strong muscle parts, it is possible to create a body that has been carefully trained in the character of Dragon Ball with their own hands, but the new plastic model mechanism system !!

- Accessories: face (another expression angry face), wrist (Kamehameha) (left and right), Kamehameha effect (because), Kamehameha effect (released), Kamehameha effect pedestal

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[Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball GT Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku

  • Kamehameha!
  • DB eagerly-awaited of the strongest warrior Super Saiyan 4 爆誕 !!
  • Comes deathblow effect parts of Kamehameha is!
  • 2 kinds of face parts included!
  • Accessories: Kamehameha (reservoir) effect parts, Kamehameha (release) effect parts, effects stand, replacement expression (anger), replacement wrist parts open hand (left and right), replacement wrist parts Fusion (left and right)

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[Bandai] Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Select Series Pikachu

  • The long-awaited new series Pokepura [first series] appeared!
  • Bikkusaizu! This volume in the body and we all set an evolution than Pikachu!
  • I was even easy to make! Parts easy to make bigger! The color of the ears and cheeks
  • Pokepuraakushon! If I move my ear is moving pretty head! Thank you also can move his tail!

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[Dragon Ball Z] Saiyan Space Pod (Figure-Rise Mechanic)

 Saiyan invasion by new series [Figure-rise Mechanics]! impact! That spacecraft pod plastic model of !!

- Comes with Vegeta at the time of the Earth invasion!
- Figure-rise Standard and the same scale. Side-by-side can reproduce the world of Dragon Ball if decorated with!

- Internal mechanical structure which is reproduced by the size of the great power! The crowded making thorough of the structure of the hatch opening and closing part, natural and Mekameka to not reproduce the moving that weight! Further instruments and chair a new design of the original as a reference!
Original mechanical structure of three-dimensional unique.
And size of the detailed details proportional!
And use of clear parts!

- Accessories: spacecraft body, Vegeta (non-moving), display base

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[ONE PIECE] Chopper Robo Super 1 Guard Fortress

  • New series appeared in the popular Chopper Robo !!
  • Fur strengthening (guard point) No. 1 Lobo motif
  • Mode possible change in recombinant!
  • When combined the head!
  • Expression difference of the chopper figure is two bodies included!
  • Accessories: Chopper figure (Standing-sitting)

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Figure Rise Standard Kid Buu

Figure Rise Standard Kid Buu

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[Bandai] Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Select Series Solgaleo

[Bandai] Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Select Series Solgaleo 

  • Product is Pre-Painted Plastic, No paint require
  • Assembly needed.
  • Includes Runners x 3, Sticker Sheet x 1, Instruction Manual x 1

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Youkai Watch KK Brothers K Koma

  • New specter appeared !! from specter watch the rise
  • Appeared brother specter of cute twins KK Brothers K-commerce is in the Plastic Model !!
  • Play with cute accessories and original seal!
  • It comes with a comical dialogue plate !!
  • Sketchbook favorite is !! specifications to play instead of attaching the seal
  • Water bottle is available recombinant play in the backpack and hands!
  • Enhancement of the face parts & seal
  • Base connection possible !! and KK Brothers K Giraud

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[Bandai] Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Select Series Dragonite Evolve Set

[Bandai] Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Select Series Dragonite Evolve Set

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[Dragon Ball Z] Frieza Hover Pod [Figure-Rise Mechanics]

- Hohhohho ... it would be me who has been pounding

- Emperor of the universe, Advent ... !!!

- Small pod boarding state of the freezer, which plunged into the depths of fear before us at the time TV, set for release in the [Figure-rise Mechanics] series.
- Narrowing made of attention to the internal structure.
- Whether the freezer was riding on how a small pod is apparent!
- Comes of sitting state freezer (first form) is.
- It has become the kit contents of the play meet perfect score. Scouter is removable.

- The contents of goods: Small pod body, freezer (first form), free-standing pedestal

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[Real Robot Revolution] 1/48 Layzner

[Real Robot Revolution] 1/48 Layzner

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ONE PIECE [13] Big Mom Ship

ETA: Sept 2017

Copyright Eiichiro Oda Shueisha Fuji TV Toei Animation

Four Shrine Big Mam sings singing mysterious pirate ship

Detailed details of cookie hall cake and candy are reproduced finely!

New - wave parts !!
It corresponds also to the conventional collection.
If you rearrange the parts, the range of the scene scene also expands.

Wave effect x1 formula

SAVE RM49.80

[Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball Z Android #18

[Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball Z Android #18

Irregular occurrence in Muscle build system guys now, wake up ... !!!!!

- The long-awaited female characters in Figure-riseStandard is the first race!
Three-dimensional in the charming proportions the Android 18 hugely popular as a female character in the Dragon Ball].
Feminine gesture that showed in moving performance in the original of the preeminent also be reproduced!

- Face parts are three (usually / expressionless / anger) Accessories
When the angry face is put a painting of pink on the cheek can also [shy expression], No. 18 kit that charm is jammed in!

- Play meet perfect score gimmick
Skirt part is molded in the soft material. Instinctively want to touch!?
Jacket also is possible. Remove, display can be in your favorite situations.

- Accessories: effect parts (Qigong wave) x 1, facial expression x 3 (usually, anger, expressionless), grip hand (left and right) x 1 each, open hand (left and right) x 1 each

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[YIHUI] Super Vehicle 001 M.S. Evolve (Gray)

[YIHUI] Super Vehicle 001 M.S. Evolve (Grey)

Manufacturer : Yi Hui
Scale : 1:35
Plastic Model , un-assemble

The detailing are very nice done. 

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[YIHUI] Super Vehicle 001 M.S. Evolve + MS Weapon 01 (Blue)

[YIHUI] Super Vehicle 001 M.S. Evolve + MS Weapon 01 (Blue)

The iconic Metal Slug Super Vehicle Model kit! This is a package and comes with Yihui MS Weapon 01.


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